Trailside Galleries Holiday Miniatures Glow

download1Trailside Galleries Home for the Holidays Miniature Show presents a Santa-sized bag full of miniature paintings this December.  Beginning December 1, and running through December 31, Trailside’s East Broadway gallery showcases works sized for your stocking by many of its artists.

“Subjects could be the sweeping landscapes of the West or the neighboring wildlife native to North America.   Many genres and mediums will be represented and collectors can be sure to find a wide variety of fabulous miniature paintings—perfect for the holiday season,” says Trailside’s Cara Kelly.

The gallery hopes this selection of small painting “jewels” will speak to our love of download-1the region’s special beauty, its sense of home and the pleasures of being surrounded by family and friends.  The holidays are also a time for transformation and receiving nature’s oft intangible messages of hope, nourishment and love, as well as awareness of all that sustains us.

Trailside Galleries will be open every day during December, with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s.  For information, contact Cara Kelly at


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