Altamira Fine Art Intros New Artists

620_580“Sunrise, sunrise…Looks like morning in your eyes…” -Norah Jones

Browsing through the works of landscape artist John Felsing, I find myself humming Norah Jones tunes.  Felsing’s paintings conjure up misty, purple views I enjoy here in New England, sunrise and sunset.  Quiet daybreaks slipping up the horizon, transforming to brighter colors of the day more slowly than those quick-rising Teton mornings.  Landscapes coming into focus.

Lucky you, Jackson Hole. Art lovers have a chance to see Felsing’s works at his new gallery venue, Altamira Fine Art. The gallery showcases Felsing and sculptor Steve Kestrel — also new to Altamira — during this Wednesday’s (December 30th) Gallery Walk.

Kestrel’s work, quite distinguishable, is poetry transmorgrified to sculpture.  Its 574_580nascent qualities — his sculptures, often egg-shaped and eliptic — suggest birth’s innocence and omniscience.   He is a favorite of mine.  Of his work it is written that the artist “….prefers to carve directly in granite, slate, limestone, and sandstone….His stone carvings forsake the use of a prior constructed model as…this method helps preserve “the soul of the stone”.

677_580Bregelle Whitworth Davis, Andree Hudson and John Greene will be featured as well.   Says Altamira, “Davis is a colorist whose style resembles the illusion of silk screening yet retains the textured surface of a painting. 668_580Andree Hudson’s art features large dramatic brush strokes that enliven her subjects while her use of contrasting light and dark colors create an intimacy between the viewer and the subject. John Greene’s landscapes depict imagined rather than actual realms that reveal new insights upon each viewing.”


Stop into Altamira for fresh art, and refreshments.    Phone: 307.739.4700.  email:

Happy New Year!  May Jackson Hole flourish, remain creative and nourished.   Keeping arts at our forefront is the best way, that’s sure-ish.


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