Beringia Pottery; Dems Want YOU!; Roadies; Wyeths Resurface

Craighead Beringia South has a Pottery Sale goin’ on–and all proceeds from this holiday gift fundraiser go to support the organization’s wildlife research and education programs. I believe some darn decent wholesale deals are available–a big, cheery pile of platters, bowls, cookie jars and mugs are in stock.

The sale is out in Kelly, Wyoming. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.  Address is 6955 E. Third, in Kelly. Goods are available through Wednesday, November 23rd. Even with the aforementioned operational hours, please call 307.734.0581 if you’re planning a trip to the Beringia “store.” Remember our wildlife this holiday!

Got an email from a representative of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Calling all artists, designers, and other creatives! We want YOU to be the designer behind one of the 2012 Democratic National Convention’s Official posters. Here’s what you have to do — create an original 18 x 24″ poster using the 2012 Democratic National Convention official logo and incorporating and interpreting one (or more) of the following themes:  1). Americans coming together;  2). Building a better future;  3). Opportunity and Empowerment

To register, download the logo, get more details, and to read the official rules, check out our website at

Deadline for submissions is December 31st, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. (EST). The winning poster will be sold in our online store, and the winner will receive a framed print of their poster (guess the Party thinks the artist won’t have one of those already…) and $1 of each poster sold.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. (Nor can I!)~~~~Sincerely, Dr. Dan Murrey, Executive Director

Have fun with that, Jackson artists! I know many of you are worthy of the challenge.

Speaking of being worthy of challenges, will Ben Roth ever NOT be an arts competition finalist?  He and Emma Adkisson are finalists for the Redmond Street Public Art Project; the two are presenting as a team, I believe. Other finalists are Joshua Wiener, Nicky Falkenhayn and Rachel Slick. Final proposals are due December 20th, 2011.

Heather James’ Palm Desert, California anchor gallery is the next place to see a collection of Andrew Wyeths. Opening November 26, 2011, Wyeth, the exhibition, is a survey of  this great American artist and includes “wonderful temperas, dry brushes and watercolors.” And guess what?  There will also be works by N.C. and James Wyeth!

Here’s what Dwayne Harty recently said to me about Andrew Wyeth’s work. “Wyeth is a great example of artistic genius. All his technical skills were so advanced early on in his life that he knew he could draw or paint whatever was in front of him. Whatever his mind’s eye envisioned. But he also thought so uniquely in terms of design as an abstract painter. He brought those two things together so forcefully.”

Heather James says this show includes a selection of “Helga Pictures,” the works Wyeth secretly created over the course of 15 years. For information, email Jim Carona, at  








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