Things Artists Say; Hog Island – Arts Epicenter!

Today’s post is a Jackson art quote quiz…..Fun! Leo d.V. ( NOT from Jackson) might have a quote here, but everyone else is anonymous. Enjoy! 

“I guess I feel wildflowers are worthy of sainthood.”

“process, engagement, collaboration, instigation~~This year is marked by unique collaborations which engage me on ambiguous terrain and with conceptual duality. I exploit the magical/practical, which brims with repetition and surprise. And I continue to work as a bricoleur!”

“Art is not being recycled from one house to the other. There’s a place for all of it, but it’s nice to see more confidence in people about buying art, other than what they think they should be buying because they live in Jackson.” 

“The colt sketch is so loose, but you know what it is; it’s more ethereal.” 

“The only good art is post-referential art!”

“To know what you’re painting, everyone can pick up a tube of paint and squeeze. But to know what you’re squeezing, that takes book learning.”

“If someone innocently pulls into town and parks in the parking lot, needs to use the public facilities, they find my art wrapped around the building!” 

“If I avoid painting the Tetons for fear of their being trite, it would be dishonest.”

“Castellazzo got a piece of all the french roast coffee trucked into town, and he is the main supplier of nudes for life drawing classes.”

“The West is industrialized, it’s not perfect and beautiful…but what is tragic, or could be tragic, you weave that into a beautiful pattern of the landscapes.” 

“Very few people know that those flowers were not there the day that painting was done. I know they weren’t there, and I know the reason Bob painted them in. But I can’t tell you, it’s a secret.” 

“I focus on the falseness of our Wyoming terrain….I love the duality of the way we romanticize nature and what nature really is.”

“It’s not a gallery show. It’s the artists’ spoken voice. It’s all been an experiment, a form of art in itself.” 

“Even the Fall Arts Festival poster doesn’t have to be a cowboy on a horse anymore, Amy turned that around. It was Candra’s dream to bring all the arts groups together. We continue to work toward that dream.” 

And finally, an excerpt from an old  “Redneck Perspective” column~~~Thanks, Mike Bressler

“I called Tammy Christel, owner of Jackson Hole Art Tours, and told her my dilemma.  “No problem,” she said. “I have a tour group from San Francisco scheduled this afternoon and Katy Niner from the News and Guide is coming to do a story. Why don’t you join us? Just leave the talking to me.”

We met at the Center for the Arts, loaded into a van, and Tammy told the driver to head south.

“Aren’t we going to visit the galleries on the square?” one of the women asked.

“We have a special treat today,” Tammy said. “We are taking a tour of Hog Island.

“Hog Island?” The woman wrinkled her nose. “It doesn’t sound artsy.”

“Yeah, like the ‘Meat Packing District’ of New York didn’t sound artsy a few years ago! Hog Island represents the latest in contemporary innovative Western chic with a traditional flair,” Tammy said.

The excitement in the van was palpable as we turned into Evans Construction.

“To our left is the concrete batch plant,” Tammy spoke with an authoritative tone. “It maintains an industrial appearance while not surrendering its obviously classic configuration and symbolic post-modern form that embraces both realism and a certain abstract nouveau. It is rumored that Dynia was strongly influenced by its concrete and sheet metal construction.”

I listened to the murmurs of delight.

As we pulled into my neighborhood, I saw Kenny barbequing on his deck.

“Kenny is considered the bon vivant of the trailer park, mixing avant-garde, francaise de cuisine with the traditional fare of his Guernsey homeland,” Tammy explained. “Not only does he own a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup remarkably similar to Warhol’s painting, his double-wide serves as a salon for the local arts and literature community.”

Three days later the News ran a front-page article about the reinvigoration of the Hog Island District. Trailer prices skyrocketed, Giorgio Armani opened a boutique in the back of a rusted single-wide, and Susie begged me to take her back.”


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