Beautiful Horses, AIDAI & “One Day” Film

For the past two months, Jackson photographer David Brookover has been driving around the country, searching for new images. His particular mission: photographing thoroughbred and otherwise magnificent horses of the East Coast.  This month, visitors to Brookover Gallery can view David’s stunning new silver gelatin prints of these spiritual, so-close-to-the-human-soul, creatures.

David always tells fabulous stories about his travels, and his energy on the heels of this trip is just bursting out of him!  And his hair looks good, too. Like a mane. 


The Wisdom of Beautiful Things~~~so opens the release from AIDAI & Friends, who are setting up a four-day pop up store featuring Jackson’s now ubiquitous Kyrgyzstan hand-made silk and felt scarves. Visit. The boutique appears at Pink Garter Plaza, December 12-15th, 11 am – 7 pm.  Arrive around 5:30 pm, and take part in a stimulating chat about connections between  design, commerce and social good.

Other artists will also be featured: One of them, Sarah Oliver, based in Mill Valley California, makes exquisite bags knit by retirement community seniors. Local artists Ben Roth (Silver Blossom Tree!) and wearable art artist Abbie Miller are taking part.

The holiday boutique is part of a project led by Vista 360°, connecting Jackson Hole to the talents and traditions of mountain people across the world. 307.733.7016

Have you heard about 12-12-12?

The Wildlife Film Festival is “crowd sourcing” a film to make a time capsule of our community that day called One Day in Jackson Hole. Interested artists may participate by filming their work and uploading clips to the film festival’s Youtube channel. All of the footage will be submitted to One Day on Earth, a film launched 10-10-10, capturing a day in the life from every country on earth. Check out the festival’s website and see a trailer from One Day on Earth here.

Want to participate? Give the Film Festival offices a call!  307.733.7016.

And speaking of beautiful things~~the Jackson Hole Art Blog is on holiday hiatus; I know many of you have events~~~~I’ll try to get some info up on the Blog’s Facebook page. I’ll also be working on a special write-up.  Peace, Love, Joy to All!





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