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Jackson, it’s nice to be back~~let’s see if we can beckon a January thaw, eh?  Yikes, I’m sleeping in my hat!  Here’s a warm-up first post for 2013.

Haven’t had the chance to stop by FLORA, a show of selected prints, paintings and sculpture at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery?   The show remains up through February 2, 2013 and is curated by Piggott.

“All five artists pair the vernacular of flora with primary colors; the exhibition strives to envelope visitors in a profound experience of bold natural forms,” says the gallery.

They had me at “primary colors.”

Featured art includes Donald Beecher’s large bronze sculpture and a selection of prints; three large silkscreen prints by Ross Bleckner, an artist acclaimed for his meditations on time and mortality; a duo of Donald Sultan prints; a Piggott favorite Squeak Carnwath has contributed mixed media works—collage and painting. Finally, the gallery debuts Andrew Millner, “an artist who ‘collects’ trees and plants by digitally drawing their contours, in infinite detail, from multiple perspectives, over long periods of time.”  www.tayloepiggottgallery.com

Here’s a dynamite story told to me about the focus of this week’s National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Mix’d Media event, Carl Rungius’ 1907 poster created for a Sportsmen’s Show held that year in New York City:

“When the museum opened in 1987 as the Wildlife of the American West Art Museum, the inaugural poster featured an image of a Brunswick moose painted by Carl Rungius. The image was taken not from a painting in the collection, but from an antique poster created for the 1907 Sportsmen’s Show put on by New York’s Forest, Fish, and Game Society. At the time no one knew where the original oil painting was.

Fast forward 25 years to last April. The museum received an email asking if it might be interested in a moose painting that had been found in an attic on Prince Edward Island. The painting was no other than the moose featured on the New York Sportsmen’s Show poster – and the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s inaugural poster!  105 years after Rungius painted it, and 25 years after the museum’s opening the original oil was purchased in June for the museum’s collection through a grant from the Robert S. and Grayce B. Kerr Foundation.”

Love it when art history comes together! Kismet! And more magic courtesy of the Kerr family.

This month’s Mix’d Media takes place Thursday, January 10th, 6-9:00 pm.  $5 cover, and lots of gaming and sportsman related activities planned…plus some tempting cocktails by Vom Fass. 

I was only 15 miles away from the Sandy Hook School the day so many of its children and teachers were gunned down. I am gratified to see that most of the initial, inappropriate commentary and speculation on that tragedy has died down. A locally based support fund has raised $6 million to date. If you would like to honor Newtown’s sacrifice and bravery, here’s some information on where you can send your support: Contact Info—Thanks to the Litchfield County Register Citizen:

Patrick Kinney E. Patricia Llodra
Phone: (203) 792-5330, X 248 Phone (203) 270-4201
85 West Street , Danbury CT 3 Primrose Street, Newtown CT

A toll-free number has been established by the Newtown Volunteer Task Force, an organization established by Newtown residents. The toll-free number – 855-364-6600 – has been set up to make it easier for people to call with offers of help to the community of Newtown. The phone line will be staffed by local Newtown volunteers and supported by United Way of Connecticut’s 2-1-1 Infoline.

pkinney@gbpr.com pat.llodra@newtown-ct.gov





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