Over the Rooftops; Letscher Lands at Tayloe Piggott

Bobbi Miller, “Over the Rooftop,” 6×6″ oil

Moran, Wyoming lies 30 miles north of the Town of Jackson. Last month Moran received almost 40 inches of snow, 10 inches above normal. Jackson has received almost the same amount, but Moran’s isolated location lends itself to days of being no other place than Moran.

It’s a singularly beautiful, remote and a Grand Teton National Park gateway. If you are a plein air painter, Moran offers an infinite number of beautiful locations and constant inspiration.

A Moran resident, Teton Plein Air Painter Bobbi Miller this winter has left her in awe of the Park’s forefathers who battled intense winter conditions without any of the modern conveniences we enjoy today. Confined to painting indoors this winter, Miller’s painting style has veered towards abstraction; quick work and impressions of landscape are intriguing.

“I must admit to putting those foot warmers in my boots when DRIVING to Dubois, Wyoming recently,” Miller confesses. Dubois lies approximately 75 miles east of Moran, and to get there one must travel over the spectacular but potentially very dangerous Togwotee Pass.

Teton Plein Air Painters out in the field.

“Even sketching from the car, a favorite meditative practice, has been problematic,” Miller says. “As much as I’d like to continue my love of drawing outside, and from my car, this winter’s weather has encouraged contemplative views of the landscape through studio windows.”

Miller gave herself an assignment: paint one 6×6″ painting a day that references landscape views from inside her home.

She writes that one result is a more intuitive response to efficient painting necessary with a daily completion deadline. Another result is an enthusiasm for experimentation, such as using thick paint and limited colors.

“Hello, snow. Hello, cold. Art-making continues to feed the soul. Cheers!”

Bobbi Miller, Wyoming Wildfire. The work depicts the artist’s view of an encroaching forest fire.


I’ve always admired Bobbi’s work and dedication to plein air painting. She’s a fine organizer and a cheery presence when on site with the Teton Plein Air Painters or in her former role as facilitator for the Grand Teton Association’s “Artists in the Environment.” These past few years, her talents have blossomed. She is among the best of Jackson’s Hole’s outdoor painting community. Check her out! http://www.artistbobbimiller.com

Has your mind been troubled? You’re not alone.  Art is a soul-soothing elixir, and Lance Letscher’s new show, “Untroubled Mind,” at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery in Jackson just light a fire under this winter’s string of emergencies.

Lance Letscher, “Golden Tower.”

Friday, February 18th, at 8:00 pm, the gallery hosts a free documentary screening exploring different aspects of Letscher’s artistic journey. Open to all, the screening takes place at the Pink Garter Theater in Jackson. After that, you are invited to head over to Tayloe Piggott Gallery for a hep-cat artist reception beginning at 9:00 pm. The artist will be present.

As a youth, Letscher’s “cleaned out vacated rental properties owned by his grandparents and developed a curious habit of imagining other people’s lives from the traces left behind. Trained as a printmaker, Letscher’s early career focused on intensely conceptual sculptures of marble or wood: a doll sized marble wheelchair, a dwarfed piano of wood, a rumpled child’s pillow in marble. In the mid 1990’s Letscher shifted from his conceptual sculptures towards paper and collage, but took away from his experience as a sculptor an incredible patience and ability to focus on labor intensive compositions. He began to collect antique paper, ledgers, old notebooks, diaries, letters, record covers, magazines and books from thrift stores, junk-shops, used-booksellers, and even dumpsters.”

To view the “Untroubled Mind” show catalog, click here.


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