A Wolf Walked Into a Bar: Photographer David Yarrow at WRJ

David Yarrow, The Wolf of Main Street  Hahnemühle photo rag Baryta paper

“I have worked a great deal in two ghost towns in Montana. The result has been conceptual staged shots which have proved hugely popular in America. I wanted to capture the visual feast represented by the old Wild West. The images require a double take in terms of the proximity of man and animal. I love to tell stories that ask questions with no consensual answer.” ~ David Yarrow

There are wolves in Yellowstone. There are wolves in Grand Teton National Park, on the National Elk Refuge, and in Rafter J!

And now there’s a wolf walking down a bar, looking for you.

David Yarrow, Hello 56 x 91″  Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta Paper

Wildly popular European photographer David Yarrow has a new exhibition opening at WRJ Design in Jackson, Wyoming. Dramatic and startling, Yarrow’s “The Most Amazing View” will be on view, open to the public, at WRJ’s King Street showroom February 20 – March 4, 2017. Visions West, Jackson’s newest art venue, partnered with WRJ to bring Yarrow’s internationally raved-about photography to our region.

My premonition: Visitors, prepare for goosebumps. You will walk into surprisingly wild and engulfing new territory. Around every corner, in front of you and behind you, animals of the world feel within reach.

Yarrow believes what his muse, the war photographer Robert Capa felt: If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

This exhibit goes hand-in-hand with WRJ’s acclaimed history of mounting some of the world’s most stunning exhibits; the count includes more than 40 just for Sotheby’s New York. WRJ plans on transforming their showroom, pairing Yarrow’s photographs with carefully selected furniture, fabrics and lighting to showcase Yarrow’s work. Plan on learning a thing or two about the juxtaposition of good interior design and large-scale artwork.

“The Most Amazing View” includes images from Yarrow’s book “Wild Encounters,” published by Rizzoli. Yarrow supports “Tusk Trust,” an organization initiating conservation projects, community development and environmental education programs across Africa. Yarrow contributes a percentage of his photography and book proceeds to the charity.

“David’s passion for photography and his eye for natural beauty are extraordinary,” says WRJ’s Rush Jenkins. “To have this opportunity to capture the emotional spirit of his work is exciting, especially since the exhibition includes some of his first-ever images of America’s West. Our exhibit honors Yarrow’s art while creating harmony, understanding and beauty. Because whether it’s in a home, through art and architecture, or with exhibits, that is always WRJ’s goal.”

David Yarrow

Three years ago, a South China Morning Post interview with Yarrow notes that the photographer’s images “caught the eye of Prince William who was a guest at London’s Saatchi Gallery...where Yarrow’s works were on show. With a shared love and respect for Africa and the environment, Yarrow was soon involved with Tusk, a charity that supports wildlife, communities and education in Africa. The prince is a patron of the NGO.”

The 16 works presented at the WRJ showroom include a storytelling series of wolves, bears and mountain lions based on photographs Yarrow made in Montana ghost towns. Those photographs, including “The Wolf of Main Street,” shown at the top of this page, are works of interpretive art rather than literal photography.

A self-taught photographer, Yarrow has mastered both the literal and the conceptual. He’s extremely generous in sharing his technique and process. Visit his website:  http://davidyarrow.photography


David Yarrow. The Circle of Life  37 x 60 ”   Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta Paper



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