Borbay Ski Barre Pop-Up! ; A.A. Teams Up with Teton Photo Group

Borbay with “Carlos Danger.” He’s not cold, he’s cool.

Picture this: An art event at a dance and fitness studio on the West Bank, featuring a young artist who discovered Jackson Hole when a patron flew him out here, flipped the young artist’s heart over enough times that he pulled up his Manhattan stakes and moved to these here hills.

Teton hills, that is. Real mountains. Rockies. Snow.

These mountains swing! And that explains how our young art hero, Borbay, is mounting his own pop-up art show and party at the swank Ski Barre on the West Bank, in Wilson, Wyoming, on March 4th, 7-9:00 pm. 

On his very own blog, Borbay weaves the tale:

“It began as… the sun was setting behind the Teton Mountains. A late summer chill descended upon the crowd, patiently witnessing a gentleman exhume, skin and dismember a lamb.  Soon, the performance became a barbecue. Huddling around a large fire spit, I turned to my left, extended a hand and introduced myself to David and Michelle Quinn. We discussed art, life and promised to continue the conversation over dinner. As our friendship blossomed, our circle expanded to include Avi Kantor, David’s partner, and Rachel Kantor, the owner of Ski Barre. On a freezing night in Victor, Idaho — we decided to collaborate on something special — a happening of our own. And so…

Borbay, “Old Town Bar”

The Certior Group and Ski Barre invite you to… join us, on Saturday, March 4th, from 7-9pm at Ski Barre, for the first, one-night-only Art Barre Soirée. Peruse some cool electric artwork, sip a signature Jackson Hole Still Works cocktail and mingle with fabulous people in Ski Barre’s breathtaking new studio.”

That’s our Borbay, painting his way to universal pop-stardom, one Guggenheim painting at a time!

Borbay, The Neon Guggenheim

Jackson Hole is now very familiar with Borbay’s super-charged neon paintings. He’s a transplanted New Yorker, a winner of New York Magazine’s “Most Creative New Yorker” award. Miles ahead of most young art-author entrepreneurs, Borbay “knew Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash Kings list before Forbes did,” and ended up writing about the art business for Forbes Magazine.

Adept at making friends and creating new venues, Borbay explains that he met David and Michelle at Matthew Day Jackson’s event in Wilson this past summer.

“We stayed in touch, went to dinner and discussed an event… I was then introduced to Avi Kantor, David’s partner at Certior, and Avi’s wife Rachel, who opened Ski Barre. We identified three separate with like-minded visions, and established an immediate rapport. The result: an exciting collaboration culminating in this fabulous night!”

For more information: Borbay’s Blog, and  .

Paul Podell Photography

Spider: We are in the middle of the, how do you say, the big puddle. 
Centipede: Biggest puddle of ’em all, angel fangs – the Atlantic Ocean. 
Old Green Grasshopper: Technically, the Pacific is the biggest. 
Centipede: Well, that goes without saying. 

The Teton Photography Group (TPG) and the Art Association are forming a new partnership that puts a state-of-the-art digital photography studio back in business.

TPG “will provide Art Association members and the community with additional opportunities to develop photographic skill through public presentations, workshops, technique, critiques, and photos.”

The digital photography studios were, originally, largely made possible with the financial help of the late Elizabeth McCabe, co-publisher of the Jackson Hole News and Guide.  She was put on the paper’s staff as a photographer, and she never left. McCabe’s deep friendship with Jackson photographer Jon Stuart helped establish a fine photography program that, sadly, wound down after McCabe’s passing.

Open studios are planned for Tuesdays, 12:30 – 3:00 pm in the digital studio, as well as new classes and workshops. Equipped with scanners, an Epsom 3800 printer that can produce 17″ X19″ prints and several computers with the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, the Photography Studio has technology for fledgling and advanced photographers.

For more information, visit


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