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Jackson Hole Art Blog Ad Rates 2013

The Jackson Hole Art Blog is targeted to an arts-focused audience, and the Blog  regularly reaches an audience far beyond Teton County. 

If yours is the only ad in a rotating space, you will receive ADDITIONAL visibility for your money, and there will never be more than the specified number of ads rotating in your space. If a contract above yours expires, you immediately move up into that space, adding even MORE visibility!  

 You may change your ad as often as you’d like; simply send me your new ad for insertion. 

 Ads are connected to your URL address. Click on it, and visitors will be taken to your website. 

 Your ad appears on EVERY Jackson Hole Art Blog page!  It never disappears, no matter the page viewed. 

 Ads refresh with page reloads; WordPress balances out visibility percentages so all ads are viewed equally. 

There are two ad sizes available: 180 wide x 250  high and 180 wide x 500 high.  Ads are designed by advertisers, and must be submitted in jpg format.  

Ads run vertically down the Blog’s right margin. Space #1 is at the top, Space #2 just below, followed by Spaces #3 and #4.  Both ad sizes fit any of the four available spaces, and may rotate.  

To put it another way, four spaces are available. Each space has the ability to rotate, but either a 180 x 500 or 180 x 250 ad size may be used in any slot. There will never be more than FOUR visible ads per page view. 

 Space #1:

180 x 500: $400/month.

180 x 250:  $300/month.

1-2 ads rotating. One dedicated blog post per month, every month you advertise.  (This space is sold, May-September, 2013

Space #2:  

180 x 500: $350/month.

180 x 250: $275/month.

1-2 ads rotating.  (This space is sold, June-September, 2013)

Space #3:  

180 x 500:  $275/month.

180 x 250:  $250/month.

1-3 Ads rotating.   (This space is sold June-September, 2013.

Space #4: 

180 x 500: $250/month.

180 x 250: $200/month.

1-3 Ads rotating.  (This space is available.) 

Billing: Per month, or by special arrangement. Two weeks deposit required.  Email  for more information!  



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