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Tammy Callens, "Bert."  Oil, 20" x 18"

Tammy Callens, “Bert.” Oil, 20″ x 18″

Last summer artist Tammy Callens and I went to visit Bert Raynes. I’d posted an image of Bert on Facebook. Bert, a distinctive bird, caught Callens’ eye. Callens paints portraits, and minutes after spying Bert on my Facebook page she contacted me to find out who this extraordinary man might be.

Callens wanted to paint Bert’s portrait.

“Brilliant,” I thought. Why hadn’t I come up with this? Callens and Bert had never met, but as soon as she expressed interest, my mind leapt at the possibilities. Of all Jackson’s special citizens, who was more deserving of a Callens portrait? Nobody. A “Bert” portrait might raise excellent funds for his beloved non-profit, The Meg and Bert Raynes Foundation.

A year later Callens’ portrait is complete. It’s a stunner. And it’s up for sale as of Friday, June 26th, at Mountain Trails Gallery in Jackson. An opening reception takes place Saturday, June 27th, 4-6:00 pm at the gallery. Callens is donating a significant portion of “Bert” sales proceeds to his foundation. The exhibition, entitled “Soliloquy,” remains on display through July 2nd. 

“The sad thing is, it looks like me,” says Raynes.

Boy, does it. Witty self-deprecation is pure Bert. In fact, he couldn’t be more thrilled. Callens’ spot-on portrait captures Bert as he was the day they met~~handsome in his signature red sweater and suspenders, Bert posed for Callens. Within minutes she’d sketched a lively impression and began playing with color.

“I love painting Bert as he was exactly on the day we met,” Callens recalls. “His life, compassion, knowledge and contributions extend far beyond those of most folks; most of us can’t imagine doing a fraction of his work. I felt his energy immediately and fell completely in love.”

Tammy Callens. "Foghorn Leghorn," Oil.  8 "X 14" Oil

Tammy Callens. “Foghorn Leghorn,” Oil.
8 “X 14″

Callens’ portrait depicts Bert surrounded with jars, bowls and bottles; symbols of a wellness campaign. Birds, Bert’s life’s work and extended family, are present too. Most importantly, the painting IS Bert. Any “F.O.B.,” (Friend of Bert) sees this immediately. When we’re with Bert, intelligence and sparky conversation are impressed upon us. We learn. He listens. We have a democratic, lifetime experience.

Want to be an F.O.B.? Make a beeline for Mountain Trails Gallery. Get there first. Be the “Bert” buyer. Be the first Jackson Hole “nature mapping” citizen to contribute to Bert’s foundation. Be the first person, as far as I know, to support a worthy cause by bringing home a portrait of a most distinguished bird. ,




Howdy! I’m back. The Jackson Hole Art Blog is up again! We’ll be writing brief (up to 500 words) weekly posts about Jackson Hole Arts. Summer traffic is turning up early this year, so let’s get going! Send me your news! Email me at OR  


One of Jackson’s most eclectic, sophisticated galleries, Heather James Fine Art, has two locations. Their home gallery is in Palm Springs, California, and its second gallery is here in Jackson. Currently featured is “Arts of Asia,” a stunning artifacts collection.

“Antiquities loaded with historical, ritual, and cultural richness weave an intricate story of centuries of dynasties and eras in Arts of Asia,” says the gallery. “Spanning 2,000 years, the objects in the show are organized by geography: China, Japan, and India & Southeast Asia.”

Heather James’ new series of online catalogs are beautifully composed. View catalogs of this and other Heather James collections at 

Brent Cotton VALLEY EVENING oil on linen 20 x 24 in

Brent Cotton
oil on linen
20 x 24 in

Jackson’s Trailside Galleries presents “Fleeting Effects of Light,” a show of new works by Brent Cotton. Light is the thing in our valley. Our light wears infinite guises, an artist’s eternal muse.

“Raised on his family’s cattle ranch in Idaho, Brent’s first lessons in art were taught by his grandmother, a talented watercolorist. He grew up sketching the cowboys and horses he observed every day. In high school an influential instructor encouraged him to pursue a career in art,” says Trailside. “Cotton attended workshops and studied with some of the best known names in wildlife and Western art, including world-renowned Western artist Howard Terpning.”

“Fleeting Effects of Light” runs June 1 – June 30, 2015 at Trailside. An Open House and ArtWalk (which includes many galleries around town) takes place June 18, 5-7 pm. 


Gilbert_Stuart_Williamstown_Portrait_of_George_Washington“Strive not with your superiors in argument, but always submit your judgment to others with modesty.” ~ George Washington

A recent article in the Jackson Hole News & Guide reported that four Art Association board members had resigned due to a lack of transparent leadership, a culture marked by economic emphasis and a muddy sense of creative direction. The fallout, now very public, occurred over a plan to relocate a portion of the Art Association’s operations to an empty Powderhorn Mall retail space. Board Chairman Dave Muskat reportedly attempted to push the move through quickly, without fully consulting board and staff. Though the books have balanced out under the current administration, it hasn’t been enough to stifle frustration.

When I read the article and Facebook comments about all this, I admit to reacting strongly. My long-standing respect and affection for the Art Association is real; so is the pain over watching it pass through such troubles. For years the Association has been reformatting its economic model and re-imagining what it wants to be to the community. All non-profits are businesses. They need to make money. But they also need to sustain a viable, dynamic mission. In a community our size, they need to generate authentic good will.

Partnering with another local arts group could make a difference. One prominent organization not only reaches out to Jackson’s community; it reaches out to tourism and a world audience. The University of Wyoming’s museum combines exciting contemporary and historically-themed exhibitions and teaching with programs that energize Laramie’s community.

The worst thing a leader can do to an organization’s image is publicly bad mouth colleagues and essentially tell everyone: “So what?” Once it’s out there, that sentiment can easily boomerang. Artists work mightily to move arts forward, and this latest development makes that effort more difficult. A value is owed to any organization’s supporters, whether those supporters offer hard financial assistance, volunteerism, positive word-of-mouth, or any other form of patronage. The Association has some new, very smart board members. I wish them all the luck in rejuvenating one of Jackson’s most important arts non-profits. With any luck recently department board members will be able to contribute their time and talents to the Association once again.

Submitted with modesty & good will ~~~ TC

528Here’s some support: The Art Association’s “JURIED METALS EXHIBITION: SOLDER, RIVET, WELD”  issued an open call for entries. Opening May 30th, 2014, the show will highlight new metalworks that utilize myriad metal fabrication techniques: casting, lampworking, metal clay, beading, metalsmithing, blacksmithing and welding.

Submission Deadline: Midnight MST, Monday April 28th, 2014 | Exhibition: May 30th – June 27th, 2014. Submission fee is $35. 

John E. Simms & "Bison Bison." Steel. 1992

John E. Simms & “Bison Bison.” Steel. 1992

“All work must be ready for installation. Work may be very small to large, but must be able to fit through a standard door. Work may be pedestal, wall hanging, or ceiling hung. Small jewelry pieces should have their own display form or case,” write the show’s organizers. This juried show will be judged by John Simms, Katherine Donan & Sam Dowd. Three wonderful choices!

Guidelines and instructions are lengthy, but you can find out everything you need to know by contacting Thomas Macker at, with the word “Metal Submission” in the subject field.

Todd Kosharek - Late July, 2013 - 14 x 26"

Todd Kosharek – Late July, 2013 – 14 x 26″

“What I love in painting, as an artist and as a viewer, is the feeling I get from seeing something…meticulously created by pigment and brush. I want to see time – time taken by the painter to think, feel and create – but also the element of time, as if the painting … will grow and change with me … as I grow and change.” ~ Todd Kosharek

Jackson artist Todd Kosharek opens a show of new works, “Interiors/Exteriors,” at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts Theater Lobby with a reception on Friday, January 17th, 5:30-7:30pm. The exhibition will be on display January 13th – 29th, 2014.

Images of Kosharek’s new works blow me away. In a short time — although Kosharek may not share my conception of  what comprises a “short time” — his landscape painting style has blossomed and matured, gaining a notably new level of sophistication. Kosharek’s painting “Late July, 2013,” shown above, is so rhythmic and complete; it’s like a fine jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces fit perfectly together. He’s thought of everything: a peach sky is reflected perfectly in a body of water. The water, rather than being just a pond or just a river, is both. Space and atmosphere Kosharek builds between land and the sky’s ceiling—those clouds—provides “air” that breathes into the scene and opens it up. He has broadened his color palette without going overboard, limiting his colors and also simultaneously creating the number of subtle shadings required. Kosharek’s brushstrokes are more coherent, more secure, drawing together his composition’s elements.

The growing and changing is happening. Most definitely.

Todd Kosharek - Last of October - 2014 - 14 x 26"

Todd Kosharek – Last of October – 2014 – 14 x 26″

A remarkable hallmark of Kosharek’s work is that he paints in two blazingly different styles. There are his landscapes, influenced by the Scandinavian Symbolists, and his interior paintings, rooted in the Magic Realist tradition. These fastidiously detailed and mystical works, his Origami Crane Series, consist of 12 large paintings exploring the concepts of repetition and life, religion and art. Kosharek takes many months to complete any given crane painting and is thrilled to be exhibiting three works of the series in this show. At this writing, Kosharek was putting the finishing touches on a crane painting that’s been coming to life on his easel for a full year.

Todd Kosharek - Veneer - 2012 - 66 x 50"

Todd Kosharek – Veneer – 2012 – 66 x 50″

“I throw everything possible into the scene during the sketching and researching process, and then slowly eliminate aspects until the scene clicks and is suddenly correct. This process of elimination will often continue all the way until the painting is finished,” says Kosharek. “Great examples of this process are the three large paintings that are a part of the Crane Series.”

A great painting, adds Kosharek, should encourage and allow viewers to react to space, letting them follow any direction the painting may beckon. His paintings are part of private and public collections throughout America and in Paris.

“Art should not be in a box nor should it be “right or wrong,” nor should it hold the viewer’s hand,” says the artist. “The greatest respect an artist can give an audience is to trust that they will get what they need from the work.”

1497504_10202870754911208_157654252_nThursday, January 9th, 7-10 pm, artist Tom Woodhouse’s “creative passion” will be on exhibit and celebrated at the Pink Garter Theater/The Rose, downtown Jackson. The evening is the first in a series of art events happening this month; Tom’s show will change and evolve each week. Paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, abstracts, bar scenes and landscapes will all be featured. And yes, you can buy them!

Contact: Not sure! Posters list the Pink Garter, so give that venue a jingle. Go, Tom!

Last notice: Community Supported Art (CSA) inaugural year applications are due on Monday, January 13th! Read more about the project here, and contact Alissa Davies at, for more information.

My bad…Public Art announcements were going to appear here, but I promise—next post you will see them!




Jason Rich - "River Overlook"

Jason Rich – “River Overlook”

“We see art, and then it affects how we see.” ~ Poet Tami Haaland

Aspen leaves hint at their fall lemon yellows, grizzlies are on the Elk Refuge, the last of the hummingbirds are away, and all Jackson Hole arts entities are buzzing like bees to prepare for 2013’s Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, taking place here in Jackson September 5-15, 2013.  This year our Festival is officially represented by artist Jason Rich, whose contemporary, yet traditional rendering of two wranglers on their horses during early fall is this year’s official Fall Arts Festival poster image.

Every year the Festival confirms Jackson’s solid top ranking as a Western arts center; and Jackson continues to grow as a town where young contemporary artists conveying non-traditional ideas have begun to flourish. When you think about it, said a gallery owner friend of mine, where else is there? Only two other Western cities are noted for their Western or Southwestern art.

Here is the annual Jackson Hole Art Blog Fall Arts Festival Calendar!



Western Design Conference Gala Fashion Jewelry Show: This glamour event has opened the Fall Arts Festival for many a year. The night’s festivities include a jewelry show, live auction, and champagne celebration, followed by a runway Western style fashion show featuring top of the line designs. It all takes place at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. Doors open at 6:00 pm, and the fashion show begins at 7:15 pm. A catered reception follows!

Those boots will be walking and flashing all over town! Big jewels, big hair, big color and big fun! Tickets are $125-$35 and seating is RESERVED. No general seating. Contact Center Box Office at 307.733.4900 or  

Chen - Evergreen

Chen – Evergreen

Diehl Gallery presents Indonesia artist Chen. The artist, currently working in Indonesia, is noted for his remarkable stainless steel sculptures. If his work is as eye-catching as Natalie Clark’s towering, geometric forms this will be a show with real impact. His works, says the gallery, are simultaneously precise and lyrical. The show runs from September 7- November 15th, and an artist’s reception takes place tonight from 5-8:00 pm. FREE. 155 West Broadway.  307.733.0905.

Trailside Galleries opens its Donny Finley

Artists Pat Clayton and Troy Anderson will paint and sculpt for the public, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm ( a very lengthy demonstration—you have all day to stop by!) and Thomas Radoumis leads a wood carving discussion while Richard Mitchell sketches from 1:00-5:00pm. Grand Teton Gallery Artists in Residence — 130 West Broadway.  307.201.1172.  FREE.


The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum kicks off its Fall Voices of the Valley program series at 7:00 p.m. at the 225 N. Cache museum gallery, with a presentation by local residents Marlene and Daniel Merrill on their book Up the Winds and Over the Tetons: Journal Entries and Images from the 1860 Raynolds Expedition. Free admission, limited seating. 733-2414.



Palates & Palettes Gallery Walk!  5-8:00 pm, all over Town!  If there is a gallery NOT participating in this very popular event I don’t know about it. Go everywhere, see as much as you can! Don’t be a drag, but be mindful—almost every gallery offers alcoholic beverages and specially catered food; you might tip over and spill your shiraz if you’re not careful! It’s one of the Festival’s most popular and populous events—it’s FREE, save one special fundraiser—-and at least 30 galleries take part. Walk or ride your bike—even a bike can be tricky! Walking is safest. Park outside the Town Square if possible.

Mary Roberson - The Spring Marsh Celebration

Mary Roberson – The Spring Marsh Celebration

Altamira Fine Art presents legendary Western women artists Mary Roberson and Donna Howell-Sickles. Both artists open new shows with an artists’ reception at Altamira, 5-8:00 pm, during Palates & Palettes. FREE. Mary Roberson’s “The Nature of Contemporary Impressionism” will be featured with Donna Howell-Sickles’ “My Window Faces West.”  Read more about this exhibit here. Altamira Fine Art, 172 Center Street, 307.739.4700,

David Brookover Gallery

David Brookover – 17 Hands of Presence

Brookover Gallery will, once again, host a special party benefitting the Teton Raptor Center during Palates & Palettes Gallery Walk.  $5 at the door, with Amangani and Four Seasons catering. All entry proceeds benefit the Raptor Center, and Brookover will be displaying his new photogravure, silver gelatin and color images. His new Andalusian photographs are so detailed, you’ll fight the urge to reach out and stroke them. Read more about Brookover’s trek to Andalusia here. Brookover will also showcase Taylor Glenn’s image, which won the Teton Photography Group’s first annual photography contest; the image will be available for sale. Brookover believes in helping local photographers get their work shown properly~~”It’s a good thing for the art community at large,” says Brookover.

Trailside Galleries showcases artists Donny Finley, Adam Smith and Dustin Van Wechel through September 15th. Artist’s Reception. Finley, says the gallery has spent time in the coal mining towns of West Virginia, swamps of Louisiana, the lush countryside of Ireland, cosmopolitan New York City, romantic Paris and other locations around the world; his art is affected by all he takes in. Van Wechel notes “Painting wildlife provides a well of opportunity to communicate not only my personal experiences and perceptions of my subjects, but also a window into understanding what moves me and who I am.”  Smith’s research and painting have taken him to Utah, Alaska, Africa, and countless national parks in his quest to realistically capture subjects and habitat.

D. Van Wechel - The Mentor

D. Van Wechel – The Mentor

Cayuse Western Americana will host author Kenneth Barrick, author of  the first comprehensive biography of Grand Teton National Park’s only official photographer, Harrison Crandall.  5-8:oo pm. “Known for his compositions capturing the Tetons with luminous skies, cowgirls and cowboys in action with their horses, Native Americans at their powwows and wildflowers in magnificent settings, Harrison Crandall was Jackson Hole’s first resident artist,” says Cayuse. The book is the first catalog raisonee of Crandall’s body of work. Historic works by Crandall are on exhibit. Book signings continue tomorrow, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Additionally, master silver designer Susan Adams is back in the shop! “Food, Fiddles & Fun” tonight at Cayuse! Note: ALL Cayuse events will take place at Cayuse; the gallery and Barrick will not have a presence at the Western Design Conference, as previously scheduled. 


Trio Fine Art Gallery Demonstrations: Please note that Trio Fine Art’s plein air painting partners will be demonstrating BEFORE Palates & Palettes:  come and see Jennifer Hoffman, Bill Sawczuck and Kathryn Turner at their gallery, 545 N. Cache, 3-5:00 pm. FREE. Refreshments. 307.734.4444,

By E. Boespflug

By E. Boespflug

Emily Boespflug and Anika Youcha host an Art Opening, featuring their new works, at Cowboy Coffee, just north of the intersection of Cache and Deloney. Stop by during and after P&P! 6-8pm.

National Museum of Wildlife Art: Preview Western Visions Miniatures and More Show & Sale artworks, 3-5:00 pm. A nice place to stop in before you hit downtown Jackson’s P&P! FREE.Rising Sage refreshments. 


Fall Arts 2013

MADE, in Gaslight Alley, will offer free hand screened prints designed by local artist Eric Nelson to customers. Prints are limited editions and are available to anyone who spends $25 or more during Palates & Palettes. Hand made, repurposed and found: that’s MADE!

Lee Carlman Riddell - Blue Flax

Lee Carlman Riddell – Blue Flax

WRJ Associates, that incredible King Street establishment, will feature artwork by artists Lee Carlman Riddell and Craig Spankie. WRJ has proved a phenomenal venue for artists. Riddell has always loved to draw and paint. As a little girl she was a tomboy who spent as much time as possible playing outside, which inspired an appreciation for the natural world and science. Her love of landscape painting is a natural extension of her interests in art and science. “I paint outside because that is where I want to be. Setting up my paint box begins a time of concentration on shapes, textures and colors in the landscape. It slows me down, and I see the world – animals, birds, plants, storms – better. I like that,” says Riddell.  A native New Zealander, Spankie refers to his homeland by its Maori name Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud. Carpentry seeded an affinity for the tactile, and informed an isolated beauty that is Spankie’s hallmark. For Craig Spankie, working with found objects fulfills a quest to create transformative art. Raw, and by most standards spent, objects are reborn in Spankie’s contemplative environmental portraits. 30 King Street, in Jackson.

Jason Rich

Jason Rich

Legacy Gallery One Man Show with Fall Arts Festival Artist Jason Rich! 5-8:00 pm, during P&P. Rich will have his signature work on hand, and be exhibiting 10- 20 new works. Legacy is a great Jackson tradition; don’t miss! “Rich’s love for the cowboy lifestyle led him to painting and living the life of a cowboy,” says the gallery. “He, like many artists, started drawing horses when he was young. His hard work and dedication has paid off with many accolades, including being elected into Cowboy Artists of America. On the southwest corner of the Town Square – 75 North Cache.  307.733.2353

Mountain Trails Gallery presents a Barbara and Glen Edwards Retrospective, 5-8:00 pm, during P&P.  The Edwards are noted for their historical depictions of Native Americans and mountain men, a storied part of Jackson Hole’s history. “Light refreshments.” Located on the north east corner of the Town Square. 155 Center Street, 307.734.8150,

Tayloe Piggott Gallery: Michael Eastman’s “A Horse Show.”  Artist’s reception, 5-8:00 pm, during P&P.  Eastman, in case you’ve not seen his work, is pretty dang famous for his horse photography. 62 South Glenwood, 307-733-0555

Christopher Owen Nelson at Horizon Fine Art

Christopher Owen Nelson at Horizon Fine Art

Horizon Fine Art presents Christopher Owen Nelson’s Solo Exhibition “The Fortune Teller.” Nelson’s forté is his “carved, painted and fired Plexiglass work.” Cool!  5-8:00 pm, during P&P. Horizon Fine Art, 30 King Street, 307.739.1540,

172“As a community member, I appreciate what Jackson Hole Public Art has accomplished. As an artist, I am grateful for the chance to create a Jackson Hole Public Art installation for and with our community.” ~ Artist, Curator and Cultural Council Award-Winner Bronwyn Minton. Celebrate Minton’s Cairn Project, 5-7:00 pm, at the installation site, 265 S. Cache, at the Center for the Arts!

Grand Teton Gallery Artist Reception: The group may be trying to get a jump on P&P; their party time is listed as 4-8:00 pm. Check with the group to make sure!  Artists Pat Clayton, Troy Anderson, HR Kaiser, Sam Thiewes, Peggy Ann Thompson, Rip Caswell, and Richard Mitchell will be in the spotlight. Grand Teton Gallery, 130 West Broadway, 307.201.1172.

Travis Walker - Saddle Butte (Blue)

Travis Walker – Saddle Butte (Blue)

The Art Association of Jackson Hole hosts two P&P events: “Jackson Rising,” 5:30-7:30 pm ( again, a slightly skewed time) and “Everest: An Exhibition of Aerial Photographs of Mt. Everest by William Thompson,” also 5:30-7:30 pm. So, if you arrive after 7:30, c’est dommage!  “Jackson Rising” exhibits works by many local artists using a variety of media, and they include Remy Milosky, Houston Guy, Greg Broseus, Katy Fox, Karen Haynam, Jonathan Crosby, Travis Walker, Jeffery Kaphan, Anne Muller, Vanessa Sulzer and Mike Parillo. “Everest” is a selection and presentation of William Thompson photographs taken in 1983 for National Geographic, “the first and ONLY complete aerial [images] ever taken of Mt. Everest.” Art Association Gallery, 240 S. Glenwood Street.  307.733.6379,


RARE Gallery’s Rick Armstrong’s show “Through the Eyes” represents the artist’s work over the past year, and, he says, “will leave you satisfied intellectually and content visually.”  Mixed media. You will never have to use your eyes again! Or think! 5-8:00 pm, during P&P. RARE Gallery, 60 E. Broadway 2nd Floor, 307.733.8726,

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) Marilyn #27

Andy Warhol (1928-1987)
Marilyn #27

Though Heather James Fine Art (located on Center Street, next door to Altamira Fine Art) is not opening a specific exhibit during the Festival, the contemporary gallery with the big reach is highlighting new artists, and invites the public to stop in and see, among other rareties and gems, their Andy Warhols. “[Warhol’s]position as a controversial character helped turn the fabric of American consumer culture into art and has cemented his position as one of the most popular artists of the twentieth century,” writes the gallery. 

And while you’re out there, check out these long-time Palates & Palettes favorite gallery “destinations”:  West Lives On, across from the Wort Hotel in downtown Jackson and Henry Holdsworth’s “Wild By Nature” photography gallery, on the corner of Glenwood and Deloney.

WDC-merged.130859Western Design Conference Exhibit Sale. A giant exhibition of Western inspired furnishings, clothing and fashion, more jewelry (as my brother once said, it’s amazing what they can do with gems and rocks, ain’t it?) and usually lots of surprise creations. FUN. Not free: Tickets are $15 at the door, but you’ll get to see work by at least 100 artisans and exhibitors and you may return. Hosted by Teton Home and Living Magazine. Doors open at 10:00 am, with $22,000 in Design Excellence Awards being given out at 11:00 am. Open until 5:00 pm….and everyone runs to P&P! Location: Snow King Center, at the base of Snow King Mountain, Jackson.



Historic Ranch Tours. A taste of storied ranching life is yours for $50 per person. A tour of some of Jackson’s most historic ranches, complete with barbeque and Western style entertainment begins at 2:00 pm. Catch the ranch tour bus at Jackson’s Home Ranch Parking Lot (where you can leave your car all day for free) at the corner of Cache & Gill streets. For info, contact the J.H. Chamber at 307.733.3316.

Tammy Callens - Yellowstone Falls

Tammy Callens – Yellowstone Falls

Tammy Callens Showcase at Mountain Trails Gallery. She’s a friend and one of the area’s most in-demand artists. The girl is COOKING! I would not be surprised if, in a few years, she has one of the West’s highest profiles for plein air painting and as a female artist. Callens’ portraits and paintings of the region’s out-of-the-way places are special, and very personal. She’s also a former Grand Teton Association “Artist in the Environment.”  10:00 am -4:00 pm, light refreshments.  FREE.  Mountain Trails Gallery, 155 Center Street, 307.734.8150,

Western Design Conference Exhibit Sale carries on! Open today 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, tix are still $15 at the door. Snow King Center.

Image by Feresthe Faustini

Image by Feresthe Faustini

Outdoor Photography Symposium – Teton Photography Group. 11:00 am – 7:00 pm. While you won’t catch the morning’s first light, you’ll catch some beautiful wildlife and birds, learn techniques for photographing wild flowers indigenous to the area, work on composition and enjoy a lecture by Nat Geo photographer William Thompson. Coffee breaks and luncheon. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 the day of the event. The lecture series will include sponsored coffee breaks and luncheon. The Teton Photography Group is affiliated with the Art Association of Jackson Hole; contact them for details regarding meeting location, time specifics and more. Location: Black Box Theatre at the Center for the Arts, 240 S. Glenwood Street, 307.733.6379,

Artist: Dave McNally

Artist: Dave McNally

Brush Art Ventures, Alison Brush’s new arts enterprise, hosts an Open House today AND tomorrow at 1085 W. Broadway, #1123, in Jackson. “Venture beyond the downtown galleries for a new way to experience some of Jackson’s finest art,” says Brush. Hang out in the studio space and view works by Brush, Mary Armour, Dave McNally, Amy Unfried, Jeremy Morgan, Todd Kosharek, Tom Woodhouse and Rosanna Mitchell.  Noon -7:00 pm. FREE.

RARE Gallery: Conversation with the Artist(s). Dan Burgette (phenomenal bird sculptor, a naturalist–formerly represented by the Lyndsay McCandless Gallery) and Rick Armstrong will talk about their respective work—-and the vision of their artistry.  FREE. 2:00-5:00pm.  60 E. Broadway 2nd Floor, 307.733.8726,

Dan Burgette - Shadowed Breezes

Dan Burgette – Shadowed Breezes

Grand Teton Gallery Artists in Residence: Painters Sam Thiewes and Peggy Ann Thompson will be demonstrating 11:00am-3:00pm. FREE. Rip Caswell and Richard Mitchell sculpt on site 1:00-5:00pm. Grand Teton Gallery, 130 West Broadway, 307.201.1172,


Western Design Conference Exhibit Sale, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. See description of event above; tickets are available at the door for $15. Snow King Center, Corner of Snow King and Willow,

Sue Sommers - Book Art

Sue Sommers – Book Art

14th Annual “Takin’ It to the Streets!” This ever-popular street art fair gives local artists a chance to show off their work. I really wanted to list all the artists here—but my eyes/heart were bigger than this post’s capacity, so here are a few names: Stephanie Brennan, Jeff Diener, Sam & Jenny Dowd, Sue Sommers, Kelly Halpin, Fred & Rob Kingwill, Nancy Miller, Dean Stayner, Travis & Lisa Walker, Ray Polito, Nancy Carson, Joyce Batson, Sharon Rudd, Ben LaBrecque….and a whole lot more! Juried, and produced by the Art Association of Jackson Hole. Location: smack on the Town Square! FREE. Artist tents are open for business 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Contact Amy Fradley at 307.733.8792 or

images-4Taste of the Tetons. Smack on the Town Square! Open air food schmooze!  Eat yummy samples from a huge cross section of eateries and chefs while you check out the art. Live music, general ecstasy! Each food ticket is $1–buy at least four tickets if you want a mouthful. 11:00am-4:00pm. Then, that other big tent? It’s the Rotary Supper Club’s Fall Arts Wine Tasting and Silent Auction. So go on over there, too, taste some mighty fine wines and bid on great donations. 11:00am-5:00pm. More taste tickets to buy, bring cash!

RARE Gallery’s Michael Swearngin has his “valuable collection of pieces with museum registry and provenance” on display. 5:00-8:00pm  FREE. 60 E. Broadway 2nd Floor,

Grand Teton Gallery Artists in Residence present Gary Keimig, Tom Lucas, and Les LeFevre executing painting demonstrations, and Rip Caswell sculpts. 11:00am -4:00pm. Carol Santora demonstrates painting and Richard Mitchell gives a talk. The latter two events take place 1:00-5:00pm. FREE.  Grand Teton Gallery, 130 West Broadway, 307.201.1172,

Rip Caswell

Rip Caswell

NEXT WEEK: The Jackson Hole Art Auction, Western Visions, John Nieto at Altamira Fine Art, Quick Draw, Gallery Walks, Artist Demonstrations, House Tours and more!