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Jackson Hole Art Auction: The Menu

Charles M. Russell (1864–1926) Menu (Cafe Noir) (ca. 1896) watercolor and pencil on paper 6 x 4 (sight) in  Estimate: $40,000–$60,000

Charles M. Russell (1864–1926)
Menu (Cafe Noir) (ca. 1896) watercolor and pencil on paper 6 x 4 (sight) in
Estimate: $40,000–$60,000

This year’s Jackson Hole Art Auction is two months away; time flies. After all, it’s summer and high art season in Jackson, Wyoming. Stay on your toes, keep a daily eye out for new auction lots! Get your consignments in on time~~2015’s deadline opportunity has likely evaporated. So many impressive consignments arrive at auction headquarters, upstairs at Trailside Gallery, that some must be put forward for your consideration.

Whether it’s market confidence or simply a new method of expanding their buying audience, the auction spreads itself over two days this year, with two separate buying events. The auction, a premier venue for Western masterworks, begins September 18th, 2015.

“The ninth annual Jackson Hole Art Auction will begin with Session I held on Friday, September 18th at Trailside Galleries in Jackson, WY. Session I will be a small well-curated sale of lots by highly desirable contemporary and deceased artists. Session II will be held on Saturday, September 19th at the Center for the Arts,” notes the auction. Both events include free, open-to-the-public preview opportunities.

E. Martin Hennings, Untitled. 18.5 x 15 1/4".  Oil $40,000 -$60,000

E. Martin Hennings, Untitled. 18.5 x 15 1/4″. Oil $40,000 -$60,000

So, what’s on the auction menu? It’s impossible to provide a full list in this space, but highlights include historic and contemporary works by Bierstadt, C.M. Russell, Bob Kuhn, Carl Rungius, Howard Terpning, Z.S. Liang, Remington, E. Martin Hennings, Clyde Aspevig, Richard Schmid, Harry JacksonEanger Irving Couse, T. Allen LawsonStanley Meltzoff and William Acheff.

Bob Kuhn (1920–2007) Winter Browse - Mule Deer (1995)

Bob Kuhn (1920–2007) Winter Browse – Mule Deer (1995) Acrylic on Board  14×18″ Estimate: $40,000 – $60,000

Lot estimates range anywhere from four digits to seven.

Though not an official part of Jackson Hole’s famed Fall Arts Festival, the auction is a heady and highly anticipated conclusion to Jackson’s official arts season. Live Western auctions cause attendees and staff to break out in goosebumps. This thing is full of adrenaline~~the auction has become one of the country’s top Western art auctions, each year offering up exquisite paintings, sculptures and artifacts. A co-production of Jackson’s Trailside Galleries and Santa Fe’s Gerald Peters Gallery, the auction is an upscale, professionally organized and thrilling event.

Visit for information, or phone Auction Coordinator Jill Callahan at (866)-549-9276.

Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902) Wind River Country Wyoming (ca. 1860) oil on canvas 28 1/4 x 39 1/2 in Estimate: $1,000,000–$2,000,000

Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902)
Wind River Country Wyoming (ca. 1860)
oil on canvas
28 1/4 x 39 1/2 in
Estimate: $1,000,000–$2,000,000




“STARTERS” Feeds Artists; Rimrock Ranch Artist Retreat; Awards!


First, a huge thanks to Teton Art Lab, Culture Front and now “STARTERS,” for their contributions to Jackson’s young contemporary art scene. These groups go it on their own, meaning they begin at a grass roots level, don’t ask us for crazy amounts of money (although generosity is welcome, of course!), and keep their products fun and accessible. A friend in the art world recently remarked that it’s not necessarily social status that makes someone an influential arts agent—often it’s those other enterprising folks, lifting up at least half the sky.

There is no greater joy than a job well done—and that’s Moose medicine power wisdom!

Teton Artlab & Culture Front have joined forces. Their new project, “STARTERS” takes the form of a recurring dinner party to help fund local arts projects. STARTERS kicks off Tuesday, September 10th (making it a Fall Arts Festival player, if not an “official” member) at 6:00 pm.  A $20 minimum donation gets you in, a greater donation is appreciated, and the first dinner location is TBA, once enough dinner tickets are purchased. The first event is limited in size—test run!


Dinners will be provided by Teton Artlab volunteers, and tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis; no more than two reservations per person, please. To find out about tix, email Meg Daly at

At dinner, say STARTERS organizers, patrons will receive a ballot. Five pre-selected creative projects will be presented, and diners spend the evening conversing with project artists. At the end of dinner, patrons vote for the project they would like to see funded. The artist receiving the most votes is awarded a portion of funds collected at the door—ideally $500 or more. The other four receive $50 for creating and offering their proposals.

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Things Artists Say; Hog Island – Arts Epicenter!

Today’s post is a Jackson art quote quiz…..Fun! Leo d.V. ( NOT from Jackson) might have a quote here, but everyone else is anonymous. Enjoy! 

“I guess I feel wildflowers are worthy of sainthood.”

“process, engagement, collaboration, instigation~~This year is marked by unique collaborations which engage me on ambiguous terrain and with conceptual duality. I exploit the magical/practical, which brims with repetition and surprise. And I continue to work as a bricoleur!”

“Art is not being recycled from one house to the other. There’s a place for all of it, but it’s nice to see more confidence in people about buying art, other than what they think they should be buying because they live in Jackson.” 

“The colt sketch is so loose, but you know what it is; it’s more ethereal.” 

“The only good art is post-referential art!”

“To know what you’re painting, everyone can pick up a tube of paint and squeeze. But to know what you’re squeezing, that takes book learning.”

“If someone innocently pulls into town and parks in the parking lot, needs to use the public facilities, they find my art wrapped around the building!” 

“If I avoid painting the Tetons for fear of their being trite, it would be dishonest.”

“Castellazzo got a piece of all the french roast coffee trucked into town, and he is the main supplier of nudes for life drawing classes.”

“The West is industrialized, it’s not perfect and beautiful…but what is tragic, or could be tragic, you weave that into a beautiful pattern of the landscapes.” 

“Very few people know that those flowers were not there the day that painting was done. I know they weren’t there, and I know the reason Bob painted them in. But I can’t tell you, it’s a secret.” 

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Art Auction Has LOTS; Baldwin Tribute; Art News from Santa Fe

Russell, Charles M., (1864-1926), Unbranded, ca. 1897, oil on canvas, 13.125 x 20.25

This year’s Jackson Hole Art Auction takes place Saturday, September 15, 2012 (the final full day of the 2012 Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival) at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. Presented by Trailside Galleries and Gerald Peters Gallery, the event is now realized as one of the West’s premier auctions of past and present masterworks of the American West. Last I heard, the number of lots at the 2012 auction was approaching 275. That means a six hour auction is possible! Last year’s auction realized well over $9 million in sales. Over 90% of the 250 lots offered soared over their estimates. Click here to see a catalog of 2011’s results.

In a previous post, this blog updated auction devotees that a coveted Terpning, as well as a Rungius, Remington and other works had already been consigned. A list of living artists with works in this year’s auction includes: William Acheff, Clyde Aspevig, Ken Carlson, Martin Grelle, G. Harvey, Z.S. Liang, Bill Owen, Kenneth Riley, Mian Situ, Howard Terpning, and Morgan Weistling.

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Pinedale Clicks; Ringholz’s “Dreams”; Higher Gilleon Ground

In neighboring Sublette County, the town of Pinedale has big plans for 2012. According to a recent edition of the Sublette Examiner, “Main Street Pinedale”—a group of Pinedale citizens working to promote its downtown by “capitalizing on its uniqueness and by using historic preservation to generate economic and entrepreneurial growth”— will host a series of conferences that will work to raise Sublette’s cultural profile.  

Events surrounding the conferences include “CLICK! A Weekend for Wyoming Visual Artists.” The Sublette Examiner writes:

“The name “CLICK!” suggests that thing that happens when you reconnect with colleagues and get inspired by new ideas, which occurs continually when Wyoming artists congregate,” said Sue Sommers, a local artist who helped organize the event, and is hoping to expand on the visibility and interconnectedness of Wyoming’s art community with those near and far – something she also tackled recently with the Pipeline Art Project….Like Pipeline, CLICK! is working alongside the Wyoming Arts Council (WAC) [sharing] a database of Wyoming artists and helps plan and partially fund the project.”

CLICK! takes place March 30 – April 1, 2012 at the Sublette County Libray, Pinedale. More registration info will be available soon. To read the Examiner’s full article, “click” here.


In case you live in a cave–and the only peeps I know doin’ that are Bears 399 & 610–you know wildlife painter Amy Ringholz is Jackson’s 2012 Fall Arts Festival (FAF) poster artist. At 34, Ringholz is the youngest FAF artist to date.

Her winning painting, “Dreamers Don’t Sleep,” a 72 x 60″ ink and oil on canvas, will be showcased in the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s lobby January 22 – March 23, 2012. A wonderous portrait of the region’s wildlife, its magnificent Teton Range, a sparkling night sky, the painting also includes 25 painted flowers, to in honor of NMWA’s 25th anniversary. The painting is set to be unveiled at the museum Sunday, January 22, at 3:00 pm

Inspired by Fritz Scholder and Egon Schiele, Ringholz is a contemporary painter—the first contemporary FAF artist in over a decade. As this year’s Festival artist, she joins some of the West’s most notable working artists: Russell Chatham, Bill Schenck, Donna Howell-Sickles and 2011’s Dwayne Harty.

Locally, Ringholz is represented by Altamira Fine Art. Her work has been exhibited at NMWA, the Rockwell Museum of Western Art and Desert Caballeros Museum. She’s been featured in Southwest Art, Western Art & Architecture, and Western Art Collector magazines. 


Altamira Fine Art also represents 2009’s Fall Arts Festival poster artist R. Tom Gilleon. Altamira has confirmed that prices for Gilleon’s works will “increase significantly” as of May 1, 2012.

Gilleon has a major museum exhibition January 28 – May 27, 2012, at the Booth Western Art Museum. He is planning a one man show at Altamira in July.  For more information, contact Altamira at 307.739.4700.