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Seeing Double at Tayloe Piggott Gallery: Travagli & Katz

Patrizio Travagli, Mirror Image

Patrizio Travagli, Mirror Image, a work from “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery.

Recalculating! What is reality? Who am I?

You’ll have to wait for the new show at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery to find out. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,” a group of works by Italian artist Patrizio Travagli, is so new that, with the exception of the work shown above, it hasn’t yet been photographed. The exhibit runs  August 16 – September 30th. Join the gallery for an opening reception on Tuesday, August 16th, 6-8:00 pm.

“My intention is to guide spectators on a journey in which their knowledge of space is put to the test, revealing the imperceptible and disclosing new dimensions that stretch towards the infinite.” ~  Patrizio Travagli

This may be the ultimate selfie moment. Travagli is fascinated by light’s power to shift perception. You will become part of this exhibit~~your reflection in any of six large mirrors, each with their own reflective and color properties, change and shift and with you, the viewer.

From "In-Lusionem (Patrizio Travagli and Marco De Vincenzo) | Teatro Niccolini - Florence | 2016"

From In-Lusionem (Patrizio Travagli and Marco De Vincenzo) | Teatro Niccolini – Florence | 2016″. Taken from a previous exhibition in Italy; research on the artist and the descriptions of his upcoming show at Tayloe Piggott prompted me to share this photo example of an earlier Travagli project.

Travagli aims to lead viewers in rethinking their perception of space, regardless of a wide variety of techniques, such as painting, sculpting, video, photography and installation.

“I frequently collaborate with scientists and professionals of other fields, such as architects and designers, in order to achieve a complete result….my intention is to guide spectators on a journey in which their knowledge of space is put to the test, revealing the imperceptible and disclosing new dimensions that stretch towards the infinite,” says the artist.

“Stretch?” I hope those mirrors don’t make me look fat!

Alex Katz. Ariel (Red), ed. 26/56, 2016, 26-color silkscreen.

Alex Katz. Ariel (Red), ed. 26/56, 2016, 26-color silkscreen.

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Bye, Fourth Wall! Thal’s Glass Balls; New Vibes

I’ll truly miss Culture Front gatherings this winter, and was glad to see such a full room at last week’s final event for the season.

In case you couldn’t make it, the evening featured dancers from Hole Dance Films, a Dancers’ Workshop  partner. Hole Dance makes dance films–the action is dance. October 25th’s demonstration shined a light on how dancers are directed and prompted for the purposes of film. Participating dancers were given a series of exercises and improvisational opportunities, which they in turn performed for the audience. Just as folks were wondering when the talk might begin, the “talk” suddenly came lyrically into being: dancers came to life, moving through the crowd and around the space.

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Abbie Miller Wins PMA Honors; No-Shows; Space & Art Meet at “Galileo’s Garden”

Meg Daly has announced that Jackson artist Abbie Miller has been awarded the Contemporary Northwest Art Awards by the Portland Museum of Art!  Says Daly, on her Culture Front Blog: “According to the museum’s literature, “The Contemporary Northwest Art Awards honors artistic merit and potential while providing an in-depth and scholarly presentation of work by several promising and/or nationally under-recognized professional contemporary artists living and working in the Northwest. The awards recipients are honored with an exhibition in the Museum’s special exhibition galleries, a full-color catalogue, exhibition-related programming, and cash awards. Abbie was nominated by an as-of-yet anonymous arts professional. Nominations came from Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho – 239 in total!”  Read the whole story on!  Congrats, Abbie!

Additionally, Awards Curator Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson will speak on “Jackson Art in Regional Context” at The Rose, Wednesday, August 1, 5:30 pm. Free admission, cash bar!

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Turning Japanese; 12:12:12 Jackson Hole; Horizon Group Show

One of the newly minted Teton County Lodging Tax’s funding recipients is Jackson Hole’s 2012 Fire Festival, a week-long acknowledgment and celebration of mountain cultures from around the world. The festival is described by organizers as a “solstice party of cultural and arts events, celebrating the natural world of our valley, Japanese-style.” June 14 – 20, 2012,  Jackson’s community and its visitors may experience and take part in such activities as Japanese drumming, film screenings, festival markets and dance performances. Ooh, and sake tasting!  The week’s finale is a torch lighted, street fair Japanese fire ceremony.

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Teton Art Lab’s Caldera Festival; CLICK! Report & Arts for All

Andrew Bird, 2007 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

Will it be “The premier outdoor summer event in Jackson Hole??”

It just may be. So, mark your calendars. Travis Walker’s Teton Art Lab, with support from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, The Kemmerer Foundation, and Old Bill’s Fun Run, presents the Caldera Festival: Andrew Bird and Sharon Van Etten on Saturday, August 18, 2012. The festival runs 6-11:00 pm, centered at the Center for the Arts. Says the Community Foundation’s website:

“While there are a number of arts and conservation organizations in Jackson, these communities rarely come together to highlight issues in new ways. The Caldera Festival will do just that by encouraging learning for all ages with creative and innovative exhibitions, films, presentations and performances such as a hike with Treefight founder David Gonzalez and an art class using all found and local materials. Grant funding from the Community Foundation will help kick start this new event.”

That last sentence suggests this summer’s Caldera may be the first of many. The music will be incredible. Andrew Bird and Sharon Van Etten are scheduled to appear; exact show times are TBA. Their music is transcendant, joyful and peaceful. And fun to listen to, you will NOT nod off.  Listen to their music: and

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