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Robert Bateman on Plein Air; An Artist’s Work; Walker Joins Altamira

Robert Bateman & "Chief"

Robert Bateman & “Chief”

A recent Plein Air Magazine newsletter highlighted the presence of world-renowned artist Robert Bateman at the Susan K. Black Foundation’s Dubois, Wyoming workshop, where Bateman spoke at length on the subject of plein air painting. And, to quote the OutdoorPainter.com on-line article, Bateman is “at the point where his level of success and experience frees him to be very outspoken.” Ah, freedom! At what point do artists begin to feel that freedom? The tipping point differs for everyone. If members of Jackson’s arts community made the trip to Dubois perhaps you’ll let us know how it went.

Bateman discussed plein air from two perspectives: as a tool to better our lives by improving our minds and connecting ourselves to the world around us, whatever our immediate world may be; and as an art form in itself. Bateman, perhaps most well known for his iconic painting “Chief,” part of the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s permanent collection, “ruffled some feathers (and smoothed others) with his praise for certain abstract expressionist artists and his criticism of wildlife art tropes. Bateman stressed the need for mystery in a painting.”

Robert Bateman-Roseate Spoonbill - Courtesy National Museum of Wildlife Art

Robert Bateman-Roseate Spoonbill – Courtesy National Museum of Wildlife Art

“Chief,” a massive painting ( 71 x 98″) depicts an American bison emerging from a mist; brown prairie grasses or  late-season sage is suggested in the painting’s background. Bateman’s early art was abstract, but, says the museum, after being inspired by the works of Andrew Wyeth, Bateman turned to realism; his art was mentioned prominently by Fine Art Connoisseur’s editor Peter Trippi. Read the OutdoorPainter.com article and view their Youtube Video interview with Bateman here.

Wendell Field, on location in Grand Teton National Park

Wendell Field, on location in Grand Teton National Park

“Wendell Field: An Artist’s Work,” Jackson Hole painter Wendell Field’s first solo show of works this year, opens on Friday, October 18th, 4:30 – 8:30 pm, at Teton Art Lab, 130 South Jackson Street~~that cute yellow house that cradles artists so perfectly. Field plans on exhibiting a dozen paintings, many of them created near Field’s home in Kelly, Wyoming.

“I’ll have a new print based off drawings I did on Static Divide, looking north in Grand Teton National Park; it’s a woodblock reproduction print—a carved block printed with a mixture of pigment, rice paste and mica dust. Then it’s carved again, printed until the block is destroyed, and the print complete,” says Field. “Each print is a good study base for paintings, and for art fans it’s affordable, original, hand-made art.”

Wendell Field - Mormon Row, Toward Jackson Peak

Wendell Field – Mormon Row, Toward Jackson Peak

During Travis Walker’s über successful art exhibition at Altamira Fine Art, Field and I had a chance to talk about some of the gallery’s artists. Specifically we looked closely at Glenn Dean’s paintings, an artist Field says “speaks to him.”  He considers Dean’s work out of the ordinary, even “surprising” in style. Comparing Dean’s work to another artist’s, Field said that the former’s rendition of landscapes was a choice Field understood. Dean, of course, recently won the very prestigious Maynard Dixon Gold Thunderbird Award—so Field’s estimation of Dean’s work is not unwarranted.

Wendell Field - Western Motel

Wendell Field – Western Motel

Though their painting styles differ, the two artists would enjoy each other’s company. Field’s images of mountains, snow, clouds, and structures are voluminous, rolling towards us, exhibiting a fairytale-like quality. He has developed a distinct color palette that turns real locations into magical destinations, and his paintings reflect his printmaking proficiency.

I’m looking forward to seeing Wendell Field’s new work!  www.wendellfield.com


Here comes the magic Altamira Fine Art bus! Late last week the gallery announced that Jackson artist Travis Walker is the newest addition to the gallery’s roster of fine artists.

Prior to Walker’s recent inaugural Altamira exhibition, gallery director Mark Tarrant remarked on Walker’s fresh and wholly unique color palette and compositions. Walker’s images of Jackson—downtown scenes as well as depictions of the region’s great natural landscapes and landmarks—have truly become iconic, big markers on Jackson’s arts timeline. That first show, “In Such an Hour: New Views of Jackson Hole,” sold out.

Tarrant noted that the gallery is slow and deliberate in its approach to adding artists, inviting a new artist on board perhaps once a year.

“Travis’ innovative artwork is a welcome addition to the gallery,” Tarrant said. “We are all extremely pleased, and we are excited to see what he does next. Collectors from Jackson and around the nation expressed their appreciation of Walker’s unique style and vision.”

“ArtMatch.com” is a registered trademark now. I KNEW it. Yay!!!  www.altamiraart.com 


Diehl Celebrates; Wyeth Cometh; Galleries West Portraits Show; Color at HJ

Diehl Gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary on Thursday, June 30, 5-9 pm. A large exhibition will be on display, filled with new works by every artist represented at the gallery. The show will benefit the Art Association of Jackson Hole: Diehl Gallery invites collectors to donate 10% of painting acquisitions costs and 5% of bronze sculpture acquisitions to the area arts non-profit. This big party, Diehl’s Fête 10th Anniversary, is open to all. Luscious refreshments will be provided by Ignight.

Diehl’s roster of artists includes Sheila Norgate, Ashley Collins, Adam Siegel, Jim Budish, Tyler Aiello, Carol O’Malia and Hung Liu.

For more information, contact Diehl Gallery at 307.733.090 www.diehlgallery.com

Guess who’s coming to Artspace?

August 10 – September 30, 2011, Jacksonites will have the pleasure of viewing Andrew Wyeth: A Survey. Co-produced by the Art Association (A.A.) of Jackson Hole and the Gerald Peters Gallery (an ever-growing presence in our town, Gerald Peters builds art profiles for artists and organizations alike) the show is co-curated by Peter Marcelle and Camille Obering. The show, says the A.A.,” will present watercolor and egg tempera paintings by Andrew Wyeth, one of America’s most influential and well-known painters.”

Not an Art Association member?  If you join up prior to this show, you are welcome to attend a sneak preview of the show on Tuesday, August 19th, 2011. Consider this your “heads up!” www.artassociation.org www.gpgallery.com

Galleries West Fine Art holds an artists’ reception for the gallery’s new exhibit, Faces of Life, July 1, 5-8:00 pm. Portraits of man and beast make up this show. I noticed painter Dan Schultz’s beguiling works on the gallery’s website. Here’s a little bit about the artist, whose work appears at left:

“Dan Schultz began receiving awards for his artwork in national competitions as early as age 17. He graduated with honors from the commercial art program at Pensacola Christian College in Florida where the main focus of his studies was graphic design and illustration, but he soon realized that his true passion was fine art. Drawing inspiration from master artists such as John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, Anders Zorn and others, Schultz continued to sharpen his drawing and painting skills at Cottonwood Artists’ School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His skill was soon recognized by the school and he was asked to become an instructor at Cottonwood, making him the youngest to join the group of nationally recognized professional artists teaching there.”

For information, contact Debbie: 307.733.4412

Just received this info:  Heather James Fine Art presents COLOR SPEAKS, a show of works by five artists from the Art Students League of New York. Show opens Thursday, June 30, with a reception from 6-8:00 pm. Heather James notes that over the years the Art Students League “…has acquired works by faculty and outstanding students for its permanent collection, which now reflects 135 years of American art history. Selected for their use of vibrant color, four collection works have been loaned for this exhibition – all by prominent artists.”   http://www.heatherjames.com