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Borbay Merges Abstraction with Aristotle

Borbay. "Go Out and Get It For Yourself," ~ Portrait of Don Draper. Collage

Borbay. “Go Out and Get It For Yourself,” ~ Portrait of Don Draper. Collage.

It boils down to what makes an artist tick. Recently I shared an image of Borbay’s portrait of the actor Jon Hamm as Don Draper with a friend. Fascinated by the artist’s collage technique, she wondered why Borbay chose that creative path.

Aristotle said it best,” Borbay answered. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

For Borbay, known outside the art world as Jason Borbet, collage elements embedded within a portrait are a reflection of the subject, their era, issues and, “of course, autobiographical elements of yours truly.” Each piece is a multi-tiered time capsule.

Borbay’s Jackson Hole opening show reception takes place at the Art Association on Thursday, July 7th, 6-8:00pm. Entitled “Painting Light,” the show remains up through July 30th, 2016. The show includes examples of Borbay’s collage works, acrylic and “neon” canvases. To preview the full show, click here

"Painting Light's" signature work: Borbay's "Neon Cowboy.

“Painting Light’s” signature work: Borbay’s “Neon Cowboy. Acrylic, 24×24”

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Testimonies: Teton Photography Group; Jeremy Morgan & CSA

Photograph by Nelson

Photograph by Loren Nelson

“Basic Digital Photography: How to Make Better Photographs With Your Digital Camera” is the second public educational symposium being offered by the Teton Photography Group, a group that’s come to include roughly 220 members, a phenomenal membership for an arts group less than a year old or for ANY non-profit group in a town our size! Photography, plentiful as sagebrush and as venerable as plein air, will become an official part of summer arts programs for the first time during the 2014 season.

Photograph by Linsdau

Photograph by Aaron Linsdau

“Education, sharing and networking” are the methods Teton Photography uses to advance the art. The event takes place Saturday, March 22, 2014 in the Black Box Theater at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming. A half-day in length, the session runs 8:30 am  – 1:30 pm.

Photographers (check links for more about each artist) Loren NelsonAaron Linsdau, Michael Cohen and Mike Cavaroc will speak on such topics as basic photography gear, improving focus and sharpness, obtaining the best exposure and composition techniques that work. Beginners and intermediates should enjoy this session, which is open to the public, interactive and hands-on.

I don’t have written testimonies handy, but I could count on four hands the number of times Teton Photography members have described their own positive experiences gained from the group. $25 donation for advance reservations and $30 at the door. Call 307.733.6379 to register. www.tetonphotographygroup.org


We mentioned this event a few weeks ago in a previous post on Alison Brush’s new arts ventures, but as it’s upon us, I’ll remind you all again that on Thursday, March 20th, 5-7 pm, noted San Francisco artist and visiting teacher Jeremy Morgan will give a talk at the Art Association.

Morgan has “created a following of dedicated artists that enjoy absorbing his knowledge and energy,” says the A.A. This public presentation offers an in-depth, personal account of Morganʼs personal artistic development, his influences and experiences.

Several of Morgan’s disciples say that one reason they love studying with him is that Morgan does not teach by insisting students emulate his own style. He encourages every artistic direction, warmly leading students towards their personal bests. For info: 307-733-6379. www.artassociation.org


Testimony: Many’s the day I go out in the world and hear how excited folks are about Alissa Davies’ Community Supported Arts project!  That’s revealing, redeeming and couldn’t happen to a better, more balanced and sincere arts contributor. Congratulations, Alissa!  Contact Davies by phoning 307.690.4757 or by emailing csajacksonhole@gmail.com.


Laramie Mural Project Campaign; Sidewalk Pottery; Raptor Workshop

Dan Toro - "Mural Artists Painting Fish"

Dan Toro – “Mural Artists Painting Fish”

Two weeks ago I traveled to Laramie, Wyoming to spend a day with the University of Wyoming’s Museum Director and Chief Curator Susan Moldenhauer. It’s shameful, but this was my inaugural visit to Laramie. Though I’ve read and heard stellar testimonials about the museum, and perused images that convince anyone of the museum’s scope and dedication to merging contemporary art with cultural arts, a visit is the only way to grasp its stunning collection and mission. A number of Wyoming arts representatives hope Laramie and Jackson’s arts communities will connect our creative cultures. Such an evolution could only enrich both communities; here’s a start. I am deeply grateful to Susan for sharing part of her busy schedule and leading me through the museum’s galleries.

Talal Cockar - "Tierra y Libertad"

Talal Cockar – “Tierra y Libertad”

A visit bonus was a tour of Laramie’s Mural Project, an ongoing arts community public art initiative conceived by the Laramie Main Street Alliance. The project took shape three years ago, during a discussion over coffee, and developed organically says one mural artist. Several murals are already completed, but now the Project needs the public’s help; and it’s helping itself by initiating a Kickstarter Campaign; you may view the project’s Kickstarter video here. This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Sunday July 21st, 2013, 10:00pm EDT. Though the project is underway, the Alliance must raise the Kickstarter funds or this will be the project’s last summer. 

Travis Ivey - detail from  "Hollyhock Haven"

Travis Ivey – detail from “Hollyhock Haven”

The murals reflect aspects of Laramie life the community holds dear, and the Project “utilizes local artists to create large scale murals downtown that reflect [the] area’s cultural assets.” Completed murals are nothing short of miraculous. Each is thoughtful, technically brilliant and enchanting. Connectively they draw visitors through Laramie, giving anyone who views them a powerful picture of what the town is all about. Each work is carefully conceived; each has a story to tell or a wish expressed. These participating artists energetically describe the project on YoutubeMeghan Meier, Travis Ivey, Dan Toro, Talal Cockar and Jeff Hubbell.

Meghan Meir - Detail from "Escape"

Meghan Meir – Detail from “Escape”

The Laramie Mural Project is a collaboration between the University of Wyoming Art Museum, local artists, BHP Imaging and the Laramie Main Street Alliance. Social change, cultural heritage, workers, making art of your own design, growing food, indigenous animals, hollyhocks, community roots, art everyone can “own”….these are some of the themes Laramie’s murals explore. In case you didn’t click on the project’s video link above, here’s your second chance: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1187018146/laramie-mural-project  

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David Mann at Legacy; Minis at Trailside; Art Fair!

Jackson Hole’s Legacy Gallery presents painter David Mann, in a One Man Show, July 19-29th. An opening reception for the artist takes place Thursday, July 19th, 6-8:00 pm. A dozen new works by Mann will be on exhibit. Mann, a chronicler of Native American culture, continues his focus on that subject matter with this show. Mann specifically portrays the lives of the Plains Indians, specifically, says the gallery, in the context of the mid to late 19th century.

Although Mann “does extensive research on the clothing and background objects of his subject matter,” he does not paint historical events. His biography notes that as a child, Mann was captivated by a book illustrated by Alfred Jacob Miller, a painter of Western subjects; Frank McCarthy’s magazine illustrations were another great influence. For a significant period in his life, Mann spent time on Southwest reservations, gaining a familiarity with his subject evident in his paintings today.

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Art Association’s News; Tumblr!; JH Art Auction 2012

Jenny Dowd sends the following information on classes and updates over at the Art Association:

Figure Drawing Class meets between Christmas and New Year’s, on December 28th. If you bring some tasty holiday goodies, class will be that much more festive!

The Art Association’s winter/spring class schedule will be available soon; be sure to check the website often for updates. Dowd is excited about classes coming in the New Year—she lists such offerings as Sketchbook & Journaling for Beginners; a new class devoted to trying out oil paints, acrylics, and learn about brushes, surfaces, mediums and color charts; study of human and animal anatomy with Dwayne Harty; Tammy Callens will teach a portrait workshop; Meredith Campbell will teach botanicals. And, there will be day-long printmaking workshops!

Who Am I? Portraits of Our Community remains on display at the Center for the Arts until January 2, 2012. The show includes work by several Portrait Drawing Class student artists. Check it out!  www.artassociation.org


Check out the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Tumblr Blog post for December 20th, and read a little bit about one of the Museum’s most powerful works: Ron Kingswood’s large-scale oil painting “Thou Shall Not Reap the Corners of Thy Field.” Its title “reminds tillers of the fields to leave “a sheaf” behind, so that those less fortunate may be nourished. Here, Kingswood is thinking of wildlife’s winter challenges.” Blue magic.

“A sure sign that art enthusiasts are still looking to invest in quality works of art, we are pleased to report that the 2011 Jackson Hole Art Auction resulted in a record breaking sale in its fifth year,” says Auction Coordinator Lucy Grogan. “The auction held on Saturday, September 15, 2011, realized $9.5 million in sales with over 90% of the 250 lots offered selling well into and above their estimates.”

The auction is currently accepting consignments for next year’s auction, to be held Saturday, September 15,2012. To learn more about consigning to the J.H. Art Auction (an auction of past and present Masters of the American West), phone  866-549-9278, or visit www.jacksonholeartauction.com. Everyone is also welcome to stop by the auction office, upstairs in Trailside Galleries at 130 East Broadway in Jackson.