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Hats Off! It’s “Whodunnit” Number 10!

I know Whodunnit!

What’s so special and enduring about the Art Association’s annual “Whodunnit?” fundraiser? One participating artist, Borbay, immediately piped up with his take on the exhibition:

“Despite being a full-time artist in Manhattan for seven years, I never established a meaningful relationship with an art organization. That changed completely when I moved to Victor, connected with Shari Brownfield, Todd Hanna, Chas Marsh, Mark Nowlin and The Art Association of Jackson Hole. They hosted my first show out West in the Summer of 2016, and since, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact they have made on our community. When the wonderful Jill Callahan mentioned the Whodunnit show, I was happy to contribute. I’m excited to see who ends up with my piece, and, from what I’ve heard, it’s one helluva party!”

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Jackson Hole Community School Art


The Jackson Hole Community School auctions off artwork by students and local artists this Friday, March 20, 6-8 p.m.  All proceeds benefit the Teton Literacy Program and the JHCS Scholarship Fund. The two organizations “won” the proceeds via a student vote.   JHCS is located at 1715 High School Road.   For information, contact Robin Ackerman at 307.733.5427 ext. 150.   Or, email rackerman@jhcommunityschool.org.