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Borbay Ski Barre Pop-Up! ; A.A. Teams Up with Teton Photo Group

Borbay with “Carlos Danger.” He’s not cold, he’s cool.

Picture this: An art event at a dance and fitness studio on the West Bank, featuring a young artist who discovered Jackson Hole when a patron flew him out here, flipped the young artist’s heart over enough times that he pulled up his Manhattan stakes and moved to these here hills.

Teton hills, that is. Real mountains. Rockies. Snow.

These mountains swing! And that explains how our young art hero, Borbay, is mounting his own pop-up art show and party at the swank Ski Barre on the West Bank, in Wilson, Wyoming, on March 4th, 7-9:00 pm. 

On his very own blog, Borbay weaves the tale:

“It began as… the sun was setting behind the Teton Mountains. A late summer chill descended upon the crowd, patiently witnessing a gentleman exhume, skin and dismember a lamb.  Soon, the performance became a barbecue. Huddling around a large fire spit, I turned to my left, extended a hand and introduced myself to David and Michelle Quinn. We discussed art, life and promised to continue the conversation over dinner. As our friendship blossomed, our circle expanded to include Avi Kantor, David’s partner, and Rachel Kantor, the owner of Ski Barre. On a freezing night in Victor, Idaho — we decided to collaborate on something special — a happening of our own. And so…

Borbay, “Old Town Bar”

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Bike to Art & Free Burgers; Oka Doner’s Earth, Fire, Air, Water at Art Association

June 14th, 2012, on a Thursday afternoon, Jackson Hole Public Art hosts “Bike In” celebrations for two community-painted underpass mural projects: the Garaman and N. Hwy. 89 pathway underpasses. The celebration is timed for ‘after work,’ and the first 50 cyclists to zip through get free burgers! I assume these are good old  classic cow burgers—but they may be turkey burgers, or tofu, or elk, or bison burgers! And I don’t know if you get cheese with that, or onions, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, chips on the side….It’s a free burger, folks!  Just go with it!  The murals were painted by local artists Mike Tierney (scheduled to speak at this week’s Culture Front Cocktail Hour discussion at the Rose, a Culture Front event production!) and Abby Paffrath. 80 kids also worked on these murals, and I believe some other local artists may have been initially involved.

Here’s how the evening will go:

5:30 PM – Visit/show up/bike to the Garaman Underpass. These murals are “symbols of hope and inspiration and represent solutions to today’s challenges,” says JH Public Art. Then….

6:30 PM – Meet and park at the Center for the Arts: ride in on the North Highway 89 Pathway to the pedestrian gateway to the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Then….

7:00 PM – North Highway 89 Underpass: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to mark the completion of Don Rambadt’s public artworks titled, “Aspen Gateway, Sky Play and Communities.”  Then….

7:30 PM – National Museum of Wildlife Art: Celebrate the unveiling of sculptor Sandy Scott’s “Presidential Eagle.”  That’s the end of your ride, and at the end riders will be treated to the sounds of live music with Screen Door Porch, Rising Sage Café goodies,….and that’s where the free burgers come in!    www.jhpublicart.org


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