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Well Done, “Wallpaper!”; Sanders and McCauley at Altamira-Scottsdale

Art by Travis Walker

After a long winter’s lull, Spring is around the corner. If you can’t feel it in the air, you can feel it in Jackson’s art scene. In the past two weeks, art happenings popped up like crocus in 50- degree weather!

Teton Art Lab’s “Wallpaper” show was extraordinary. The Lab’s combination gallery-and-artists’ work space packed up like sardines for the show, and by the time I arrived at least two-thirds of the art had sold.

You might as well call it “The Red Dot Show.”

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Rapturous Raptor Art; Winter Yearnings

Boreal Owl III 10 x 8" oil on gessoboard - L. C. Riddell

Support in kind; a new kind.

Jackson painter Lee Carlman Riddell is fascinated with birds; she’s been painting her signature hummingbird paintings for some time, and more recently began showing her paintings of owls. Carlman, long a close observer and protector of wildlife, transmits her feelings about her subjects tenderly and distinctly. She knows a creature’s anatomy, spirit and biology. Now, a favorite subject and a cause dear to the artist’s heart have merged in an exhibit of Carlman’s paintings of Boreal Owls at Wilson, Wyoming’s Teton Raptor Center.

“Years ago Roger Smith and Margaret Creel Smith cared for injured raptors in their back yard, and Ed (Riddell) and I helped them check around for frozen mice to keep the birds fed,” says the artist.

Roger Smith went on to rehabilitate injured birds of prey at Three Creek Ranch; he phoned the Riddells, inviting them to come see the two Boreals he planned on releasing. Smith had been nursing the birds back to health since they’d fallen from their downed aspen tree nest as small chicks. Lee sketched, while Ed photographed the birds. Now, Lee Riddell’s early drawings have inspired paintings of the owls. The paintings are for sale, and half of sale proceeds benefit the Raptor Center.

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