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“This pairing, RMPAP and the GTA, is so special to me. Grand Teton National Park is a monument to the majesty and fragility of the natural world. Getting to capture that beauty with other artists I admire and respect, all for the benefit of the park I love – what an honor and a treat!”  – Jennifer Hoffman

So many lovers of plein air painting, artists, fans and the very fine representatives of Grand Teton National Park and the Grand Teton Association (GTA) have been looking forward to this: The Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters (RMPAP) return to Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) this month to present “Plein Air for the Park 2013: National Paint Out & Show.”  July 8-21, 2013, over 40 of the country’s most distinguished, recognized plein air painters gather in GTNP and the Jackson Hole area to execute countless free plein air demonstrations, a Quick Draw at Menor’s Ferry, and put on a highly anticipated  three-day “wet painting” show and sale at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitors Center in Moose, Wyoming.

Kathryn Turner - "Morning at the Oxbow"

Kathryn Turner – “Morning at the Oxbow”

Participating Jackson Hole artists include “poster artist” Erin C. O’Connor (it is her portrayal of Mt. Moran gracing RMPAP promotional materials), Kathryn Mapes Turner, Jennifer L. Hoffman and Bill Sawczuck. Each RMPAP artist will create myriad new plein air works; selected paintings will be exhibited and offered for sale in the Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor’s Center (CTDC) beginning July 15th. This year’s Show & Sale Opening Reception takes place at CTDC on Thursday, July 18th, beginning at 7:00 pm. Awards will be presented by this year’s judge, Chris Moran. As they did last year, 40% of proceeds benefit GTA, supporting that organization’s educational, interpretive and scientific programs. 

“This exhibition is celebrating Grand Teton National Park through art. Plein air painting captures the spirit of a place at a moment in time,” says Turner. “The Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters are a committed, highly skilled group of artists who work hard to bring the essence of this valley to light. The result is a stunning show that benefits the Park and all who love it.”

Bill Davidson - "Rocky Mountains."

Bill Davidson – “Rocky Mountains.”

Last year’s event, a spectacular success, raised significant funds for GTA, introduced new artists to the GTNP region, and introduced plein air collectors to new artists. The extended residency also underlines each artist’s great talent; the number of new, exquisite works depicting this region’s beauty were astounding. All RMPAP events are free, and open to the public, including July 18th’s opening reception!  The setting couldn’t be better, spirits could not be higher, and the party—which includes participating artists—is charged with excitement!  Oh, and then there’s the fine food and drink…An announcement of awards begins at 7:45 pm.

The late, great plein air artist Greg McHuron, who was a member of RMPAP, passed away last year. His contribution to plein air painting in this region cannot be over-estimated. July 18th’s sale and celebration will include a tribute to McHuron, and a special space will be dedicated to the man and his work. It is bittersweet, says RMPAP President Stephen C. Datz, that this is the first time McHuron won’t be with his colleagues and friends in the field. Giving back to the Park is a wonderfully appropriate way to honor McHuron’s life and principles.

Greg McHuron

Greg McHuron

“It is always a pleasure to return to Grand Teton National Park. It is a painter’s paradise, and we have enjoyed a warm welcome from the Grand Teton Association, the Park, and the community. I am really looking forward to seeing what our artists come up with this year,” says Datz.” “Though the Park’s grandeur is obviously appealing, I think many of us will also be exploring it a little more deeply, attempting to bring its subtler charms to life in our work. I anticipate a very exciting show.”

Stephen C. Datz - "Greeting the Dawn"

Stephen C. Datz – “Greeting the Dawn”

A great number of RMPAP events take place between July 8th and July 21st. They are:

Saturday, July 13th, RMPAP joins the Grand Teton Association’s “Artists in the Environment” program for a 3-hour painting demonstration at Oxbow Bend, GTNP. Times are 2:00-5:00 pm. Participating artists are RMPAP President Stephen C. Datz, Kathryn Mapes Turner and Jeanne MacKenzie. The artists will also conduct an informal Q&A session during their demonstration. Look for the “Artists Demonstration” banner!

A Quick Draw takes place Saturday, July 20, beginning at 9:00 am, at Menor’s Ferry in GTNP. The public is invited to watch paintings being created start-to-finish and may purchase paintings at the Quick Draw fixed-price sale immediately following, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Jeanne MacKenzie - Menor's Ferry

Jeanne MacKenzie – Menor’s Ferry

Scheduled artists demonstrations take place July 13th to July 19th. A full listing of those demonstrations may be found here. Artists will be painting at Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake Lodge, Oxbow Bend, Taggart Lake, the Jackson Hole Visitor’s Center and the CTDC. Throughout their visit, RMPAP artists may also be spotted just about anywhere in GTNP, so keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, July 15th, paintings will be available to preview at the Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitors Center. Works are available for sale beginning July 15th; the Opening Gala & Reception takes place at the Visitors Center on Thursday, July 18th, beginning at 7:00 pm. The show remains up through July 21st, when the event comes to a close.

David Schwindt - "Tetons and Sage"

David Schwindt – “Tetons and Sage”

Datz points out that the term “plein air” derives from the French “en plein air,” which translates as “in open air.” Our current usage of the term originated with the Impressionists, he notes, though the technique traces its origins back to the seventeenth century.

“In their quest to capture the effects of outdoor light and seasonal weather, the Impressionists insisted that only through careful observation coupled with working on location, in the moment they were observing, could they hope to accurately render effects of light and weather,” says Datz. “This ideal remains the central premise of plein air painting. Just working out of doors is not enough – observation is the key element of the plein air method. Artists must experience their subject directly – the information they translate into their painting comes in real time, with no intervening or distorting implements. It is a discipline firmly rooted in seeing and hearing, breathing the air, feeling the weather, and channeling all those immediate sensations to the canvas. The best plein air works show us more than just the visual truth and beauty of a place – they give us a sense of what it felt like being there in the moment.”

A full list of participating artists is available at Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painter’s website:

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Image by Taylor Glenn

Image by Taylor Glenn

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

On Sunday, May 12th, National Geographic photographer Wade Davis makes an appearance at Jackson’s first annual Mountain Story Festival, courtesy of the Murie Center. There’s no getting away from the fact that climbing treacherous, challenging peaks here—and anywhere in the world—is a huge part of our culture. Climbers take in the outdoors in a mind-bending way. The closest I’ve come to being that high, with a few thousand feet between me and flat ground is the year I skydived, on a dare, at college. I’d do that again before I’d climb the Grand or any other giant, jagged, craggy mountain!

Others have infinitely more guts. These extreme personalities can’t keep themselves from climbing; they climb in their sleep. Which is why Davis’ talk on his new book “Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest” should be packed. Mothers, be warned! Content may be nerve racking!  7:00 pm start, Pink Garter Theater, downtown Jackson.

Wednesday, May 15th, the Murie Center’s Mardy’s Conservation Collection Book Club meets to discuss the Murie’s book, Wapiti Wilderness.

“In this autobiographical tale…Olaus and Mardy describe their life together, raising a family in the mountainous wilderness of the Tetons, while Olaus worked for the U.S. Bureau of Biological Survey,” says the Center. The gathering takes place at the the Murie’s original home, Murie Ranch, in Moose, WY, at 6:30 pm. Lively discussion, reflection and inspiration are a promise.

Tammy Callens, AIE 2012

The Grand Teton Association (GTA) has announced its line-up of plein air artists for this summer’s “Artists in the Environment”  (AIE) series, taking place the second Saturday of every month, June – September, in Grand Teton National Park(GTNP). Each of those weekends, regional plein air painters provide free painting demonstrations at locations throughout GTNP.  Founded by the late, great plein air artists Greg McHuron and Conrad Schwiering, the program has offered countless visitors and art lovers a free chance to see artists capturing the beauty surrounding us.

I have a personal passion for this program~~I believe the history of plein air painting in this valley, and in the Greater Yellowstone Region, is one of America’s most important art history stories. Its tradition is unbreakable; the artists’ bonds are like steel.

For fifty years, the GTA has celebrated GTNP via the arts. All proceeds realized by the GTA serve to broaden education, research and interpretation of GTNP.

Times and locations are TBA, but participating artists for 2013 are:  Dwayne Harty – June 15th;  Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters & Co., – July 13th; Wendell Field – August 10th;  and Fred Kingwill – September 14th.  More on all these artists as summer progresses!

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PAftP logo 180dpi RGB v2013.4 blue

Cross my heart and can’t wait to do it again, one of the great highlights of my 2012 arts summer was the culmination of the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters’ (RMPAP) “Plein Air for the Park” National Paint-Out & Show. Last July, approximately 40 plein air artists converged in Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) and the Jackson Hole area, painting their hearts out for two weeks.  All paintings completed were exhibited and sold in a three-day event at GTNP’s Craig Thomas Discovery Center (CTDC), in Moose, Wyoming.


The place was PACKED. And there are those who missed last year’s event still notifying me they wish they’d been there. Recently, a senior Park employee confided to me that the Park, as a collective, loved the event. It all went off so beautifully that RMPAP is returning this summer, July 8 – 21st, 2013. The event benefits GTNP and is hosted by the Park and the Grand Teton Association (GTA). This year’s opening reception, at the CTDC, takes place Thursday, July 18th, beginning at 7pm.  Awards will be presented at 7:45 by this year’s Judge, Chris Moran. 

A Quick Draw takes place Saturday, July 20th, beginning at 9:00am, at Menor’s Ferry in GTNP. The public can watch paintings being created from start to finish; they then may purchase paintings right off the easel at the fixed-price sale immediately following, 11am – 12 noon. Approximately 44 professional, recognized artists will participate in this, RMPAP’s 12th Annual National Show. 

The GTA began collecting works of art on behalf of the Park over 50 years ago; the collection has become a valuable part of GTNP’s legacy. Last year, two works were purchased by GTA for the Park’s permanent collection; two more were purchased by patrons and donated to the Park. AND, last year’s event raised close to $21,000 for GTA!

“It is a thrill and a pleasure to be back in GTNP and working with Grand Teton Association again this year,” says RMPAP President (and participating artist) Stephen C. Datz. “We welcome the opportunity to continue the artistic tradition at the Park, expand public awareness and appreciation of plein-air painting, and in so doing benefit the exceptional efforts of the GTA on behalf of the Park.”


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Imagine this: Heading out into Jackson Hole, one of the most beautiful places on earth, with two of Jackson’s most noted photographers, for a workshop. You’d assume you’d need to be super adept at photography, yes? Well, you needn’t be super adept. You can be a beginner, and sign up for a 4-day fall photography workshop with two of Jackson’s veteran photographers, Ed Riddell and Jon Stuart.

“Chasing the Light” doesn’t require sophisticated photographic skills, but there is a maximum number of 16 students, allowing for a higher-quality experience. “Chasing the Light” takes advantage of our region’s special fall light, running Thursday, September 27 – Sunday, September 30, 2012. There is an option to add an extra day, October 1st, if you’d like to continue with a printing and image manipulation session with Riddell. The small student number assures learning a variety of approaches to different subject matter alongside two photographers with very different ways of “seeing the light.”

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"Jackson Lake Mirror" 20 x 48 " Oil Greg McHuron


“PLEIN AIR FOR THE PARK” the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters (RMPAP) 11th Annual National Paint-Out and Exhibition, takes place July 1 – 15, 2012 in Grand Teton National Park (GTNP). The two-week paint out brings together 44 professional artists from around the country, an event that is the first of its kind at GTNP. Beginning July 1st, participating artists (including several Jackson-based painters) will paint in GTNP and the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area. Artists will also conduct painting demonstrations daily at the Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitors Center (CTDVC) and the Jackson Lake Lodge’s Grand Room Deck, beginning July 7th and continuing through July 11th. Times are 9-11 AM and 4-6 PM, with the exception of Sunday, July 15th, when only a morning demonstration is planned.

"First Light on Mt. Moran," 8x10" Oil - S.C. Datz

Celebrating the Grand Teton Association’s 75th Anniversary and GTNP’s rich tradition of landscape painting, the event is a fundraiser to benefit GTNP. In addition to multiple opportunities to watch plein air artists in action as they work on paintings start to finish, “Plein Air for the Park” will hold a Quick Draw on Thursday, July 12th, at CTDVC, 4-6:00 pm–beneath a Tetons late afternoon summer sky.  Free and open to the public, the Quick Draw will feature 32 of the event artists completing a painting, start-to-finish, in two hours. Quick Draw works will be for sale at the event, at full, fixed retail prices. At artists’ discretion, works may be included in the exhibition and sale taking place at CTDVC July 13th – 15th.

All “Plein Air for the Park” events and demonstrations are free and open to the public. 

The RMPAP exhibition will be displayed in the CTDVC’s extensive gallery space, home to the Park’s permanent art collection. On Friday, July 13th, a Gala Opening Reception and Sale takes place at CTDVC,  7:00 – 9:00 pm, with presentations of artist awards at 7:45 pm. Three new works from each participant, created during the event’s two weeks, will be displayed. Several awards will be given, with two of the award-winning paintings becoming part of GTNP’s permanent collection. 40% of the proceeds from the sale of works at the show will benefit Grand Teton National park through GTA, the Park’s supporter and provider of Park-related educational, interpretive and scientific materials and programs. Stephanie Brennan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees & Officers at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, is this year’s judge. Participating Jackson artists include Jennifer HoffmanErin O’Connor, Kathryn Mapes Turner and Lee Riddell. RMPAP’s exhibition concludes Sunday, July 15th, at 4:00 pm.

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