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Get Your Art Up and OUT; Cayuse’s Centennial

Borbay and Friend

Borbay and Friend

What percentage of artists working in Jackson Hole have pierced their immediate circle of collectors and taken their art to a new level? Branding happens when you’ve “arrived,” and nobody is a brand before that leap. Jackson’s art market is one of the strongest in the nation, recognized primarily for its historical and contemporary Western Art.

What if you’re not a native Westerner? What if you’ve moved here looking for answers, searching for a supportive venue? Perhaps you’ve been here forever, respected and recognized. Still, the art world at large doesn’t quite know it, and you’re not a household name. You’re selling, but you want to sell more. No sugar daddies (or mommies) around, no private plane connections, no trust fund….Maybe you’re shy.

 Just as an improved diet and better sleep will elevate health… so too can artists empower themselves by embracing necessary entrepreneurial techniques. Competition between artists for collectors is unnecessary. ~ Borbay

Borbay and Friends to the resue!

On Friday, July 29th, 1:30 – 3:00 pm at the Art Association’s Gallery, Borbay, Ben Roth and Claudia Bueno will talk on the topic “How to Get Your Work Beyond Jackson Hole.” The session is free. Heck, I wish I could be there!


Claudia Bueno

Claudia Bueno

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Dance, Fold, Envision; Watercolors & Plein Air

Gallim Dance photo by Eric Berey

Gallim Dance photo by Eric Berey

Visual artists, poets and dance enthusiasts:  Gallim Dance will be in residence at Dancers’ Workshop June 16 – July 6th, 2013. And they’re doing this project….

Poetry and visual artists are invited to attend open rehearsals and create work that responds to what you see and hear. Gallim Dance is thrilled to partner with founding commissioner Montclair State University’s Peak Performances Series and Dancers’ Workshop on the creation and premiere of a new work, “Fold Here.”

“Inspired by Raymond Carver’s short story Cathedral,” says DW, “in which the narrator describes a cathedral to a blind man by drawing it while holding the man’s hand, “Fold Here” researches the perceptive possibilities and challenges of getting to know what exists outside and within us.”

Dancers' Workshop's Babs Case

Dancers’ Workshop’s Babs Case

There is a long calendar of workshops and collaborations associated with this extended residency…..visual collaborations are led by Babs Case, Mark Nowlin, Bronwyn Minton and Tom Woodhouse. Poetry projects have Matt Daly as chief inspirer. Artists have six months to create and finish works; these will be juried and exhibited in a show at the Center for the Arts early next year, when Gallim returns to Jackson to perform their finished dance concert. Selected artists will receive honorariums.

The only stipulation is that you use cardboard in some way. Fold that!  To get the full scoop, contact DW at (307) 733-6398.  www.dwjh.org

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Fluids & Solids; Creative Arts Capital


April 26, 5:30 – 7:30 pm, the Art Association presents two shows: Fluid Watercolor in Jackson Hole and Clay In Your Face. Works will be on exhibition in the Art Association’s gallery and Theater spaces. Watercolors and ceramic works by a bevy of well-known Art Association-affiliated artists should be plentiful, as at least 50 names appear in related press materials. Refreshments at the opening, mais oui!

By the way, next time you visit Jackson’s Center for the Arts, check out the free arts-related publications and flyers behind the visitor’s information desk. There’s a wonderful revolving selection of materials available. The National Endowment for the Humanities pamphlet lists NEH programs for school and college educators taking place all over the country, and there are several I’d LOVE to be able to take!   www.artassociation.org 


The competition is of the highest caliber, and arts writers grantees approach contemporary art in the most innovative ways. If arts writers are innovative and relevant enough, they may receive grant monies from The Creative Capital|Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 15, 2013. Andy may not be with us, but his mojo is.

A sign of the times: The Foundation notes that “Due to legal constraints we can only fund U.S. citizens, permanent residents of the United States, and holders of O-1 visas.” 

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“Northwest Contemporary” Links Regional Artists; Life Classes

Garth_Claassen-ContendingBorders_GHC2011“Art is knowledge at the service of emotion.” ~ José Clemente Orozco

“Northwest Contemporary,” curated by the Nicolaysen Art Museum’s Lisa Hatchadoorian, the Missoula Art Museum’s Stephen Glueckert, the Aspen Art Museum’s Jacob Proctor and the Boise Art Museum’s Sandy Hawthorn, opens at the Art Association of Jackson Hole on Friday, March 22nd, 5:30 – 7:30 pm. This opening reception is free; the show remains on display through April 21st.

Local artists Suzanne Morlock (“Free Fall,” below) and large-scale installation artist Abbie Miller have, according to the Art Association’s Thomas Macker, transformed the gallery space into ” re-contextualized environments of form and tactile texture.”  All textures are tactile, but these are undoubtedly very enticing to the touch.

And, testifies Macker,  your body will “re-map” as you move through this show. The work “allows you to feel weightless as your eye glides through serpentine forms in a white cube cage.”

Go WITH your eyes, don’t let them wander off by themselves!

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Cultivating Wyoming Artists, Like SFMOMA?

“What might it do for Wyoming to have a museum, foundation, or arts council that cultivated our artists the way SFMOMA does for those of the Bay Area? We have amazing artists hiding out all over the state, and their work goes uncelebrated, their potential undeveloped.” ~ Wyoming Artist

“I need to be SECA seen!” ~ Ben Roth

Ben Roth Being Seen

I appreciated Janet Bishops’s enthusiasm and and strong contentions regarding what SFMOMA does for artists in her town. An academic, she was down to earth and eager. Several exceptionally good questions were asked, and Bishop’s hour-long, Art Association January 25th talk was a phenomenal information opportunity. Yes, she had programs to promote, and she made it clear she was not here to cultivate Jackson artists. That is more than okay, and who knows? Some years from now a Jackson artist could be exhibiting at SFMOMA.

“We think of SFMOMA as having a local, national and international focus. So we’re interested in work from all over the world for audiences in San Francisco to see, but I feel like as a curator I have a very different commitment to emerging art being made there than I would emerging art being made anywhere else. One of the greatest aspects of living there is that it’s a tremendously creative place and to be able to offer opportunities for young artists who are part of the cultural life in our region has happened in all kinds of different ways,” said Bishop.

Bishop was especially proud of one of the museum’s major programs, The Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art, or SECA. It’s a model Wyoming may consider emulating.  My only caveat would be that this program not only seek out undiscovered “contemporary” or “modern” artists—but that it search for artists working in all traditions.

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