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Painting to Listen; John Potter’s Dream

John Potter “Walking Tall in the Beartooths,” Oil 7×10″

“Painting for me is a form of communication with our Creator, and of gratitude as well; for the life and beauty brought forth on this Earth, especially in our remaining wild places. Because of this, I feel a sense of responsibility for the privilege of painting, for the gift of the craft. Many painters are out there trying to be heard – I paint to listen.” – John Potter

Stay tuned, please, for this important message.

Plein air painter John Potter doesn’t reside in Jackson Holehe’s a Montana man and an Ojibwe. But his presence here is strong. He has many deep friendships, and though he doesn’t like to be the center of attention, his clear spirit, gorgeous paintings, humor, consideration, and deep connection to Nature often make him so. He dedicates his life to celebrating the land and what it provides.

Unfortunately, all too often Nature’s voice falls on deaf ears, even when calling out to us with all its majestic power. We urgently need to practice listening. We need to hear those who Nature has chosen to pass on its messages, and messages often appear as dreams.

Recently, Potter had an apocolyptic dream; a nightmare. He’s graciously given permission to share it with you. Potter’s dream is Mother Earth (She is simply the mother; there is nothing separate from her. All things come from her, return to her, and are her.- Encyclopedia Britannica) calling us to bear witness.

Miigwetch, John.

John Potter, “Walking Among Giants.” Oil 14×48″

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Galleries West New Beginnings; Fantl Makes Good

download-2Galleries West’s group show, “New Beginnings,” opens in their newly regrouped space on June 18th, remains on exhibit through July 2, and will toast new works with a reception on Thursday, June 18, 5-8 p.m. All gallery artists will participate in this summer’s show, a collection designed to remind us of art’s healing powers.

Participating artists include Michael Calles, Kim Casebeer, Mary Ann Cherry, Kate Ferguson, Gaylene Fortner, Jim Gilmore, Judy Hartke, Jennifer L. Hoffman, Dinah Jasensky, Pat Jeffers, Bonnie Latham, Karen Latham, Rebecca Latham, D. Lee, Karol Mack, Lori McNee, Erin C. O’Connor, Marilyn Paine, John Potter, Marilyn Salomon, Debbie Edgers Sturges, Hubert Wackermann, & Bart Walker.

I have a place in my heart for Jen Hoffman’s work. Hoffman’s Pennsylvania download-1childhood, enveloped in pastel lights and gentle countryside, informs her compositions.   She’s worked and studied with landscape painter Scott Christensen, and though her bio tells us she’s spent years around the arts, she’s been painting full time only a few years.   I believe Hoffman is one of our most accomplished plein air artists, and I know people who, after first being exposed to her lyrical canvases, think about Hoffman’s paintings for years.

And who doesn’t admire John Potter’s intimate connection with the Earth?  getimage-1He’s telling the holy with every stroke.  (Here, Sleeping Indian is born.)   He says, “When I step outside to paint, my intent is to orchestrate a moment of light, color, and my own emotional responses to those subjects on canvas. My hope is that the viewer will see the natural world through my eyes and gain an appreciation for the quiet dignity that I find in the wild – perhaps even feel that sence of awe and gratitude as well – and hopefully, then, share a desire to help preserve this Earth that belongs to us all.”~

justin_fantl_2Justin Fantl, a past colleague of mine, seems to be making it big in California’s photography scene.  Fantl shot for Planet Jackson Hole, and took off a few years back to enter a San Francisco graduate program in photography.  It’s paying off.  Feature Shoot reports that  “Justin strives to create images that are metaphoric and lasting whether the images are of a sterile hallway or a dinosaur egg….His work has been featured in Communication Arts and Photo District News and [he] is a regular contributor to Gallery Stock. His clients include Fortune, Lucky, CBS Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and Technology Review.