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Tammy Callens, "Bert."  Oil, 20" x 18"

Tammy Callens, “Bert.” Oil, 20″ x 18″

Last summer artist Tammy Callens and I went to visit Bert Raynes. I’d posted an image of Bert on Facebook. Bert, a distinctive bird, caught Callens’ eye. Callens paints portraits, and minutes after spying Bert on my Facebook page she contacted me to find out who this extraordinary man might be.

Callens wanted to paint Bert’s portrait.

“Brilliant,” I thought. Why hadn’t I come up with this? Callens and Bert had never met, but as soon as she expressed interest, my mind leapt at the possibilities. Of all Jackson’s special citizens, who was more deserving of a Callens portrait? Nobody. A “Bert” portrait might raise excellent funds for his beloved non-profit, The Meg and Bert Raynes Foundation.

A year later Callens’ portrait is complete. It’s a stunner. And it’s up for sale as of Friday, June 26th, at Mountain Trails Gallery in Jackson. An opening reception takes place Saturday, June 27th, 4-6:00 pm at the gallery. Callens is donating a significant portion of “Bert” sales proceeds to his foundation. The exhibition, entitled “Soliloquy,” remains on display through July 2nd. 

“The sad thing is, it looks like me,” says Raynes.

Boy, does it. Witty self-deprecation is pure Bert. In fact, he couldn’t be more thrilled. Callens’ spot-on portrait captures Bert as he was the day they met~~handsome in his signature red sweater and suspenders, Bert posed for Callens. Within minutes she’d sketched a lively impression and began playing with color.

“I love painting Bert as he was exactly on the day we met,” Callens recalls. “His life, compassion, knowledge and contributions extend far beyond those of most folks; most of us can’t imagine doing a fraction of his work. I felt his energy immediately and fell completely in love.”

Tammy Callens. "Foghorn Leghorn," Oil.  8 "X 14" Oil

Tammy Callens. “Foghorn Leghorn,” Oil.
8 “X 14″

Callens’ portrait depicts Bert surrounded with jars, bowls and bottles; symbols of a wellness campaign. Birds, Bert’s life’s work and extended family, are present too. Most importantly, the painting IS Bert. Any “F.O.B.,” (Friend of Bert) sees this immediately. When we’re with Bert, intelligence and sparky conversation are impressed upon us. We learn. He listens. We have a democratic, lifetime experience.

Want to be an F.O.B.? Make a beeline for Mountain Trails Gallery. Get there first. Be the “Bert” buyer. Be the first Jackson Hole “nature mapping” citizen to contribute to Bert’s foundation. Be the first person, as far as I know, to support a worthy cause by bringing home a portrait of a most distinguished bird. ,




Amy Ringholz's "Dreamers Don't Sleep"

Heads up! The Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival (FAF) will be here before you know it!  A smorgasbord  of  Jackson & Western-style representational, contemporary, landscape, wildlife and Native American arts—-not to mention all the food—-this 28th year of Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival-ing promises to be as jam packed as ever. Festival dates are September 6 – 16, 2012. The Festival’s official “opener” event, Palates & Palettes, a gallery walk supremo, happens September 7th; tours of Jackson Hole Historic Ranches roll out September 8th (I discovered the entrance to Bill Schenck’s former home, way up in the Park, a week or so ago—that was fun! He moved, so don’t go lookin’); and Taste of the Tetons,the event that turns Jackson’s Town Square into one giant gourmet restaurant, happens September 9th. The Western Design Conference, September 6-9th, offers great exhibits, sales, a fashion show (girls, let’s keep our pants on this year, okay?) and more.

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Trio Fine Art is transitioning, evolving.

September Vhay, an original founder of Trio Fine Art, has announced she will be leaving that gallery and joining Jackson’s Altamira Fine Art, effective May 3, 2012. At that time, Trio Fine Art will welcome Jackson-based painter Bill Sawczuk as that gallery’s new partner.

Focusing on painting while simultaneously running a gallery is more than a full time job, and after six successful years at Trio, Vhay says she “has come to a place in her life where she feels that her time is best spent painting.”

“Running Trio Fine Art has been an incredibly rewarding experience in regards to having the opportunity to work with, and create art alongside, the talent of Kathryn Turner, Molly Hirschfield, Lee Riddell, and Jennifer Hoffman,” says Vhay, who is known for her distinct renderings of horses and wildlife. “Trio also provided the unique experience for an artist to connect with collectors and witness the public enjoying the work first hand. Artists become attached to their paintings, and there is a certain solace in knowing where they go. I am proud of what the gallery has become and would like to extend a huge amount of gratitude to my amazing business partners, collectors, family and friends for their unwavering support. Neither Trio Fine Art nor my career would be where they are without it.”

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I hope Spring Break is being good to everyone here in Jackson Hole!

As noted in a previous post, this summer Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) plays host to the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters (RMPAP); the nationally acclaimed group arrives in the Park to paint July 1 – 12th. July 13-15, a fine art show and sale, benefitting GTNP, will be held at the Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitors Center in Moose, Wyoming. A gala opening reception takes place there on Friday, July 13, at 7:00 pm. Thursday, July 12, artists will participate in a Quick Draw, 4:00 – 6:00 pm.  Please note: Quick Draw paintings will be included for sale in the show at the artist’s discretion. There will NOT be a sale or silent auction following the Quick Draw. The show concludes Sunday, July 15th, at 4:00 pm. 

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Trio Fine Art’s next group exhibition, Flight, opens at the gallery on Thursday, December 8, 2011. An opening reception takes place 5-8:00 pm, and a percentage of all sales benefit the Teton Raptor Center, and Center director Roger Smith promises to bring along a raptor resident.

It’s the Trio artists’ affinity for birds that inspired the show. Trio’s four artists —Jennifer L. Hoffman, Lee Carlman Riddell, Kathryn Mapes Turner and September Vhay—all have lofty aspirations and feelings for good things that take wing.

“My love of birds,” says Riddell, “came from my parents. Dad planted the flowers that attracted the birds to our yard, and Mom taught me to recognize the bird’s songs. Recently a Calliope hummingbird nested outside my studio window and I was able to draw and paint the mother and two chicks.” It was a formative experience for Riddell. She adds that she and her husband Ed Riddell made contributions towards helping to rehabilitate injured raptors; the money paid for lots of frozen mice. The Raptor Center is one of Jackson’s great treasures, says Lee Riddell.

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