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NEW Jackson Hole Art Blog Website!

John Potter, “Walking Among Giants.” Oil 14×48″

THE JACKSON HOLE ART BLOG HAS A NEW ADDRESS!  PLEASE VISIT WWW.JACKSONHOLEARTBLOG.COM . I hope you enjoy our dynamic new site! Many thanks to Crystal Creek Consulting for their great new Jackson Hole Art Blog web page design!  

See you at the NEW Jackson Hole Art Blog!  ~~Tammy

Todd Kosharek’s Utopia

Todd Kosharek Utopian Vision - The Peach Blossom Spring Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 36 inches

Todd Kosharek, Utopian Vision – The Peach Blossom Spring – Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 36 inches

“As I get older, I see looking to the future, both as a society and as individuals, as an act of seeking the Utopians that exist in our romanticized memories of the past. Memory is both the greatest blessing and the greatest curse. The line between the difference is what I am so drawn to explore, to understand.”- Todd Kosharek

“Utopian Vision – The Peach Blossom Spring,” encapsulates artist Todd Kosharek’s view of the world. Utopia was an island said to be an intentional place of community, an ideal society. Kosharek’s painting “Peach Blossom” depicts what is thought to be the first sighting of Utopia.

The painting’s story concerns a fisherman who comes upon a society living in perfect harmony. The fisherman stays for one week, then departs to his former life. When he tries to return to Utopia, he perishes.

Todd Kosharek Neautrality Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 24 inches

Todd Kosharek, Neautrality, Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 24 inches

TODD KOSHAREK | UTOPIAN VISION: THE HISTORY PROJECT, opens at Altamira Fine Art on October 3rd, runs through October 15th, and hosts an artist’s reception at Altamira on October 6, 5-8:00 pm in Jackson, Wyoming. A dance, themed to the exhibit, will be performed by Kosharek’s wife, Kate Kosharek.

Now a father of two, Kosharek’s growth as an artist is evident. That happens with parenthood, but in Kosharek’s case it’s really not a surprise; he began his own life journey~~or at least his visible Jackson Hole life journey~~on a higher plane. His perceptions of people, the way we live, his committment to truth and clear, balanced vision seem far above average.

Saturated in art history, Kosharek’s contemporary paintings have developed a highly focused and meditative style. He’s as meticulous and balanced in his artwork as poets are when  constructing great poetry.

Todd Kosharek Love Letter - Peace Within Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 20 inches

Todd Kosharek, Love Letter – Peace Within, Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 20 inches

“I went seeking poetic verses on peace through (sic) and acceptance of love. I looked at Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Cummings….Then I re-read letters from my wife. “Love Letter” is the first one I ever received, 13 years ago. She wrote about a great peace within [regarding our] whole situation, the admitting of vulnerability toward another person. I thought this was a perfect summary of love: having a sense of peace to the unknown,” writes Kosharek.

This exhibition focuses on Kosharek’s ongoing Crane Series, and a sample of his landscape painting occupies the top of this page. With this new exhibit, Kosharek merges interior and exterior worlds.

Sebastian Junger’s book, “Tribe,” concludes society has grossly inverted our own utopia; from our earliest days on this continent, reports Junger, our industrial society “waged an ongoing campaign against a native population that had barely changed, technologically, in 15,000 years.”

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Is This Thing On?

Wendell Field. North of Static. Wood Print.

Wendell Field, North of Static. Wood Print.

It is on! Fancy that.

Hello, and welcome back to the Jackson Hole Art Blog, where, this summer, I’ll be working to keep you updated on the arts scene in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Plein air events will be prominent, particularly in July, when the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters return to Grand Teton National Park to paint for two weeks, interact with wildlife, the visiting public and demonstrate their legendary talents.

Jackson’s new artist community continues to grow despite a raging, excruciating housing shortage. The muse is the message, and extracting yourself from your muse is painful. Jackson arts are exploding, and for the most part have beautified and enhanced the area. Creativity includes murals, installations, public art, and the Western art scene continuing to diversify its genres.

The Greg McHuron Memorial Book Project is complete! Contact the Grand Teton Association to order your copy today!

The Greg McHuron Memorial Book Project is complete! Contact the Grand Teton Association to order your copy today!

There is a “creative conundrum’ in play. To my knowledge the most recent, all-inclusive write-up on issues affecting our artists belongs to Planet Jackson Hole, and you can read it here. I posted a response to the article:

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Making Art Pay; Cinco de Mayo!

Welcome back!  Let’s do some warm-ups. 

artist_2It will be so interesting to see if Culture Front’s next gathering, entitled “Making It: Commercial Success in the Arts,” picks up where last month’s discussion left off. That discussion, about interpreting the West, became a forum on how to survive making art in the West.  Shari Edwy Brownfield, Natalia Duncan Macker and September Vhay are this month’s guest artists, appearing at The Rose on Wednesday, April 24th, 5:30 pm. 

Lots of consideration, lately, of professionalism, compensation, selling work and feeling good. We love doing work we love, but in these challenging times it is so important to pay anyone for their services. Hey, it’s just good karma, an “inescapable spiritual law.” Trade can work when it fills a need; but fee compensation buys the bread. Support your supporters! Freelancers and contract workers are jumping through hoops to attain what should be instantly offered. This applies not only to artists, but to those working professionally in the fields of social media, p.r., marketing, technology, graphics, hospitality and other arenas. If you request assistance from someone and they agree to help out, offer something in return that honors their gift to you. Dinner, house-sitting, promotions, car detailing, barn raising, dishwashing, conservation duty, babysitting, art, gardening, a job reference, a title or…money.


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Jackson Hole Art Blog’s New Direction

Once again, a very good New Year to everyone!  It’s quite cold here in Jackson, a wonderful time of year to think about direction, imagine ideals, and understand what brings true happiness. My deepest heartfelt thanks to everyone following the Jackson Hole Art Blog—and a special thank you to those who support the Blog. Last week, the Jackson Hole Art Blog’s Facebook page reached almost 600 people!  Nice trend, and I’m hoping more of you will “like” the page, and connect with me on Facebook, because the Blog is balanced, informative and provides the broadest picture of what’s happening in our dynamic, ever-diversifying art market. It’s not just about being a market, of course; it’s about a state of mind and our inspirations. Our inspirations are infinite.

As far back as 2009, we wrote about vertical gardens: http://jacksonholearttours.com/ArtBlog/2009/04/20/vertical-gardens-green-public-art/…we wrote about smart growth & urban planninghttp://jacksonholearttours.com/ArtBlog/2008/07/09/smart-growth-for-jackson-hole/…we wrote about public art, space and environmental stewardship: http://jacksonholearttours.com/ArtBlog/2009/01/12/2009-a-year-with-heart-three-things/…we wrote about arts & economy: http://jacksonholearttours.com/ArtBlog/2009/06/05/arts-economy-jackson-hole-wyoming/

It’s a new year for the Jackson Hole Art Blog, too. I’ve been writing this blog for over three years—closer to four. And it’s still my baby, my love, my creation and pleasure. I’m going to change how and what I write. I won’t change everything, and I reserve the right—particularly in the summer months—to veer away from the format I’m about to describe.

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