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“Words create the bridges between us. Without them we would be lost islands. Affection, recognition and understanding travel across these fragile bridges and enable us to discover each other and awaken friendship and intimacy. Words are never just words. The range and depth of a person’s soul is inevitably revealed in the quality of the words used… they also suggest what can never be said.” ~ John O’Donohue, Irish Poet

And so it goes with art. The artists at Trio Fine Art are traveling across bridges, telling us with their paintings what lies in their soul. Springtime, when everything changes, can’t help but put thoughts of summer in our heads.

Plein air painter Bill Sawczuck is watching the landscape. And he acknowledges that painting around here just now can be “challenging.”

195“I can take the cold and gloomy skies, but wind is another thing altogether,” writes Bill. “A painter has to fasten his easel to his vehicle, a tree or a nearby fence to prevent the whole outfit from blowing a dozen or so yards away while working on a “promising ” painting. Spring painting also has many rewards. The unfolding change of seasons offers wonderful opportunities to observe wildlife reacting to melting snow, flowing waters and greening landscapes. New life is appearing everywhere, and it is difficult to concentrate on painting when the spring show is center stage.”

Bill’s painting at left, “Winter Leftovers,” painted on Spring Gulch Road (Bill, do I detect some abstract diagonals and energy in that sky????) testifies to the rancher’s foresight last haying season, says Bill. Soon, new grass will take over as the cattles’ primary feed.

And for painter Jennifer Hoffman, spring has been bountiful. Jen received an “Honorable Mention” in the Wyoming Arts Council’s 2013 Visual Artist Fellowships. (By the way, how awesome is Wyoming Arts’ website? It’s fantastic.) She now has the chance to have work exhibited in the Fall Biennial at The Nicolaysen Museum in Casper this fall. AND, she was awarded “Fourth Place in Landscape” in the 14th Annual Pastel 100, sponsored by the Pastel Journal.

Jen and Trio Fine Art’s third artist, Kathryn Mapes Turner, will both be showing at the Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibition at the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne in June. Check out the story on Kathryn’s “OneNest” project here.

Trio’s summer schedule shapes up like this. Jen Hoffman’s Show: July 10 – 27th; Bill Sawczuck: July 31 – August 17th; Kathryn Turner: August 21st-September 7th.  Opening receptions dates will be posted as we get closer! Please remind me, guys!

"Fireflies," - Jennifer Hoffman.

“Fireflies,” – Jennifer Hoffman.


“Rocky has completed 14 never before seen paintings now on exhibition at Altamira Fine Art,” reports the gallery. “This new work is painted on canvas using oils and some mixed media. He has revisited a couple of his previous series’ such as the “Archer” and “Horse and Rider” series and has explored a few pieces involving groups of figures in a very minimal setting, not necessarily representing any recognizable background— but presenting bold strokes of shape and color. The painting “Color Bound” explores the early modernist’s cubism style.”

Rocky Hawkins’ new works are on exhibition through June 30, 2013.  Many more exhibits happening soon at the gallery! 

"Color Bound" - Rocky Hawkins

“Color Bound” – Rocky Hawkins






Arthur Wardle (United Kingdom, 1864 – 1949), The Enchantress, 1901. Oil on Canvas. 62 x 43". Courtesy National Museum of Wildlife Art.

In his lifetime, British painter Arthur Wardle excelled at sporting art; but his claim to fame was in part due to his rejection of staying inside the boundaries of accepted animal and wildlife depiction. He “drew and painted every mammal, from elephant to mouse,” using a great range of mediums. By 1900, Wardle had made a quantum leap with subject matter and began rendering, erotically, mythical images of wildlife and women. Exotic creatures, like these giant leopards at play with a thinly clad, alluring woman (appearing a bit tousled, she and the leopards have clearly been rolling around in the iris; there’s no fear here–this painting depicts intimacy, curiosity and play) recall, as the National Museum of Wildlife Art (NMWA) says, the hedonistic spirit of Dionysus, Greek god of —-libido!  And of wine, women and song.

Get your head into that as you enjoy this month’s NMWA Mix’d Media, happening on Valentine’s Day--February 14th from 6-9:00 pm. “Legends of Mythology and Love” offers up Greek-themed food and drink, music and a free glass of pink bubbly to put you in the mood for love.  NMWA’s “The Enchantress,” a centerpiece of its exhibition “Human/Nature: Exploring Humanity’s Relationship with Wildlife,” has inspired the evening’s festivities.

NMWA’s Amy Goicoechea enlisted the help of Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer of WRJ Design Associates to create a worthy, sumptuous setting. DJ Era spins music, “and those inspired by the evening’s more mystical elements can enjoy crystal readings by Daria and Power Animal Medicine readings by Teri Gilfilen,” notes NMWA. $5 cover at the door.



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Art is meant to be shared.

That’s the sentiment behind the works plein air artists Jennifer L. Hoffman, Bill Sawczuck and Kathryn Mapes Turner, partners at Trio Fine Art, plan to offer on Art Friday. That day, November 23rd, 10 am – 8 pm, visit Trio and enjoy ” a little bit of artistic respite” from the holiday shopping din and mediocrity! The sale and exhibition offers a collection of small paintings and drawings. Here’s where you can find something very special. In addition to fine art, visitors will enjoy live music and refreshments. These works are on display through January 5, 2013.

“I love smaller works because you have to step in closer to take them in,” says Hoffman. “It’s almost as if the artist is in a dialogue with the viewer. Drawings are special because they are so pure – there’s no color or impasto to hide behind. It’s just the bare bones of my thought process, so personal.”

Turner chimes in. “We include a lot of drawings and for me, drawing is a very expressive medium that can illustrate the artist’s creative thought development. It is a foundational practice that can communicate the artistic process in a dynamic way.”

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Jennifer L. Hoffman opens her new show of works “Natural Intervals,” at Trio Fine Art on Thursday, August 23rd, with an artist’s reception 5-8:00 pm. Hoffman will give remarks at 6:00 pm.  “Natural Intervals” is on exhibition at Trio August 22 – September 8, 2012.

Nabokov (a Russian novelist) made this wonderful statement that it’s the spaces between the beats of a rhythm that actually create the rhythm; he called it the ‘tender interval,’ ” says Hoffman. “I think that my work dwells in that space, those silent moments between actions, and that feeling inspired the title for this show.”

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Plein air painter Kathryn Mapes Turner opens her show of new works, “Silent Poetry,” on Thursday, August 9th, at Trio Fine Art. An artist’s reception takes place 5-8:00 pm, and Turner plans on leading a “Conversation on Creativity, as it Relates to the Landscape.” All are welcome to attend! The show remains up through August 18, 2012.

A native Wyomingite, Turner is one of Jackson’s artists deeply immersing herself in the landscapes surrounding the Tetons. That’s even truer lately, as the artist has just come off two months of preparing and taking part in the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters (RMPAP) National Paint Out in Grand Teton National Park (GTNP). Who knows how many new paintings Turner created? Surely, the experience will influence this new show of works. For her efforts, her eye and her talent, Turner won RMPAP’s top honor, “Best in Show.” She’s rackin’ up those blue ribbons!

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