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Fresh Lots at J.H. Art Auction; A Kansas Art Tale

Edgar Payne, Navajo Scouting Party, 24×38″ Oil. Estimate: $400,000 – $600,000

Fresh to the art market: no matter how important an artist’s work, if passed around the auction circuit too often, its value tarnishes. Flip city. That’s why the 2017 Jackson Hole Art Auction   elation over works new to the market is understandable: six oils by American illustrator W.H.D. Koerner. The works come straight from a private collection “with direct descent from the artist.”

W.H.D. Koerner (1878–1938) Citizens of the Law (1931) oil on canvas, 30 x 36″  Estimate: $75,000–$125,000

Koerner works include “Citizens of the Law,” shown above, and “New Horizons,” a “classic pioneer scene.” Both works estimate at $75,000 – $125,000. Koerner’s “Fly Fishing,” “The Bullring,” “The Price of the Old Northwest,” and “Indian Territory Demand for Tribute” round out the Koerner lots. Together these works comprise a vivid and compelling profile of the characters, times, challenges and passions of the Old West.

Edgar Payne, Carl Rungius, Robert Bateman, Tucker Smith; you’ll find works by all these iconic Western artists on the Jackson Hole Art Auction website.   No matter where they set up their easels, countless contemporary artists list the great Edgar Payne as a significant influence in their own work. 

The Jackson Hole Art Auction caps Jackson’s annual Fall Arts Festival, and is a co-production of the Gerald Peters and Trailside Galleries. A phenomenal Western Art market success, this will be the auction’s 11th year offering the finest works by living and deceased masters. The auction, now a destination in itself, continues to invite fine art consignments. Once again, the auction takes place over the course of two consecutive days: September 15th and 16th, 2017, at the Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For information, contact Auction Coordinator Madison Webb, via Tel: 866-549-9278 | Fax: 307-732-1600 or at www.jacksonholeartauction.com.  

Now, a brief “return from vacation” note. If you read the New York Times  Arts Section, you may have seen March 25th’s article “Arts Without Funding? It Can Be Done, Kansas Says.” 

Courtesy Hays Arts Council

Journalist Mitch Smith’s  article tells the story of Kansas’ Hays Arts Council. Its director, Brenda Meder, cuts corners wherever possible in order to save money and funnel cash into the arts. She scrubs the toilets, she makes the reception appetizers, she’s increased membership and organizes quarterly art walks “in the brick-paved downtown, where storefronts transform into makeshift galleries that draw hundreds of spectators from Hays and beyond.”

In Hays, support comes from Democrats and Republicans. It is, says one politically involved citizen, “part of our DNA here. And that’s hard to replicate in other communities.”

This is a story about a Midwest arts community making concessions, but their arts scene remains strong. It’s a great profile. And, man, look at this art! It’s fantastic! Read the story here.

Courtesy Hays Arts Council

Turner Lightens Up at Trio Fine Art; Trailside’s Western Spirit

2016 Light on the Land

Kathryn Mapes Turner, "Grace," 40 x 30" oil on linen.

Kathryn Mapes Turner, “Grace,” 40 x 30″ oil on linen.

“I believe that humans can learn from the example set by animals to live sustainably on the planet. In this way, they live life ‘light on the land.’” ~ Kathryn M. Turner 

Transluscent light plays a big role in the artist’s upcoming exhibition “Light on the Land,” going on exhibit August 17th at Trio Fine Art, in Jackson, Wyoming. An opening reception will be be held August 18th, 5-8:00 pm at the gallery.

Plein air painter Kathryn Mapes Turner’s work has taken on a sheer, misty quality. Subject matter is not quite attached to this earth. It floats. Turner wields her brush to create an airy, misty atmosphere, quite in contrast to this region’s massive solidity and sheer tonnage.

It’s a style of painting the artist has embraced for some time. Often, Turner’s brushstrokes are diluted, and canvas texture becomes part of a painting; oils are so sparingly used they can be mistaken for watercolors.

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Just the Jackson Hole Art Auction Facts, Please!

Can’t help it……must report Auction results…….must report……..(isn’t that how television’s “Lost in Space” robot talked?) I’m away, back East, land o’ lakes, rock walls, farms and the Atlantic coast. Wasn’t going to write a THING.

The sixth annual Jackson Hole Art Auction realized a cool $7,700,000 in sales. Held on Saturday, September 15th, 2012 at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming, the auction is produced and hosted by Trailside Galleries and the Gerald Peters Gallery. More than 80% of the featured 300 lots sold—there were approximately 30 passes—and speaking from my own experience, working the auction from literally “behind the scenes,” off-stage, organizing the progression of works to be brought on stage for sale, “auction day” was extremely exciting!

Laurence, Sydney, (1865-1940), Mt. McKinley, oil on canvas laid on board

300 lots! It seemed a done deal we’d be running for six hours, but the auction concluded in a remarkable five. I and five able-bodied (young and cute!) handlers prepared paintings, bronzes and Indian artifacts (a great picture of us, page 20, in September 19th’s “Stepping Out” Section, J.H. News & Guide–article by Johanna Love, photo by Price Chambers). It’s hard, fast-paced work. After the auction, I bought a bottle of cabernet, drove home, poured a glass and unfurled my bod onto the grass, sunny side up. Submitted auction press materials state: an exquisite selection of paintings by wildlife artist Carl Rungius brought over…

Harvey, G. (1933-) Chancellorsville, oil on canvas

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2012 Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival – Week Two!

MONDAY, September 10

Pack bunnies, hay, lettuce, carrots, vodka, make-up and wait for evacuation order!

TUESDAY, September 11


Fall Arts Festival Open Studio Tour  Bring friends and family to enjoy food and drink while interacting with Art Association artists at work!  Just off the town square you’ll find artists all over the Art

Association Studios. Painting, photography, silversmithing (the multi-purpose room will have a large space dedicated to that), ceramics, oil painting, basketry, sewing, blacksmithing–and free photography portraits by Taylor Glenn. Fred Kingwill, Sam Dowd and Dwayne Harty are just a few of the artists you’ll enounter. There will be demos, opportunities to participate and exhibited art for sale. 5-8 pm.  733-6379, www.artassociation.org

Grand Teton Gallery  Deb Penk (11am-3pm) and Rip Caswell (2-5pm), Artists in Residence. www.grandtetongallery.com

RARE Gallery  Pat Flynn Jewelry Trunk Show thru Wednesday September 12th. A master metalsmith and stonesetter, Flynn is considered to be highly innovative. He is represented by such august institutions as the Smithsonian and Metropolitan Museum of Art.  10am-9pm  www.raregalleryjacksonhole.com

WEDNESDAY, September 12

Jewelry and Artisan Luncheon at Couloir  Ladies Only! Preview and purchase fine jewelry, fiber, leather, and wearable art. The event kicks off the Jewelry and Artisan portion of the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Western Visions® activities. Proceeds support the museum’s Educational Programming. $100/person. Couloir Restaurant, J.H. Mountain Resort, 10:30 am  – 3:30 pm. You must have been registered by September 5th!  Info: 307-732-5412. www.wildlifeart.org

Poster Signing & Artists Reception with Amy Ringholz at Altamira Fine Art  Meet Fall Arts Festival Artist Amy Ringholz and receive a personally signed poster of her festival painting “Dreamers Don’t Sleep.”  Altamira Fine Art, 3-5:00 pm. Artists Reception for her 34th one woman show, “Dreamers Don’t Sleep,” immediately following, at 5:00 – 8:00 pm. The original painting of “Dreamers Don’t Sleep” will be auctioned during the Quick Draw Auction on Saturday September 15th, On the Town Square in Jackson. Free, open to the public!  www.altamiraart.com 

Gallery Art Walk  “Third Thursdays Art Walk” (moved to Wednesday evening for the week of the Fall Arts Festival), from 5-8:00 pm. Look for the Art Walk banners! Various locations, free, and open to the public!

Cayuse Western Americana hosts a representative from Clint Orms Silversmiths & Engravers, and will have a great selection of Clint’s work on hand. “He’s known as the best buckle maker working today,” says Cayuse! 5-8:00 pm.

“In Our Valley” Group Show – Trio Fine Art Gallery Demonstrations – An exhibition of artwork by award-winning Jackson based artists Jennifer L. Hoffman, Bill Sawzcuk and Kathryn Mapes Turner that reflect their intrinsic knowledge of the Jackson Hole Valley. Trio Fine Art Gallery, 5-8pm

Diehl Gallery’s Portrait of a Kingdom: Anke Schofield and Luis Garcia-Nerey/KOLLABS  KOLLABS artists present a serious and provocative series of collaborative paintings and installations that create a sense of wonder evoking questions about the interaction between man and the forest. Their multi-layered process includes photographs, roofing tar stain, oil, charcoal pencil, acrylic and oil paints. 5-8:00 pm; through September 30th. www.diehlgallery.com

Horizon Fine Art Gallery features the swirling, free-flowing paintings of Jami Tobey during a two-day solo show on Wednesday, September 12th and Thursday, September 13th, 5 – 9:00 p.m. Meet Jami and get a glimpse of her latest installment of vivid tree and landscape paintings “that glow like stained glass and celebrate the natural world!” 307-739-1540;  www.horizonfineartgallery.com 


Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum  “Celebration of Writing as an Art Form,” local authors book signing from 2-6 p.m. Free admission during book signing, with refreshments inspired by local cookbooks. Authors include: Judy Clayton, The Pure Food Club of Jackson Hole; James Hardee, Pierre’s Hole! The Fur Trade History of Teton Valley, Idaho; Earle Layser, Settlement Chronicles; Muffy Mead-Ferro, Its Head Came Off by Accident; Rick Pieros, Jackson Hole Past to Present; Gap Pucci, We Married Adventure, and Florence Shepard, Sometimes Creek: A Wyoming Memoir.  www.jacksonholehistory.org

THURSDAY, September 13

“Buffalo Trail” Unveiled at National Museum of Wildlife Art  Western Visions Featured Sculptor Richard Loffler will unveil his sculpture “Buffalo Trail,” at 10:00 am. The 64-foot-long piece features five adult bison and two calves, all created at one-and-a-half actual size. More than four years in the making of this new piece! Free, open to the public!  Here it comes, on the back of big flat bed, up the hill to the Museum!   www.wildlifeart.org

Wild West Artist Party  National Museum of Wildlife Art patrons party, view art, place ballots, and mingle before tomorrow’s sale. Proceeds support NMWA’s Education Programming. The Jewelry and Artisan Show & Sale, the Original Prints Show & Sale, and the Sketch Show & Sale are open to the public during this event. Artisans are in residence. The evening includes delicious fare, a full bar, and entertainment. 6:30-10:30 pm. $150 per person, or $500 for the “full WV package!”  Register by September 5, 2012 online or by calling 307-732-5412. www.westernvisions.org

Astoria Fine Art Gallery Reception  Gallery Reception with featured works by Josh Tobey & G. Russell Case. 4-6:00 pm.  www.astoriafineart.com

Grand Teton Gallery Gayle Weisfield, Rip Caswell, and Pat Clayton Artists in Residence, 11am-3pm. Artist Reception featuring Rip Caswell, Gayle Weisfield, Pat Clayton, James Reid, Doug Monson and Deb Fox from 4-8pm  www.grandtetongallery.com

RARE Gallery Tomas Lasansky’s collection of icons and muses on exhibit. 4-8:00 pm.  www.raregalleryjacksonhole.com

FRIDAY, September 14

The Jackson Hole Art Auction holds its annual public preview all day today—that’s 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, downtown Jackson. A wine reception will be held 5-7:00 pm. The public may also view the collection tomorrow morning, 9:00 am – Noon. The Auction will be held at the Center tomorrow, starting promptly at NOON (see listing for Saturday, September 15th, below) on Saturday, September 15th. Come check out the amazing collection of works by American Masters, deceased and contemporary, mingle with collectors, see the show from top to bottom!  The auction offers many ways to bid: in-house, by phone, via absentee bidding or via on-line internet bidding on LiveAuctioneers.com. For further information, phone 866-549-9278, visit their website at www.jacksonholeartauction.com, or stop by Trailside Galleries at 130 East Broadway, in Jackson.

Wilcox Gallery’s Artist Demonstrations  Wilcox Gallery artists will be painting in both the Center Street and Hwy 89 locations, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.  www.wilcoxgallery.com

Astoria Fine Art Gallery Reception  Gallery Reception featuring Greg Beecham and Tim Cherry. This reception also includes the 5th Annual Greg Beecham Fall Arts Festival showcase. 2-4:00 pm. www.astoriafineart.com

Grand Teton Gallery  Deb Penk, Rip Caswell, James Reid and Gayle Weisfield, in Residence 2-5:00pm  These artists will also be on hand same time tomorrow at the gallery.  www.grandtetongallery.com


Legacy Gallery  Legacy of Nature Wildlife and Sporting Art Show featuring new paintings from over a dozen prominent artists.1-4:00 pm. This popular show brings together each year some of the best wildlife artists and showcases their depictions of nature during the famed Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. The show includes works by artists Ken Bunn, Ken Carlson, Michael Coleman, Luke Frazier, Brian Grimm, Krystii Melaine, Dan Metz, Chad Poppleton, Tim Shinabarger, George D. Smith, Trevor Swanson, and Brett Smith.  www.legacygallery.com



25th Annual Western Visions®: Miniatures and More Show and Sale  Place your bids at the National Museum of Wildlife Art!  The evening features refreshments and beverage, and the names of winning bidders are drawn. This fundraiser supports museum educational programming. 3:30 – 8:00 pmRegister by September 5; call 307-732-5412 for ticket price details! Or visit www.westernvisions.org for a full list of events. 

SATURDAY, September 15

Jackson Hole Art Auction ~ 12:00 pm Start!  Presented by Trailside Galleries of Jackson and Scottsdale, and the Gerald Peters Gallery of Santa Fe, this annual live auction is one of the premier western art events in the country, defined by the high standards of works offered by contemporary western artists and deceased masters.  This annual live auction has quickly become one of the premier western art events in the country, defined by the high standard of works offered by both contemporary western artists and deceased masters. Works by such notable living artists as William Acheff, Clyde Aspevig, Ken Carlson, Martin Grelle, G. Harvey, Z.S. Liang, Bill Owen, Kenneth Riley, Mian Situ, Howard Terpning, and Morgan Weistling are just a few of the names that are prominently featured in our auctions. Also available are important works by the Taos Society of Artists, the Santa Fe Art Colony, as well as historically recognized artists of the American West, including Albert Bierstadt, Oscar Berninghaus, Ernest Blumenschein, E. I. Couse, Nicolai Fechin, Frank Tenney Johnson, W. R. Leigh, Frederic Remington, Carl Rungius, Charles M. Russell, and many others.

Approximately 300 lots will be offered for sale!  The 2011 Auction resulted in a record breaking sale, realizing $9.5 million in sales with over 90% of the 250 lots offered selling well into and above their estimates. The auction offers many ways to bid: in-house, by phone, via absentee bidding or via on-line internet bidding on LiveAuctioneers.com. For further information, phone 866-549-9278, visit our website at www.jacksonholeartauction.com, or stop by Trailside Galleries at 130 East Broadway, in Jackson. Click here to see an updated 2012 on-line catalog.

Place: Center for the Arts, 12:00pm. This auction may last up to six hours!  Please register to attend!  866-549-9278, www.jacksonholeartauction.com

17th Annual Jackson Hole QuickDraw Art Sale and Auction – 9:30 am.  Nationally, regionally, and locally recognized artists paint and sculpt REAL FAST, on Jackson’s Town Square. Everybody is welcome, this is one of the Festival’s most popular and happy events! The one-of a-kind artwork will be auctioned off following the hour-long creative process including, “Dreamers Don’t Sleep,” by Amy Ringholz, the featured artist of 2012’s Fall Arts Festival. Come and see some of your favorite Jackson area artists work “en plein air” right in the Square! Free.

Astoria Fine Art Gallery Reception Gallery Reception with featured works by Richard Loffler & “Best of Astoria” show. 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. www.astoriafineart.com

Mountain Trails Gallery  Vic & Dustin Payne, Western sculptors, are showcased in a two-man show. Opening Reception 3-6pm. www.mtntrails.net

Wilcox Gallery’s Artist Demonstrations  Wilcox Gallery artists will be painting at both gallery locations today. Reception food and drink will be served from 6-8pm at the downtown location. Ice cream will be served at the north of town Wilcox Gallery also from 6-8pm.  www.wilcoxgallery.com

Trailside Galleries FALL GOLD New works by all of Trailside’s wildlife artists; Ralph Olberg is featured in a major one-man show today, too! An artist’s reception takes place 4:00 pm – 7:00 PM.  Olberg’s show, “The Mountain World – From the Himilaya to the Rockies” is on display through this month. Olberg has painted wildlife, some “portraits” and even a little bit of architecture.  Additionally, today at Trailside painter Adam Smith presents a showcase of new wildlife paintings. Paintings will be sold by draw.  www.trailsidegalleries.com 

RARE Gallery Quickdraw artist Debbie Sturges will be at RARE Gallery today to talk about her newest body of work and upcoming travels. Noon-4:00 pm. www.raregalleryjacksonhole.com

Something Wild This Way Comes!  Over 50 artists participate at the Center for the Arts Back Lawn for a wonderful cause. Vintage cocktails, fantastic music, and a night full of surprises! Buy tickets “at the door”. Tix are $20, and you may win a VERY valuable painting if you play your cards right! “The most artistically wonderful night of your life awaits you,” says Ringholz.  “An artistic benefit/celebration for Jackson Hole… from Jackson Hole. The creativity and magic of this night will astound you!”  Hosted by (guess who?) Amy Ringholz; if you see this post before the big night, get your tickets early. Volunteers also needed, this is a party for 500!   6:30-10pm, www.somethingwildthiswaycomes.com

SUNDAY, September 16

Art Brunch Gallery Walk  Join Jackson’s 30 plus art galleries for brunch and festive beverages at this closing-day celebration of yet another superb Fall Arts Festival! Brunch, Bloody Marys and spectacular art…don’t forget the celery! 11am – 3pm  Open to the public! Free!

West Lives On Galleries All Gallery Open House! West Lives On has two locations, next door to one another, on North Glenwood, across from the historic Wort Hotel. Contemporary and Traditional Western art. Come see one of the oldest and best loved Western art galleries. They are a valley tradition!  11:00 am – 3:00 pm. Yes, it’s about brunch.  (307) 734-2888, www.westliveson.com

Diehl Gallery’s Western Visions Celebration Salon  Five National Museum of Wildlife Art “Western Visions” artists are showcased – Susan Goldsmith, Simon Gudgeon, Richard Painter, Anke Schofield/Luis Garcia-Nerey: KOLLABS and Les Thomas. A special Fall Arts Festival Brunch.  www.diehlgallery.com

RARE Gallery  Jewelry trunk show, with special unique pieces available for custom fittings. 10am-3pm  www.raregalleryjacksonhole.com

That’s all, Folks!!!!!   The Jackson Hole Art Blog is taking a little break after a hectic and exciting summer!  Expect to see just a few posts in the next couple of weeks~~~and we’ll be back in action later in October.  Many, many thanks for your support, readership and energetic involvement!  We are a very special arts center, and it can only get better.   Love~~~~ Tammy



J.H. Art Auction Has Russell, Remington & More; NMWA Tumblr Rabbit!

Russell, Charles M., (1864-1926), Unbranded, ca. 1897, oil on canvas, 13.125 x 20.25

Russell, Remington, Paxson, Grelle.

The public has the opportunity to collect works by any or all of these great Western Masters on SaturdaySeptember 15, 2012, when Trailside Galleries, in conjunction with the Gerald Peters Gallery of Santa Fe, NM, presents the sixth annual Jackson Hole Art Auction at the Center for the Arts in downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Five plus months out from auction day, a number of superb consignments are already arriving at auction headquarters. If you’re an auction groupie (guilty as charged) you’re aware that last year’s auction broke all previous records, realizing $9.5 million in sales. Over 90% of 250 lots offered sold “well into and above their estimates.” The auction is currently accepting consignments for this year’s auction; deadline for submitting consignments is June 1, 2012.

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