The Right Supplies

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a professional in the field, art supplies should never be lacking when working on a project. The last thing you need is an amazing idea and a beautiful canvas to work on but find yourself lacking in supplies. Just like how writers can have a writer’s block, not having the right art supplies can serve as an artist’s block that will prevent you from bringing the best work out.


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Here are 10 art supplies every artist should have in their supply container:


  1. Pencils

By far the most necessary supply of them all. It doesn’t matter what artist you are, you will always need pencils and be sure to always have an arsenal of different types available at your disposal. 2B,4B, and 6B do the job well enough.


  1. Drawing Paper

There is no use of a pencil without paper. The feeling of sketching on some good old drawing paper cannot be beaten and hence this too makes it in our list of art supplies every artist should have. 


  1. Paintbrushes

They come in different sizes and thicknesses. Have a minimum set of paintbrushes and add more to the collection as you require them. For those dealing in watercolors choose a size 6 liner brush, size 8 round brush and a flat brush.


  1. Paint

Nowadays paint is available in different colors well beyond the spectrum of a rainbow. With different shades of each color, the possibilities are endless. If you are a just beginning, choose a set of basic colors and if you’re more experienced just go wild with the selection. Choose either acrylic, oil or watercolor depending on your preference.


  1. Canvas Boards

These are easily available and definitely necessary for all you serious artists out there. Nothing beats a good canvas.


  1. Palette

A good palette has proven to help pick the right colors for the artist’s masterpieces. There’s something about seeing your colors at a shot that stimulates the brain.


  1. Charcoal Pencil Kits

A bit more advanced but definitely gives amazing results when used. It definitely ups the black and white game.


  1. Erasers

You can’t expect to have a pencil without an eraser. Even though it might come at the tip of the pencil we all know how quickly you find yourself looking for it. Have a nice full eraser at your disposal and save yourself from throwing away too much paper and killing the Earth.


  1. Sketchbook

As an artist, you do not really know when the left side of your brain is going to get triggered. Having a sketchbook at all times can help pen down an idea that could very well turn into a masterpiece at some point later. It also serves as a record of the stages of a piece and is just a fun memory to have if nothing else.


  1. Table Easel

The last in our list and a perfect ending to this list of art supplies that every artist should have. This H-frame easel adds that final touch and makes an artist a professional artist 


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