Great Art Qualities

Art is of the essence in our lives because it makes the world beautiful. This heritage means that it should be treasured by the people and nourished. Artwork comes in form of painting, sculptures, portraits, and architecture. Performing arts include music, theater film, and dance. These works of art convey a message to the audience which is the most important part about it. They are also a memory of the ancient history that happened decades ago. With times changing art is expressed in the fashion which is now trendy.

art fashion
I recently attended an event that was organized by fashion designers in New York City. It was a fundraiser meant to help the people in Haiti. The designers showcased different trends of clothing designs. They were beautiful and amazing just to look at. To add on to this there was the jewelry of all kinds that were being shown. The elegance and uniqueness they displayed were unexplainable. The variety of collection was something to be commended because art should be beautiful and interesting.

Art With A Cause
The event was organized for a great cause that would help the victims of floods. Art is meant to help people hence by coming together as one; we were able to achieve this. It created a unity which it meant to do in times of chaos and imbalances. As much as we came to see the beautiful designs by the artists, we contributed to a good activity to help people in need.

Excellent Designs

Back to the designs, they were fascinating in such a way that I kept thinking about how creative the designers were. The emerald necklaces that lay on the models’ necks were alluring. The colors were just the best and on point. The shiny nature made them look so stunning and I felt that I did the right thing by going to the event. The diamonds were beautifully handcrafted and they just took my breath away.

emerald necklace
Something else that blew my mind away was the custom-made designer dress that showed a lot of confidence. The gown was spectacular and the latest of its kind. It showed a lot of work put into it. The design was awesome and attractive because it really caught my eye. The appealing nature of the gown is in my mind up to date. I can see the dress when I close my eyes and that is what is important in art. I can visualize it because it was skillfully made.

All the dresses and the jewelry at the event reminded me about the quality of art which makes a statement. The pieces of clothes and necklaces stood out and were eye-catching. It is like they communicated to me by informing me that truly there is so much beauty in fashion.

The quality of the items displayed also appreciated the fact that there is uniqueness in art. I have seen jewelry before but the ones I saw that day were one of its kind and rare to find. The distinctive features on the diamond necklaces showed me how original they were. It was beauty at its best.

The latest design in gowns reflected the change in fashion over the years. The fashion industry has gradually changed for the better. I was able to purchase a necklace so that I could at least contribute to the event.