Recognizing Good Art

There are several types of art, four to be exact, but when we think of “art” we almost always of visual art. Visual art is the most common art form recognized as art, like paintings and drawings. Throughout time, we’ve managed to create different art forms, applying them to most open spaces we use today like offices and houses, but not all art is good art. Most people who buy art because they’re fans know what it takes for a piece of art to be good, but for other people with absolutely no artistic experience, it can be difficult to tell good art apart from bad art.

What makes good art?

Good art doesn’t make itself, artworks and paintings need to cover basic rules in order to be at least a little good. Below, you’ll find a few tips on what makes good art & how to recognize the best art.

A piece of art without symmetry is not good. Symmetry is one of the most important points to consider when looking for good art, it gives a painting balance and allows it to be easily observed. Never buy a painting that doesn’t look symmetric, it won’t just look bad on its own, it will make wherever you put it look bad as well.

When you find yourself looking at a painting, you have to be able to make something out. Context and meaning can vary a lot depending on the person or the artist, that’s what makes art great though, everyone sees something different. However, an art piece you can’t describe, an art piece in which you can’t really find meaning is useless. Always look for something with meaning, it doesn’t have to be a good meaning, but as long as you can make something out, it’s good.

art brushes

A good art piece almost always has contrast. For those of you who don’t know, contrast is the way the colors compliment each other, making each other pop out and look good against the light. You’ll never find a good art piece that combines 2 colors that cancel each other out or make each other look dull.

When buying an art piece you don’t just want to buy quality, you want to buy something unique, something incomparable, a maverick. Uniqueness is a very important way of identifying good art, especially original art; you don’t want to have a repetitive painting, good art is like no other, it is unique.

Last but not least, we have complexity. Good art is by definition complex, it’s not something simple if it were it wouldn’t be such an admired topic. Complexity shows you the amount of effort the artist willingly dedicated to painting the piece, therefore, it also shows the uniqueness on the piece.

Yeah, it can be difficult to find good art, but if you know how and where to look, you might just hit the jackpot. Of course, these 5 things aren’t the only things that play a role deciding if a piece is good or bad, there are a lot more variables that have a say in how great a piece is. Follow these tips and reasons on how to find a good art piece, you don’t want to waste good money on a bad product, especially when it comes to art because bad art is useless. Make sure you conduct further investigation on how to tell good and bad art apart because even when a piece good, the quality of the paint or canvass looks can be disappointing.