Drawing Basics

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I want to talk about the 5 basic skills of drawing. Let’s jump right in!


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1. Identifying and Drawing Edges

What are the edges?   Theoretically, they are the lines that separate two areas in your drawing making it easier to understand and conferring more depth to it.

Why are they important?  If you don’t use them your drawing will look like its an unfocused image. Think of them as some borders, all countries have clearly defined borders. Without them, there will be war all over the place. Now, you don’t want to start a color war, do you?

There are a few types of edges for drawings:

  • hard 
  • soft
  • lost 


Trying to master all of them takes some time, but for now let’s focus on the easier ones, the hard edges. What do you do to practice?


That’s right, draw shapes, any type of shapes just draw more, more and more. If you think you got a good grasp on the basic shapes to try something more advanced like 2D simple pictures.

2. How to set proportions and sizes and how to see the angles

Well, this is a long title… The point here is to learn to see in perspective. This is very important for a few things like:

  • More in-depth drawing
  • Drawing in multiple plans
  • Putting more objects in the page
  • Drawing a 3D image and much more


How you can practice this? You guessed it! SHAPES, SHAPES AND…MORE SHAPES
I will never stress out enough how important drawing basic shapes are. Draw shapes like spheres, cubes, cons, etc. If you have a good enough experience you can go and try sketching some furniture pieces in 3D view, something easy like a closet or a desk.

3. Understanding colors
This is pretty on point part. You need to learn what every color means and what it transmits. Learn what colors go well together and what doesn’t fit so well. It’s very important for the emotion your painting is sending. I will talk more in the future on this subject.

What you can do to practice?

DRAW KIDS BOOKS. I mean it, its the best way of learning what colors make a good pair and which not, just have fun!

4. Shadows and lighting

This comes as a helping tool for the previews ones. Knowing where to use shadows and where to light the drawing really makes a difference and takes your art to a new level. Shadows can do more than make a 2D object appear 3D. Proper lighting and shadow can explode your perception of the painting. They can :

  • Make more characters appear in the scene( sketching shadows on the walls)
  • Showing the material of objects
  • Enhancing the power of colors
  • Changing the perspective from which you can see the picture etc.

  1. Concept and communication

    Drawing is art and the most import thing that art does is to communicate feelings, ideas, anything the creator wants. This may be the most important part because this is what all the drawings mean in the end- the message they send. Use your drawings to send a message. Make a difference!

    Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you have found some awesome tips and tricks that will help you with drawing. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and contact us today.  If you have any great tips please be sure to share those as well and we will make sure you get full credit if we use the tip on our site.  Lastly, we ask that you visit our sponsor, simply search parking lot striping near me to find Parking Lot Striping Plano.