Painting Tips

Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color, or another medium to a surface basically a solid one. The shapes, colors, and textures used in various ways produce sensations of space, volume, movement, and light on a flat surface. These elements, when combined, interpret a narrative theme or some visual relationships.


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Acrylic Painting uses acrylic paint, which is a fast-drying paint made up of pigments suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. These are water soluble but becomes water resistant once they dry. The paper best suited for acrylic painting is the heavy watercolor paper which is especially rough, 300-lb paper printed on both sides. Thin films of professional Acrylic will dry in 20-30 minutes, and thicker films can take an hour or two. This also varies according to environmental conditions. Professional Acrylic colors remain usable on the palette for slightly longer than many other acrylics.


If you are new to acrylic painting and want to start right away with acrylic paint, then you must have paint brushes, acrylic paints, canvas(wood, paper, etc.) color palette, rags or paper towels, jar or a cup of water, soap for brushes and varnish. Acrylic paint is an obvious must which comes in tubes as well as jars. While selecting acrylic paint, do consider things like quality, color, permanence, viscosity, drying time, and brand. While painting paint brushes will be your best friends, so try to have the best of them and clean them regularly. While Painting a surface is a must, so you would need a canvas which is available in many sizes, or as an alternative, you can also use wood panels. A color palette is a surface upon which you mix the paints and is a necessary thing while painting. Rags or paper towels is also a must while painting as it helps in blotting excess water from your paintbrush while painting and will also be helpful while drying your paintbrush after a wash. As acrylics dry very quickly, a cup of water is essential to dip your paintbrush in water consistently. Use a recommended brush soap to clean your paintbrushes and then dry them for future uses. After you are done with your painting varnishing an acrylic painting is essential as it adds an essential layer of protection and helps to bind the paint to the canvas chemically.


Many events related to acrylic paintings are held in the USA, which attracts a lot number of artists. Art in the village, Festival of fine arts, Love USA-Paint Night, Arts Fair on the Square, etc. are some of the upcoming events in the USA related to artists who have a good understanding of painting. These events have a motive of getting the USA’s art culture to the road of popularity. These paintings are also being sold at a high price in the museums and other art galleries. There are many famous art galleries in USA like National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, etc. which hosts an excellent platform for artists of USA.

Thus there are many platforms and a bright future to get started with acrylic paintings and to work in this field. 

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