Good Artist – Great Art

If there is the need to know what makes a good artist, their works and the end products of their creativity can tell a lot about them. A good artist must first have found their art form, which is the form of art they enjoy. A good artist is an all-around creative mind with the ability to create something amazing from nothing. Their ingenuity makes their work resonate with those around them and this has helped fuel the creative genius in them.


The interesting part is that anyone can aspire to be an artist but in recognizing unique and gifted artists, you must see and appreciate the end product of that creative mindset without being told. However, a good artist may strike you as a person who can literally craft or create a great piece of art that on its own, appeal to other people and lovers of art alike. The work of a good artist simply pushes people into experiencing something inspirational through their work. In the quest of knowing what makes a good artist, their artistic work must in some way make you feel something extra. There is the need for an under the skin feeling when the work of a good artist is on display, and it just comes naturally without much probing or scrutiny.

The most important character trait of a good artist is his natural sense of adventure that brings his journey into the artistic realm to life. People train to become artists, but when it comes naturally, passion sustains it beyond a certain point and persistence becomes the pillar that keeps it firm on a solid rock through thick and thin. A good artist must have the ability to remain disciplined all through that journey regardless of distractions and failures that may come. The likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Mona Lisa, Last Supper, who are some of the greatest artists of all time went through challenges regardless of their passion for the arts. What kept them going was disciplined and unalloyed love for the arts and their works sold themselves without much hard work. These are the rare qualities needed in deciding what makes a good artist.

Vincent Van Gogh
On the other hand, a good artist must endeavor to make art on a daily basis, which is more like prioritizing it. The inability to do so may prove very difficult in becoming a good artist no matter how good you are. This also means that in becoming a good artist, there must be the presence of drive and willpower needed to be successful. Artists whose works are in public are usually very keen and determined to keep themselves exposed because their arts are either extraordinary or profound in unique ways to discerning eyes. A good artist must also learn to associate with fellow artists, attend art shows, exhibitions, and seminars.

What makes a good artist is an exceptional ability and craftsmanship evident in the artworks produced overtime coupled with the consistency in production and growth of the arts.