Month: February 2019

The Ancient Art of Glassblowing


We love art because it makes us happy. Art is a form of perfection that we see in nature. Everything seems to be art, but we are going to go a little about the famous ancient art of glassblowing.

The history of this form of art is quite interesting, and you will love what you will see right away too.

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What Makes a Good Artist?

Good Artist – Great Art

If there is the need to know what makes a good artist, their works and the end products of their creativity can tell a lot about them. A good artist must first have found their art form, which is the form of art they enjoy. A good artist is an all-around creative mind with the ability to create something amazing from nothing. Their ingenuity makes their work resonate with those around them and this has helped fuel the creative genius in them.

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What Makes Good Art & How to Recognize the Best Art

Recognizing Good Art

There are several types of art, four to be exact, but when we think of “art” we almost always of visual art. Visual art is the most common art form recognized as art, like paintings and drawings. Throughout time, we’ve managed to create different art forms, applying them to most open spaces we use today like offices and houses, but not all art is good art. Most people who buy art because they’re fans know what it takes for a piece of art to be good, but …

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Arts Appreciation- Understanding The Qualities of Great Art

Great Art Qualities

Art is of the essence in our lives because it makes the world beautiful. This heritage means that it should be treasured by the people and nourished. Artwork comes in form of painting, sculptures, portraits, and architecture. Performing arts include music, theater film, and dance. These works of art convey a message to the audience which is the most important part about it. They are also a memory of the ancient history that happened decades ago. With times changing art is expressed in the fashion which is …

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