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Billy Schenck. 13 Minutes to Eternity. 2015's Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival Poster.

Billy Schenck. 13 Minutes to Eternity. 2015’s Jackson Hole Fall          Arts Festival Poster.

The Circle of Jackson Hole Life has brought us back around to our annual Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival! Little by little I’ll post information about 2015’s swirl of events~~this Festival is officially epic. Do a rudimentary Google search, and you’ll find references to Fall Arts all around the country. It’s a marathon, it’s a party, it’s a 10-day celebration and proud procession of the best Western arts have to offer. Even some not-so-Western art is creeping in. That’s a good thing. Paintings, parties, sculpture, music, food, dancing, wine, fashion shows, design, auctions and competitions. It’s all here. Enjoy!…and on a personal note: Welcome Home, Jane Lavino! 


Wednesday, September 9

Jane Lavino, Education Director, National Museum of Wildlife Art

Jane Lavino

The National Museum of Wildlife Art’s  grouping of events are ticketed all together or separately. Each posting relating to the museum will affect attendees differently. You’ll know which events you’re scheduled for by the packet you’ve purchased under the Western Visions “umbrella.”

Today, the museum (NMWA) holds its Jewelry and Artisan Luncheon. Wearable art galore! Shop ’til you drop, eat divine food. I think the location is secret to anyone who had NOT bought a ticket to this event. 40% of sales benefit NMWA’s educational programs, overseen by JANE!  11:00am-4:00 pm.

Jenness Cortez at Trailside's Fall Gold Exhibition

Jenness Cortez at Trailside’s Fall Gold Exhibition

Trailside Galleries’ annual en masse exhibition brings out all that’s Western: sporting arts are included, as well as heavy emphasis on wildlife and landscape art. The show runs through September 20th, with an artists’ reception on Saturday, September 9, 5-7:00 pm. Are you a fan of a Trailside artist? This is your chance to meet up with a whole passel of artists, and Kyle Sims showcases a major show of new works.   307.733.3186 or

Thursday, September 10

The first Christmas catalog to arrive every year, without fail, belongs to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The first Fall Arts p.r. to arrive every year, without fail, is the Western Design package.

The Western Design Conference Opening Preview Party takes place at the Snow King Center, 6-10:00 pm.  This is a preview of the annual open-to-the-public show. Tonight’s party includes a tour, a flashy fashion show featuring local models, a live auction. Hot stuff! Always packed. $125 or $50 in advance, on line, and at the door.


Two Grey Hills A quieter, academic and wondrous opportunity to learn about Navajo weavers and their history. Mark Winters will speak, and a Master Weaver from the Toadlena/Two Grey Hills region will demonstrate this fine cultural, indigenous art. 11:00 am  – 5:00 pm at Two Grey Hills, on the corner of Broadway and King Streets. 307.733.2677 or

Taylor Glenn at WRJ Associates

Taylor Glenn at WRJ Associates

WRJ Associates, “inspired by the natural world, informed by the rest of it,” invites you to enter their exquisite space during P&P. Embracing the group’s fabulous collection of furnishings is equally fabulous art. Taylor Glenn, Lee & Edward Riddell, Heidi Jung and others are spotlighted. It’s gorgeous, darling. On King Street. 

Noted Jackson landscape painter Jim Wilcox opens his galleries for his annual Wildlife and Wildlands (sic) Annual Show; although slated to be on display today, p.r. says the show officially opens tomorrow night during Palates and Palettes, 5-8:00 pm. It remains up through September 30th.  This show opening begins the night of Palates & Palettes (Friday, September 11 from 5:00-8:00pm) and will hang through Wednesday, September 30. Wilcox Gallery, 110 Center Street, 307.733.6450 or

Kay Stratman. Early Season Snowfall. At Horizon Fine Art.

Kay Stratman. Early Season Snowfall. At Horizon Fine Art.

Artists Kay Stratman and Mark Kelso are the guest artists at Horizon Fine Art, giving live demonstrations in the gallery through Festival week. Note: Horizon’s “Farewell to Fall Brunch” takes place Sunday, September 20th, the Festival’s final day….otherwise known as Bloody Mary Sunday.”  Horizon Fine Art, 30 King Street 307.739.1540 or

Friday, September 11 



Happy 90th Birthday, Dad!!!!!!!

Besides my dad’s birthday, two major Festival events comprise the day: the official opening of the Western Design Conference Exhibit Sale and this evening’s famed “Palates and Palettes” city-wide Art Walk. Crazy time! If you make plans to meet someone at a gallery tonight, just forget about it. You’ll never find them. Go it alone and roll, baby, roll!

Over 130 national artists present contemporary and traditional handcrafted, original creations of furniture, fashion, jewelry, and accessories for the home during at the Western Design Show. Plan to spend at least an hour wandering the booths showcasing top designers of fashion, jewelry, sculpture and more. There’s a special interior design in a home environment. “Retail Row” that sounds like a mini-mall set up of retailers. 10:00am – 5:00 pm. $15 at the Snow King Center door.

Palates & Palettes!

So many galleries take part in this favorite evening of fun art and foodie fests; but keep your eye out for artisans who are not officially part of the Chamber list. They’re doing their things, too. Everyone is welcome, visitors criss-cross downtown Jackson, and gallery maps are available almost anywhere you go. 5-8:00 pm….but people tend to start early! Here’s a short list of P&P gallery events:

R. Tom Gilleon - Freudian Sleep. At Altamira Fine Art.

R. Tom Gilleon – Freudian Sleep. At Altamira Fine Art.

I LOVE my Altamira Fine Art! Read write ups on tonight’s guest artists, R. Tom Gilleon and Greg Woodard. Gilleon’s “Confluence of Culture” exhibition will be on display along with Woodard’s show “Break Through.” 5:00-8:00pm. Altamira Fine Art, 172 Center Street. 307.739.4700 or

Inside "RARE."

Inside “RARE.”

It’s embarrassing, but I’ve never ventured up the stairs to RARE Gallery during P&P. The line’s just too long. Maybe you’ll do better than I~~it’s a one-of-a-kind art experience, and, I hear, a good party. I have no clue what they’re exhibiting, but you can bet it’s not like any other art you’re likely to see in Jackson. 5:00-8:00pm. RARE Gallery, 60 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor. 307.733.8726 or

Jeri Eisenberg at Diehl Gallery

Jeri Eisenberg at Diehl Gallery

It’s a Diehl! Enjoy a gallery reception for artist Jeri Eisenberg and (omg, is Jeri a guy or a girl?) the artist’s exhibition “After Equinox.” 5-8:00 pm. Diehl Gallery, 155 West Broadway.

David Brookover and Mocha

David Brookover and Mocha

OTHER PEOPLE & PLACES:  The Art Association will be having an overflowing party, one of P&P’s most popular….David Brookover’s Gallery, on the corner of Cache and Deloney, often throws a great fundraising event for the Teton Raptor Center or another deserving non-profit. Oh, and you get to meet David and see his amazing images. There’s none like them…..and somewhere, somehow, Wendell Field is having a show of new prints. His significant other will likely attend, but pay attention to the work! I’d rather find images of YOU, Wendell, than her and her family when I Google you! (HEART.)…Visit MADE, visit the Daly Project, visit Astoria Fine ArtLegacy and Mountain Trails! 

Two Grey Hills continues its program focusing on Navajo weavers and traditions. Fine rugs. NOTE: the shop will close at 5:00 pm. 307.733.2677 or

That’s all for today~~~keep tuning in! Happy Fall Arts Festival, Jackson Hole! 


Greg Woodard Indian Head Penny, Edition of 17 Bronze 36 x 30 x 16 inches

Greg Woodard
Indian Head Penny, Edition of 17
36 x 30 x 16 inches

At Altamira Fine Art, September 1-10th are exhibition days devoted to artists exploring Native American (or “Indian,” as John Byrne Cooke insists we should be writing), culture and themes. Sculptor Greg Woodard has been subtly, and not so subtly creating visions of myths and symbols of a West that flourished before white men destroyed almost every vestige of the Indian nations. His newest show, Breakthrough, gives us more of Woodard’s emotional, heroic sculptures erupting from the earth, and writhing, proud and primal portrayals of Native Americans and Western wildlife.

Woodard, a master falconer, says he allows his sculptures to develop naturally—there are no preconceptions. Each edition reveals its own hue and texture.

“I try to achieve a unique gesture, and use the process that a piece goes through getting cast to my advantage. I’m very involved at the foundry,” says Woodard. “I chase the waxes and do every patina by hand.”

Woodard's Bison Coin sculpture at NMWA. Photo by Tammy Christel

Woodard’s Bison Coin sculpture at NMWA. Photo by Tammy Christel

Woodard was on hand this summer at the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Annual Plein Air Festival. The event highlights true plein air artists, but sculptors and non-traditional artists also take part. Woodard’s open, friendly ways stand in contrast to the intensity of his work. That day, Woodard was shaping a piece for a bronze sculpture depicting a buffalo’s profile turned on its axis within a weathered coin’s diameter. Below Woodard and his sculpture, pacing the sage-covered incline, was sculptor Richard Loffler’s buffalo installation. Two “presents” looking back, foretelling America’s future.

An artist’s reception will be held at Altamira on Friday, September 11, 5-8:00 pm, during the Fall Arts Festival’s “Palettes and Palates”ArtWalk.

Billy Schenck: Three Minutes from Eternity. Enquire!

Billy Schenck: Three Minutes from Eternity. Enquire!

Congratulations to Billy Schenck and Altamira Fine Art for Schenck’s encore performance as 2015’s Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival Poster Artist. This is his second trip down the Featured Poster Artist aisle, and he’s having a blast. Altamira’s website does not post a price for the original~~that’s because it will be auctioned off at the Fall Arts Annual Quick Draw on the Town Square. Bring the big bucks! The Quick Draw is truly Jackson’s favorite Festival happening~~~I believe it’s outpaced Palates and Palettes. Two completely different events, but there’s purity in the Quick Draw. Family Fun. Sparkling fall mornings. Artists on hand in one place, quick on the painting and sculpting draw.

This Schenck is on Altamira’s site. I have to post it. If this doesn’t leave you smiling….I give up!

Billy Schenck - Columbus Discovered the Tetons. Oil on Canvas 35 x 45 inches.

Billy Schenck. Columbus Discovered the Tetons. Oil on Canvas. 35 x 45″




What is a portrait? A profile? Who are your friends, and who is “pending,” waiting to be connected with you? Perhaps you’ve issued invitations to “friend” people on Facebook and never received a response. For any number of reasons, you’ve not replied to requests with a click of the “Accept” button.

“Pending,” glass artist Charlotte Potter’s newest large scale installation at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, was created to celebrate the potential of new friendships via social media.

“I am interested in various levels of familiarity and intimacy that develop with online personas and associations.” ~ Charlotte Potter

“Historically,” says Potter, a “profile” portrait was quite literally a person’s silhouette, and often these would be hand-engraved as a glass cameo pendant. The modern profile (or portrait) [are Facebook profile pictures.]

As interactions have become more virtual, Potter’s goal with this project is to make connections physical once again. She’s created handmade objects~~cameos~~from public images on Facebook.

Potter collected profile pictures of pending “friend requests” from the spring of 2014 and hand-engraved a small glass cameo of each. Cataloguing meticulously, she arranged pendants geographically, according to individuals’ Facebook information. Each grouping protrudes from the wall in direct proportion to how many friends Potter shares with her “pendings.”

Charlotte Potter. Courtesy

Charlotte Potter. Courtesy

“I am interested in various levels of familiarity and intimacy that develop with online personas and associations. I hope for the piece to challenge audiences to reconceptualize relationships in the digital age and consider the different thresholds of friendship in our lives,” says the artist.

Potter goes on to say that pending friend requests are “in a certain kind of limbo, a liminal space between acceptance, knowing and memory.” For Potter, people exist in this space for many reasons; in her case, she includes distant family members, mutual friends, friends from early school days, colleagues, or people she simply can’t place.

My Profile, by Charlotte Potter

My Profile, by Charlotte Potter


“Maybe I have yet to meet you in person or have simply overlooked my notifications; some of you are now my dear friends, trusted colleauges, acquaintances, and some of you may still be ‘pending.’ I see this work as celebrating the potential of new relationships. I thank everyone whose profile is included in this project for your fortuitious participation.”

Learn more about Potter and the exhibit at 

Susan Vecsey Untitled (Yellow) Oil. 36x44"

Susan Vecsey Untitled (Yellow) Oil. 36×44″


“Susan Vecsey: A Selection of Paintings” opens at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery on August 20th. An opening reception will be held that evening, 6-8:00pm, and the show remains on display through October 10th, 2015.

American artist Susan Vecsey was born in 1971 (so young!) and during her (to we “boomers”) short time on earth she’s developed a gorgeous liquid painting style. In this show, only one painting I can recall contains hard color field delineations. A person could gaze at Vecsey’s work a long, peaceful while.

These works are the sort we used to see at Piggott’s Gallery on a regular basis, in its former life as the J.H. Muse Gallery. We’re back in the land of exciting color, color, color! Hooray!

Helen Frankenthaler immediately comes to mind. It turns out she’s on Vecsey’s mind, too.

Susan Vecsey "Study for Morning Light at Northwest Harbor, East Hampton. 2012" Oil on Paper, 11.5 x14.5"

Susan Vecsey “Study for Morning Light at Northwest Harbor, East Hampton. 2012″ Oil on Paper, 11.5 x 14.5”


“The reflection of the 1960s New York art movement of Color Field painting is very present in her work. In particular, the work of Helen Frankenthaler is a major influence and inspiration,” writes Piggott. “Color Field painters apply color in large one dimensional swaths across a large canvas, or ‘field’…. (Her) work takes a cue from “Lyrical Abstraction”, which situates abstraction in a landscape context. The allusion of landscape—hills, fields, horizon lines, seas and skies is suggested in the abstract form of her work.”

Susan Vecsey, Untitled (Pink) 2013, Oil on linen

Susan Vecsey, Untitled (Pink) 2013, Oil on linen


The works feel “large scale”~~however, Vescey’s paintings vary in size.

Richly pigmented, Vescey’s paintings emerge one at a time, “single file.” Interesting linen textures are allowed to emerge. And although her paintings are a compilation of small selections of color, Vecsey makes extreme effort to reach the intensity of color she wants.

Enchanting. We are thirsty for this level of work, and like a mirage it will disappear. Walk towards it.

Susan Vecsey, Untitled (Orange / Pink) 2014, Oil on linen

Susan Vecsey, Untitled (Orange / Pink) 2014, Oil on linen


A very different kind of landscape show is on exhibit, beginning this week at Trio Fine Art. Please visit my author’s page,  to read about Bill Sawczuk’s new show, “The Way I See It.”  

Jared Sanders, "Outpost." Oil on Canvas 60 x 60"

Jared Sanders, “Outpost.”
Oil on Canvas 60 x 60″

Every Jackson Hole arts patron knows the “twin” galleries at the south end of Center Street: Altamira Fine Art and Palm Desert’s Heather James Fine Art satellite space.

Now through August 22nd, one of Altamira’s most accomplished (and, may I say, most imitated) painters, Jared Sanders, is exhibiting his latest collection, “Chosen Road.”

Sanders long ago chose his road as an artist, his instincts precise. Precision marks every Sanders painting; although he is known to work out of doors, his compositions are exacting, considered from a mathematical point of view. And even as he avoids the plein air, dappled hillsides trend Sanders does paint native Western farm landscapes~~~“the moody intervals that separate the seasons–the times between fall and winter and spring when he perceives subtle dramas unfolding,” wrote Southwest Art.

Jared Sanders, "Veiled Hay." Oil on Canvas 40 x 40"  SOLD

Jared Sanders, “Veiled Hay.” Oil on Canvas
40 x 40″ SOLD

To these landscapes Sanders has added, in just a few works, blue draping. Stacked hay bales are partially or fully “dressed” in malleable, folding fabric, adding a surrealistic veil to Sanders’ “traditional” farming compositions. Viewers may wonder if they there simply to protect, or to keep a secret? Are we being given a peek at a the artist’s muse?


Heather James Fine Art in Jackson.

Heather James Fine Art in Jackson.

Heather James has dynamically re-set its space, and the reincarnation remains in place through this September.

The gallery is known for its exceptional secondary market collection; this season the gallery’s offerings on Center Street are heart-stopping. Heather James is the closest thing to a full-fledged contemporary, modern and post war museum in Jackson.

Heather James “continually pursues the best examples of important artists’ work across periods and movements, and this exhibition features a selection of recent acquisitions,” writes the gallery.

Russell Young. "Marilyn Crying Suicide."

Russell Young. “Marilyn Crying Suicide.”

“It’s a privilege for us to be stewards of these important works of art and present them to the community,” adds gallery director Colleen FitzGerald. “This museum-quality exhibition spans a variety of media and many movements, from Impressionism to Modernism to cutting-edge contemporary.”

In addition to its Warhols, Cassatts and Picassos, Heather James has added works by Robert Rauschenberg, Anish Kapoor, Sean Scully, Hassel Smith, Max Pellegrini, and William Wegman.



A tip of the Stetson and best wishes for a great Texas-sized future for Jim McNutt, departing National Museum of Wildlife Art CEO. A significant transition is in store for our museum, and Jim will be returning to Texas to join his family and pursue new opportunities. Good luck Jim, and Thank You!