Davies’ “Connections”; Art of Local Food

November 29th, 5-8:00 pm, Jackson artist Alissa Davies’ work will be celebrated, considered and encountered at her show “Connections Across Space,” at Isabel Jewelry, in Pinedale. Wyoming. Pinedale, Wyoming—a town I wish was just a teensy bit closer!  It’s a sweet place.

Davies will exhibit paintings and sculpture; both tend to feature soft-edged, egg-like forms gently merging, just barely touching, each other. They cascade, cluster and float. Her work, says Davies, mimics the shapes found in (I was about to write “clouds”!) oceans and mountains. Sky is everywhere, though…even in the sea. In her work I see cells forming; that might not be coincidence, if you’ve seen Alissa lately. Nature’s femininity triumphs.

Davies’ cloud-colored, cloth and wire cupped shapes beg to be held. Touched. They are delicate, but she’s used this medium/message to create full dance costumes, so the work is resilient.

Isabel makes jewelry~~I don’t know her work, but there’s certain to be some creative kismet here.  Other fun “girl things” are going on that evening—be sure to drop in, it’s a party!  “Connections” remains up through mid-December.

The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum opens “Key Ingredients: Jackson Hole Flavors,” on Sunday, December 2nd, from 1-5:00 p.m. Emphasis is on “local.” The exhibit explores Jackson Hole food culture and is associated with Key Ingredients: America by Food, a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. Artifacts from the museum collection, including select recipes that have been interpreted, give museum visitors a sense of Jackson’s the evolving food culture.

At 2:00 p.m. Andrea Graham, Folklife Specialist, delivers a program entitled Foodways in the Intermountain West, says the museum. During the program attendees will learn about the importance of our food traditions. Graham studied food culture in the American Studies Program at the University of Wyoming, where she conducts fieldwork statewide and produces public programs.

Beverages and favorite cookies from Jackson Hole cooks will be served during Sunday’s afternoon opening celebration. Free!  www.jacksonholehistory.org/






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