Jackson Hole Art Blog’s New Direction

Once again, a very good New Year to everyone!  It’s quite cold here in Jackson, a wonderful time of year to think about direction, imagine ideals, and understand what brings true happiness. My deepest heartfelt thanks to everyone following the Jackson Hole Art Blog—and a special thank you to those who support the Blog. Last week, the Jackson Hole Art Blog’s Facebook page reached almost 600 people!  Nice trend, and I’m hoping more of you will “like” the page, and connect with me on Facebook, because the Blog is balanced, informative and provides the broadest picture of what’s happening in our dynamic, ever-diversifying art market. It’s not just about being a market, of course; it’s about a state of mind and our inspirations. Our inspirations are infinite.

As far back as 2009, we wrote about vertical gardens: http://jacksonholearttours.com/ArtBlog/2009/04/20/vertical-gardens-green-public-art/…we wrote about smart growth & urban planninghttp://jacksonholearttours.com/ArtBlog/2008/07/09/smart-growth-for-jackson-hole/…we wrote about public art, space and environmental stewardship: http://jacksonholearttours.com/ArtBlog/2009/01/12/2009-a-year-with-heart-three-things/…we wrote about arts & economy: http://jacksonholearttours.com/ArtBlog/2009/06/05/arts-economy-jackson-hole-wyoming/

It’s a new year for the Jackson Hole Art Blog, too. I’ve been writing this blog for over three years—closer to four. And it’s still my baby, my love, my creation and pleasure. I’m going to change how and what I write. I won’t change everything, and I reserve the right—particularly in the summer months—to veer away from the format I’m about to describe.

Here’s the new plan: With each post I will focus on one  artist, art event, art story, et cetera. Sometimes, there will be a second item, under the headliner, covered more succinctly. At the end of each post I’ll provide a simple list of timely arts items. It may be an “editor’s pick” kind of a list, but it will be a list. This new format allows me to write from my heart; what I’ve been writing lately feels good. Here’s to being interesting and relevant!  In Jackson, we usually know what events are coming when, we’ve got our cycle set. I will do my best to provide a story that’s worthwhile for as many people as I can as the year progresses. The best way to get my attention is via email:  tammy@jacksonholearttours.com/ArtBlog/.

Let me know if you have something special going on, or if you want to talk. I love hearing from all artists–traditional, contemporary, revolutionary!  The more information you send me about your work, a trend, or an event, the better. Context is good. This is a media site, so send me the same information you’d send a newspaper, radio, magazine or any other print, visual or social media outlet. Additionally, I’m flattered so many have sent friend requests to my Facebook pages! Thank you! Unless I know you personally, please don’t be offended if your request is not returned; it’s not a comment on your artwork—it’s simply that I don’t know you. It’s important we’ve at least met. And I do like meeting new people!  That happened in spades last year, with all the wonderful artist events and new faces in Jackson.

Some of Jackson’s best writers and photographers have articles and images appearing in the next issue of Homestead Magazine ( David Swift, Meg Daly, Rich Anderson, Tammy Christel...). On its homepage, the magazine describes itself as “Jackson Hole’s premier resource for art, architecture, real estate, and interior design.”  I don’t have a publication date, but usually the magazine is out by the first week of February.


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