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SFMOMA Curator Visits Jackson Hole

Friday, January 25th, San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) curator of painting and sculpture Janet Bishop will visit the Art Association for a free lunch time discussion. As I write this, I have inquiries out as to the precise format this discussion will take. No firm answers yet. The gathering is billed as a “brown bag lunch.” Bishop has her finger on the pulse of contemporary art in one of this country’s most acclaimed contemporary museums, in one of the country’s most diverse and creative cities. My hope is her talk is well-attended and that her time with us is structured; we’ll gain so much more if it is. So will Bishop.

What would YOU discuss with Janet Bishop?

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Holidays “Draw” Near; Wilson Bazaar

Unwitting contributing writer Tom Woodhouse tells us about holiday Art Association drawing & painting classes!  Tom, am I getting a complimentary press pass membership ANY TIME SOON??????  Already asked your boss. I think he forgot! (slightly bemused smiley face goes here)  …Oh, and I edited your letter  just a teensy bit, adjusting for timing of events.

Dear Friends~~~

“Ready or not, December is here! We have many drawing & painting opportunities for you this month!

Sharon Thomas is offering classes in Acrylic Painting every Monday night from 6pm to 9pm, and moi, I  am offering Drawing Exercises on Tuesdays, 6 – 9pm, right up until Christmas!  These classes are only $99 for any four sessions you attend.

We’ve started a “Beginning a Second Life” drawing session each Wednesday morning, 9 am – noon; Open studio to any Art Association member (or?) a $15 to drop in. We continue our regular Wednesday night group from 6 – 9pm.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (December 7-9th) I am teaching a etching workshop for all levels, introducing basic etching and printing techniques. To everyone who has been asking me for this class for the last year this is your opportunity to get in here!  Please call Kadie at the front desk for details and  enrollment.

Be sure to get your work ready for the Art Association’s Salon Show in January, open to all Art Associations Members. There is a $10 submission fee that is put towards cash awards for show participants. Opening reception is January 25, 2013. This show has always brought out the entire community for a fun party and a very diverse collection of Art…..Check our website–www.artassociation.org— for specific topics covered each week!”

If you can read this, you’re too close!

But a winter tailgate at the annual Wilson Bazaar isn’t a bad idea. Usually, besides all the global gifts strewn around the home of Brot & Didi Coburn, you’ll find hot cider, cheeses, cookies, coffee and other warm winter treats.

But go for the Teton Culture rugs, Mongolian and Tibetan cashmere, and Sweet Peony Design jewels.

Date: Dec. 8 & 9th, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Place: 1520 Fish Creek Road, Wilson, WY

Contact: Didi Thunder–307-733-3124 or email didi@wyoming.com


Art Heist; DIY Art Bazaar & Open Studio!

Friday, November 16th, Jackson’s Art Association will NOT hold its popular “Out of the Woods” silent auction. It WILL host the Jackson Hole Art Heist, a silent auction with a bit of a burglary twist.  Over 250 pieces of artwork by some of Jackson’s best-loved artists, as well as juried artists from around the country, will be up for sale. Ceramics, jewelry, furniture, and fashion–even multimedia works will be available. Security cameras are on, in case you’re thinking “cat burglar.”

I’m just kidding!

So what’s the twist?  Twenty-five “Heist” tickets will be sold at a price of $250 each. Purchase yours early when you arrive between 5-6:00 pm, and “steal away” with an auction item of your choice. That leaves 225 works of art available to folks with more modest budgets and big hearts. You can chip in, you can bring home some art! Noted artists from many of Jackson’s best galleries are contributing work; expect to find everything from landscapes to moccasins to science-inspired art.

Want to win something good? Raffle items include Jackson Hole Mountain Resort lift tickets, an overnight stay at Triangle X, Cowboy Up Hang Gliding certificates, dinner for two at the Snake River Grill and more. A very easy $5 admission gets you in the door to this altered and bunches-of-fun art event!  For more information, contact Amy Fradley at artistinfo@jhartfair.org; or phone 307-733-8792. www.artassociation.org

Analog Antidotes: Deer Drive Art Collective Sale and Open Studio, an open art sale and bazaar hosted by the creative folks sharing space at 535 Deer Drive, Unit 513 (south of town, take a left on Deer Road and wind your way to the top of the hill; “Enclosure” climbing gym is visible at the bottom of the hill). The date is Saturday, November 17th, 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm. The art bazaar is free, and open to the public!

Analog: A computer program that analyzes log files from web servers. Analogy: Comparison between subjects. Antidote: A remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison. So—this gathering might be a cure for our pre-programmed, patterned lives, with a healthy dose of arts-comparing opportunity!  

Artists showcasing their wares (or who rent space at Unit 513, and MAY have artwork for sale) include Matt Asbel, Owen Ashley, Robin Dabney, Meg Daly, Alissa Davies, Jenny & Sam Dowd, John Frechette, Shane Lindsay, Abbie Miller, Emily Paul and Alex Schechter. Lisa Miller, of Shades Café fame, will be offering her fabulous cookies and treats!!!






Tom Woodhouse’s Systems; Handmade For Hope!

The Golden Mean, or Golden Ratio, is in every single piece of art Tom Woodhouse creates. Plato believed that if a line was divided into two unequal segments, with the smaller segment relating to the larger in the same way that the larger segment was related to a whole, a special proportional relationship results.

Tom Woodhouse: System As Medium opens at the Art Association on Friday, November 2, with a reception from 5:30-7:30 pm. Woodhouse, the Art Association’s new head of Painting, Drawing and Printmaking, will host an exhibition of his new prints, paintings and sculptures. Earlier this week the Art Association’s Drawing studio was overflowing with Woodhouse’s angular, motion-pitched, brightly colored works. Though he thinks of each painting he does as a landscape, to our eye his work might portray street scenes, people, scary dogs, or be gloriously, wildly abstract.

Woodhouse’s figures started out as specific people, but have become unidentifiable figures in space. Concentratring on composition and color, he analyzes perfect proportion to create aesthetically pleasing compositions. Is there a system for doing that without making the same work over and over again?

“It’s mathematics,” says Woodhouse. “There are seven naturally occurring patterns in nature that reoccur in my work: spirals, whirls, meanders, branching, chaos, 120 degree angles and radial patterns. People respond positively to my shapes because they are based upon what we see in nature, how we exist in the natural world around us. Everyone here has a strong connection to the land, but I try to take that concept and push it about five steps beyond.”

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Culture Front Features Dance; Get In Here & Draw!

Still from "Elusive Stranger” by Hole Dance Films.

Culture Front’s final live event of the season features Jackson’s Hole Dance Films performing artists, delving into “Live Process,” says Culture Front director and moderator Meg Daly. This season-ending event takes place Thursday, October 25, 5:30-7 p.m. at The Rose cocktail lounge. The event is free and open to the public; you must be at or over the age of 21 to attend….this IS a bar, folks!

There’s no Jackson artist getting more media exposure right now than Kathryn Mapes Turner. “Live Process” will take the evening’s audience behind the scenes of the making of a dance film, a project about Turner’s family history, and her legacy as the sole woman in a big ranching family—ultimately, it’s about her connection to place. Phrasing, setting, theme and story create cohesive films–this film has dance at its core. Audience members will have the opportunity to observe a current work-in-progress and offer feedback.

Hole Dance Films specializes in dance film and is a non-profit program of Dancers’ Workshop, artistically directed by Carrie Richer and Kate W. Kosharek.

“This is a different project for us,” Kosharek said. “In the past we have started with a simple concept or abstract idea. With this project we have a more complex approach because it is a documentary of someone’s life.”

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