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Well Done, “Wallpaper!”; Sanders and McCauley at Altamira-Scottsdale

Art by Travis Walker

After a long winter’s lull, Spring is around the corner. If you can’t feel it in the air, you can feel it in Jackson’s art scene. In the past two weeks, art happenings popped up like crocus in 50- degree weather!

Teton Art Lab’s “Wallpaper” show was extraordinary. The Lab’s combination gallery-and-artists’ work space packed up like sardines for the show, and by the time I arrived at least two-thirds of the art had sold.

You might as well call it “The Red Dot Show.”

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Sanders & Vhay at Altamira Fine Art


"Dreamwalkers Dream" 24x36" Oil - S. Vhay

If you plan to shop for new artworks by Jared Sanders or September Vhay at Altamira Fine Art’s August 2nd opening reception…..I’d suggest heading over to Altamira a bit sooner. Much of the show is hung, and pre-sales are phenomenal. Red dot, red dot, red dot…another red dot. While I visited the gallery, several serious “collector types” came through. Mark my words, those folks will return to Thursday’s double opening of Vhay’s “Totem” and Sanders’ “Home Ground.”  Thursday’s reception takes place 5:30 – 7:30 pm, and the show runs through August 14, 2012.

Vhay and Sanders, hanging together, are a great match. Their art “temperatures” balance; the artists paint very different subjects, and the subjects connect. They share a pinpoint attention to detail. Sanders paints landscapes, farms and farmland of his youth, while Vhay’s favorite subject continues to be horses, and horses inhabit the type of landscapes and buildings Sanders paints. Vhay has an architect’s background–it was her original passion. Sanders has never, to my knowledge, been an architect. But he could be. We all experience serious barn envy gazing at his perfectly balanced agri-structures.

"Montana Sea," 36 x 36" Oil - J. Sanders

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