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Nelson Boren - "Circa 1923"

Nelson Boren – “Circa 1923″

Nelson Boren’s big life story is reflected in his big, bold watercolor depictions of cowboy boots, chaps, rodeo gear, cowboy kids on fences and well-worn Western hats. From what I’ve read, Boren was a tad repressed as a young artist, and, though clearly talented, was kept from hanging his artwork anywhere in the house except his bedroom. In college, he studied architecture, only to be drawn to watercolors~~but gave it up, thinking he wasn’t so good.

Back to architecture he went; but when that environment proved too restrictive Boren turned back to painting watercolors, this time taking it seriously. He ended up moving his wife and, by then, seven children, to Idaho. He started selling work door-to-door…and now he’s a featured artist at Legacy Gallery.

Terry Donahue - "Mule Deer Study"

Terry Donahue – “Mule Deer Study”

He and pastel artist Terry Donahue share floor space at Legacy’s Jackson Gallery, in a two-artist show opening July 5th; a reception takes place 4-6:00 pm.

Donahue’s works are, by contrast, gentle. However, his works are also filled with dynamic movement and he chooses to depict a wide variety of wildlife. Some works have a minimalist presence, but are as exciting as any of his works that fill his canvas with paint. Donahue experiments well with space, and his colors are bold, rich. The artist’s emotion is apparent.


Timothy Mayhew - "Chukar Center"

Timothy Mayhew – “Chukar Center”

Trailside Galleries presents their third annual “Masters in Miniature Exhibition & Sale,” showcasing over 250 small work-of-art treasures by Trailside artists. “Home” gallery artists will be featured as are many specially invited artists, Timothy Mayhew among them. Mayhew was kind enough to write and let the Art Blog know how pleased he is to be included in this year’s special, juried event. The show runs July 15-28th, 2013, with an opening reception on Thursday, July 18th, 5-8:00 pm.  All works will be sold by draw at 7:30 pm. The gallery’s roster includes members of the Cowboy Artists of America and the Prix de West.

This is Trailside’s 50th Anniversary year, and the gallery has just recently added a collection of exquisite area rugs crafted in the Middle East to its collections. Stop by and view them any day~~it’s very nice to consider the “big picture” when it comes to presenting your art to the world!  Beautiful, hand made carpets set the tone. Trailside is also a partner in the annual Jackson Hole Art Auction, being held this year on September 14th, at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, WY.

Morgan Weistling - "The Daydreamer"

Morgan Weistling – “The Daydreamer”

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Frank Tenney Johnson (1874-1939) Apaches at Moonrise (Eventide)

Frank Tenney Johnson (1874-1939) Apaches at Moonrise (Eventide)

“The point of the show, and everything else we do at Heather James, is to bring works of excellence by a large variety of artists and genres to the viewing public and collectors. This show is no exception,” says Heather James Fine Art’s Shari Brownfield, gallery director. “Our goal is to always be searching for fine examples of paintings or sculptures by great artists. When you get all these greats together, and curate them either into an integrated thematic or genre show, it’s amazing the conversations elicited just by hanging certain works side by side.”

Joseph H. Sharp (1859-1953) Taos Moonlight

Joseph H. Sharp (1859-1953) Taos Moonlight

Right now Heather James Fine Art, known for its Post War, Contemporary, Latin American, Impressionist and Modern Art, as well as collections and works from all corners of the earth, is showcasing an impressive collection of (and I’m linking you to the best-known museum for this genre, the AutryAmerican Western Masters. Now on display at Heather James’ Palm Desert location, the works come from a variety of private sellers. Together, they comprise one hell of a show. Represented artists are Maurice Braun, Gerald Cassidy, William Gollings, E. Martin Hennings, Frank Tenney Johnson, William R. Leigh, Frederic Remington, Joseph H. Sharp (sigh…love Sharp) and Olaf Wieghorst. Provenançes include institutions such as the Smithsonian, the Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe, the Gerald Peters Gallery and private collections in Jackson Hole, Dallas and Houston, Denver, and the state of Florida.

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Garth_Claassen-ContendingBorders_GHC2011“Art is knowledge at the service of emotion.” ~ José Clemente Orozco

“Northwest Contemporary,” curated by the Nicolaysen Art Museum’s Lisa Hatchadoorian, the Missoula Art Museum’s Stephen Glueckert, the Aspen Art Museum’s Jacob Proctor and the Boise Art Museum’s Sandy Hawthorn, opens at the Art Association of Jackson Hole on Friday, March 22nd, 5:30 – 7:30 pm. This opening reception is free; the show remains on display through April 21st.

Local artists Suzanne Morlock (“Free Fall,” below) and large-scale installation artist Abbie Miller have, according to the Art Association’s Thomas Macker, transformed the gallery space into ” re-contextualized environments of form and tactile texture.”  All textures are tactile, but these are undoubtedly very enticing to the touch.

And, testifies Macker,  your body will “re-map” as you move through this show. The work “allows you to feel weightless as your eye glides through serpentine forms in a white cube cage.”

Go WITH your eyes, don’t let them wander off by themselves!

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Jason Rich's Winning "Fall Arts Festival" Poster Artwork

“Jackson is one of the top three Western Art Markets:  Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Jackson. It’s not quantifiable, but we may even be outpacing Scottsdale for both Western and Contemporary Western art. What other great Western art markets could there be?”  ~Astute J.H. Gallery Owner. 

Last year’s Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival poster artist Amy Ringholz expanded Fall Arts Festival artist parameters. This year, Legacy Gallery’s Jason Rich has been selected~~his composition falls into the illustration-based genre of painting, a more traditional choice. But I must say I think the work reflects a deep joy and pride Westerners take in being a part of a very specific culture and region: our region. Rich’s light is gold-warm, his painting dimensional, and the way Rich has painted the Tetons, softly but with a strong distant profile, reminds me of the best kind of nurturing mother. Mother Nature. Tenderness and togetherness are expressed. Congratulations, Jason!  And congrats to Legacy Gallery, where Rich hangs his artistic hat. 

Dear Erin O’Connor~~How I wish I could accompany you on your painting trip to Morocco!  To be as intrepid as you, what a joy!  Thank you of thinking of my two bunnies~~~they don’t wear fancy hats for Easter, but they will eat one if the hat’s made of straw. 

Jackson plein air painter Erin O’Connor is off to Marrakesh, where she will explore the narrow passages of the old city, Medina, easel on her back. She’s looking forward to “acquainting herself with the local bacteria” and plans on enjoying as much local, spiced fare as possible. She’ll then head off across the Marrakesh Plain, into the High Atlas Mountains. She’ll “4×4″ it, she’ll hike it, and she plans on reaching “remote villages, waterfalls, springs and shrines to saints.”  Plein air artist Aaron Schuerr, of Livingston, Montana, will accompany her on part of the trip; this arrangement was made by the Atlas Cultural Foundation. They’ll stay with a local sheik.

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Susan Moldenhauer

“In essence, the heightened level of credibility we might gain as a town/ arts group by affiliating ourselves with a major university is huge. The types of programs, events, associations that could be brought to Jackson – or that we might find a way of attending en masse in Laramie, are also considerable.” - Mariam Diehl

Not long ago I was fortunate to meet the University of Wyoming’s Art Museum Director Susan Moldenhauer, a familiar figure to many Wyoming artists and to other museum staff and associates in our state. Moldenhauer was accompanied by university Foundation Relations representative Katrina Woods McGee. Soft-spoken, finely academic, curious, creative and warm, Moldenhauer is also an accomplished photographer. We spoke of the challenges of juggling multiple responsibilities. When she organizes museum exhibits, she “does it with an artist’s eye,” accomplishing the task with an equally strong administrative sense. Some of you may have seen Susan at this past weekend’s three-day “CLICK!: A Weekend for Wyoming Visual Artists,” held at UW.

CLICK! provides opportunity for otherwise isolated Wyoming artists to network; they also have the opportunity to meet regional and national artists such as Eminent Visiting Artist Judy Pfaff, a McArthur Fellowship Genius Award recipient. Pfaff’s show, I Dwell in Possibility, exhibited in Jackson during the summer of 2010 at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery.

Susan’s brief visit here ideally sparks greater interaction between Jackson’s arts and UW. Pushing through our wintry “fourth wall” can be a challenge, but imagining a richer conversation is so exciting. Exhibits expected to be in place at UW later this spring include:

Redefining the Edition: 13 Japanese Printmakers

Haitian Art from the permanent collection

Judy Pfaff: running between hot and cold (working title)

Teaching Gallery: History of Mexico, Islamic Art History, Printmaking, Photography (all permanent collection)

Carol Prusa: Emergent Worlds

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